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(Melee) Add a method to increase the height of floating enemies from charged melee slams

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The effect is cool for crowd control but i want it to be cooler

Instead of making the enemies only get suspended for 1m above the ground, make it possible for them to go up to to 5 or 10m depending on the height from which you use the the slam attack. Using 85% of the height you were at from area that you slammed at will be the height enemies are stuck in the air at. You will need at least a 5 combo multiplier for this to happen

Why do that?

I noticed that DE has added the ability to do a few combo attacks while airborne which is AWESOME but what fun is that when there is nothing to use it on except for weak shield osprey?

This should allow us to see a little more use of that addition but it still needs more to be complete, So here are some finishing touches that i think should encorage players to consider taking time out their fight for airborne combat

Finishing touches:

- Aim gliding while melee attacking creates energy that pulls enemies slowly towards you, and stops your horizontal and vertical movement (basically allows to hover in 1 place)

- Deals extra melee damage depending on each enemy you have currently suspended in the air. Maybe 0.5x more damage

- The final ariborne combo always creates energy (the energy used to suspend them) that slams the enemies back to the ground, dealing melee damage to each enemy multiplied by the combo multiplier you had. Removes 50% of the multipler afterwards

Using combo multiplier, the amount of enemies suspended, and the time it takes to setup this kind of attack to keep it from being better than current warframe abilities and give it less benefit from being spammed.

What do you guys think?

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