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Vengeful Pull Ephemera effects reduced?


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Is this an intentional change or a bug? Every other ephemera seems the same. Also this only applies to warframes and operators with the ephemera. Looks fine on companions.


Warframe with Pull Ephemera:



Operator with Pull Ephemera: 




Comparison between warframe & sentinel companion with Pull Ephemera:



I've tried increasing effects intensity but nothing changes. 


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hace 1 minuto, Duality52 dijo:

This is likely in response to how the Ephemera is blinding in Archwing (standard or Empyrean). The Warframe gets shrinked down, but the Ephemera stays at regular size.

aw well. kinda looks like crap now lol but I can see why they've reduced effects I guess.

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Just checked, and in fact it looks like trash now. Barely any visible effects.

Edit: equipping it seems to add new particle effects which are attracted to you, and the whole warframe is kinda covered in some magnetic forcefield.

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Thank god I'm not the only one who noticed, now you have to zoom in to even see it. Even with high saturation colors and white.






This is awful, lmao. If they obscure your vision during Archwing mode, that's on you.
Revert, please.


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