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Problem With Riven Unlock


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So, after download the new update i found a riven and i want to unlock.

The riven tipe is Rifle Riven Mod, the mission is to complete in solo mode an interception mission with lev 30 or highter enemies, and with an Hobbled Dragon Key. I tryed that 2 times, one on Sedna and one on Pluto. The riven doesn't unlock.

Rip my unvailed riven.

(P.S: sry for my terible english)

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It's any endless mission. Liches broke it. 


You have to try unlocking in a lich mission I believe. 


I got a riven requiring a no kill survival. 

Tried it, I didn't succeed, will give it a try in a lich mission which DOES have a success condition, reaching the amount of waves, rounds and duration that other endless missions lack. 


EDIT : Nope, not even lich survival works. 

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I'm having the same issue with this on a shotgun riven, as is a clanmate - complete a level 30 or higher defense mission with level 30 or higher enemies with defense taking no damage, and the same but while solo.  Both were run on Akkad as described, neither unlocked.

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