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Old Lara Croft Or Reboot Lara Croft?


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I'll tell you after the next "reboot" game. Origin stories are great, but the potential wasn't realized imo. Once we see the "true" Lara Croft after the origin story then I'll have an opinion about which is better.


Tomb Raider was a good game, definitely. original games weren't telling much of a story though; mostly exploration rompy street cone boob goodness.


The reboot barely touched on the tomb raiding that made the original fun. Those dinky one-roomed puzzles didn't do anything  worthwhile. I saw a lot of great game mechanics and solid shooting, but unless the next game focuses on what made the originals great, then this potential is wasted. 


It's not Tomb Raider if there isn't an emphasis on RAIDING TOMBS, you know?

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