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Broken interraction with objects and loot pickup on Lich missions


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It seems to be happening in Lich controlled missions after mercy execution or after trying your Parazon on the Lich. The symptoms are: you can't pickup anything, but your sentinel will still vacuum items and they will fly into you, exactly the same as if you had 1000+ ms ping. Also, you can't open lockers, interact with consoles and pick up datamass/batteries, which will for sure break rescue, excavation and mobile defense missions when this bug happens. You can still do damage and use abilities as normal, but it seems lime most of the enemies are beginning to ignore you too, or don't do any damage while you in this "state".

Temporary on-fly solution is using Operator form, which retains it's ability to function as usual and interact with objects, but warframe will be broken until the end of the mission. Falling from the map, dying and /unstuck are not working.

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