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Arca Titron fixes and Scourge stagger


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Hey, so I know these are two completely unrelated topics but I feel making two threads would be silly. 

So let's start. With the new round of revision changes there have been a few balance changes and fixes that have kind of stunted the use of two of my favourite weapons, of course I favour these weapons but I'll try and be unbiased. 

Scourge - Small gripe

First of all the Scourge, let's break down how this weapon works. 

  • Low Damage per Hit (70 corrosive base)
  • Terrible crit (2%)
  • High base Status (30%)
  • Terrible rate of fire (2.67)
  • Small splash damage radius ( 1.7 Range and 55 Corrosive damage)
  • Very slow projectile speed
  • Can be thrown to allow all shots on affected enemies to be headshots
  • No self damage on splash

What can we gather from this? This weapon is clearly not a high damage per hit weapon with my personal build of modded and riven damage leading to 1900 per projectile. This weapon is intended for spreading status effects of your choosing to tightly clustered enemies.

Okay so what am I getting at?

With the Revision update the scourge has received stagger changes such as other weapons, causing any surface, pet, friendly player or enemy within a range 1.7 meters to cause the user to flinch and stop shooting. Although this doesn't sound too bad, the intended use of the rifle which is spreading status effects is completely impossible in close combat. Or if playing online whenever a team mate sees fit to walk in front of your shots, this is also exasperated by the weapons slow rate. I feel as if this stagger change should not be applied to the Scourge due to how the weapon works and previously worked(No self damage). It isn't really fun to be shooting a fully automatic rifle that deals hinders you more than helps you in close quarters, or even with teammates and companions.

Arca Titron - My biggest gripe

This hammer... this is one of the only hammers in the game that I fell in love with and in all honesty the only melee weapon I actually wouldn't mind going a whole mission with. The gimmick of this hammer is each kill you get amplifies your slam damage by 100% and increases the range of your slam attacks by 1 meter per stack, stacking up to ten times. Each hammer stance used slam attacks in their combos so you'd be able to use this damage boost to your advantage in extended fights, these stacks would also not be consumed during combos allowing you to maintain 10 stacks throughout the fight.


Fixed certain attacks with the Arca Triton and Crushing Ruin or Shattering Storm equipped not consuming Slam Capacitor charges but still getting the damage multipliers bonus.

With the revision update this has been 'bug fixed' to consume a stack for each slam attack in a combo. Now my gripe isn't that the weapon is now 'useless' or 'weak' even though the argument could be made that losing 900% damage on two of your most powerful hits in a combo would considerably tank a weapons performance. The problem I have is with how this effects using the weapon, the enjoy ability factor. This is an incredibly slow hammer that when given the chance to ramp up to ten stacks can hit for sizeable amounts, with this change it is now just a hammer that is incredible slow and once every kill will deal 100% extra slam damage. There is no possible way to acquire stacks in a normal melee combo without expending them, if that is so why even have the stack mechanic, why not just apply some of the stack damage to the weapon itself.

The whole concept is flawed. 

  • Use melee weapon to get 1 stack
  • Stack is consumed in an attempt to get more stacks (Kill an enemy)
  • Possibly kill 2 -3 enemies in one swipe and receive 3 stacks
  • 3 stacks are consumed in an attempt to kill enemy 4 to receive 4th stack

The only way acquire stacks without expending them is spamming heavy attacks, jump melee (Not slam attack) or not applying a stance at all.

If the damage of Arca Titron was too much why not just nerf the damage, why completely destroy the stack mechanic in place just to make it like every other melee weapon. These special effects are often what make people like weapons like this.

What has this change done to the Arca Titron?

  • Reduced the range by 9-10 meters in most practical cases.
  • Reduced the damage of 2/4 hits in Shattering storm & Crushing ruin stance by 900% - 1000% in most practical cases.
  • Broken the key gimmick of the Arca Titron, gathering stacks for slam damage.

What has this change given Arca Titron?

  • Possibly a different style of play such as heavy attack builds.

Why has this change been done?

  • Honest bug fix?
  • Damage nerf?

Again all of this is my personal opinion, I'm sure statistically this was seen as best or something along those lines but I don't think many people are using Arca Titron for numbers or tier lists considering other options that both kill faster and more efficiently than building up 10 stacks and slowly getting to the last 2 hits of your combo to deal real damage.


If this was not coherent then I'm sorry to all who read, I'm trying to express what some of these changes feel like from a fun perspective but it is rather difficult. If I can only have one thing reverted it'd most definitely be the arca titron, it being the only melee weapon in this entire game I actually enjoy using.

TLDR; Scourge now stuns you more than helps you even though it has a tiny aoe for Status and not self damage before, Arca Titron 'bug fix' questionably ruins a fun and unique way of playing and possibly destroys the weapons damage when there is a plethora of other melee weapons that can wipe out enemies in 1/8th of the time.

I do love most of the changes with this revision but these are two personally that stood out and really ruined the fun factor.


EDIT: I don't even know what to say, even the Cyanex has this stagger. Why.... it doesn't make any sense....

EDIT 2: After messing about with a few weapons this stagger change effecting weapons such as Chakkhurr, Battacor, Opticor, Ferrox, Cyanex, tombfinger and more it just feels like it has no place in the game to be honest...

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This weapon was too OP, i can admit that. The way i used it was plowing my way though enemies using the block combos (which had slams that did not consume the stack it seems, I didnt now they were giving the damage bonus, but yeah it seemed that those slams packed a punch as well, i was almost deleting drones in arbitration by just slaming a few meters in front of them with the block combos

I never noticed the regular slam attacks consuming the stack without giving bonus (though i had experienced issues in infested missions with a Wisp, where the stack would suddenly dissapear randomly) Also, I just got out from a sortie and i couldnt see the capacitor charges, (i couldnt tell if there was any damage buff) I only saw the charges showing up in the Simulacrum.

Regarding the (fix/nerf) I think it would be better to give us more control over how to consume the stack, one solution would be to only consume the stack on heavy slams, and if possible only on the heavy jump slam to make sure we can stack combo and the capacitor quickly (with the spinning block combos for example) and have only one way to discharge the stack when we are sure we want to deal serious damage.

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9 hours ago, Rathie said:

With the Revision update the scourge has received stagger changes such as other weapons, causing any surface, pet, friendly player or enemy within a range 1.7 meters to cause the user to flinch and stop shooting.

As a Ferrox user (as in shooting it, not just throw'n'forget) I feel your pain. It's stupid that they can cause stagger in some situations just by shooting them.

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ill mis the old titron however i can see why they did this though i wish they did do a slight rework and make it work with combo slams and stuff with just less Dmg or something 

but i was hitting about 5 million a slam with every slam combo against level 120's and combined with berserk and CC, CD, MD riven it was clearing enemies from the entire room like an old banshee but against high levels unlike banshee

im gonna keep trying to find ways to make it work as its a fun weapon but am sad to see the titron get this treatment 

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