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Are Explosive damage and AOE damage being conflated in this fall-off nerf? Are alt-modes depreciated?


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I'm wondering if explosive, low accuracy, high powered, area damage, as with the Bramma has been fixated on with this change, to the detriment of non-explosive, non-instantaneous area of effect weapons.

To me at least, the idea that an explosion only deals full damage when it hits a targets makes sense (though 90% fall-off seems a bit much); however, a lot of AOE weapons aren't explosive and particularly ones that rely as much on DOT, or on inflicting status, as raw damage, could seriously be hurt by suddenly going from no fall-off in their radius, to 90%. Rivens won't save the Torrid now.

Additionally, for the subsection of actually explosive weapons with tiny-radus/secondary-effects, I kind of have to wonder if it's necessary to give them fall-off?
How often does the reverse cone of the Tombfinger deal meaningful damage to crowds (without Pax_Seeker)?

It now shoots a bullet with 20% of the damage and then has a 15cm explosion to deal 80% of the damage, or 8% to enemies 1.5m away; while I very much like the concept of multistage projectile, turning this into effectively a graduated 3 part bullets just seems unnecessarily complicated, to stop an edge case of getting slightly more damage, from firing a relatively slow explosive shell 😞 .

I sincerely hope that in this specific case the code accounts for the fact that the primary target will always be on the outer fringe of the AOE, otherwise the gun will lose 72% of its' power 🙂 .

Lastly, for alt-modes, like the quanta, if implemented exactly as stated them, this change will make it completely pointless to ever use the alt-mode; that was already, from the non-damage stats, a massive decrease in damage, so the only reason to use the alt was to cover a group, something it soundly like it will no longer be apt for.

So is the alt-mode relegated to a crate opener now?

It seems either a lot of special cases need to be created, or that DE needs to be exaggerating when they say they've implemented this mechanic globally.

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The 90% Radial Damage falloff don’t seem to do that much on Bramma’s KPS but i did noticed it’s Splash being mostly the Arrow. Only when i hit the enemies is where i would get the AOE effect but when i try to shoot somewhere 4 - 5 Meters from next to the enemy, the AOE becomes less noticeable. Haven’t tried other Explosives yet but Bramma don’t seem to be that affected if you’re not using it as a nuker. If you’re using it as a low accuracy room nuker, expect less damage from it.

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