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Last updates effect on eidolons (Ivara+Castans build)


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I just run a tridolon with friends to test some things. Things are not great. My Ivara Castanas build now has problems doing what she was supposed to do before. But mostly not coz of rebalances, as I didnt have to hurry that much, I had time to place Castanas PERFECTLY. And let me tell you what happened: 0 damage most of the time. On placements that were proper before. I assume that explosion is now detected differently on eidolons. I didnt have that problem with my Lenz tho. All proper placements with it did full damage to limb as they were supposed to.

But back to Castanas, in a setup that worked previously, when one exploded properly, on Hydro limb, it did about 95% of its health, when before it was sure to one shot it. Tho Im not sure it still was a proper hit doing 100% of the damage. Either way, groups will want 4 CP now anyways.

Since there is still old info on wiki, Hydro at base lvl1 had 15k robotic health, 2.5k shields and 200 alloy armor. As I checked in Codex, it now has 12k HP, 2k shields and 150 armour. From that stats with 3 CP, and assuming that scaling till hydro on lvl60 is unchanged. almost nothing should change, Hydrolyst should be only 1% final damage more tanky to radiation damage than it was before the update, that also seams to be the case.

As to Castanas, I again assume that a random point is taken from it radius and compared to eido hitbox thus hitting mostly invulnerable parts or for not full damage. I think that needs to be fixed fast. If I stick it to a part that should be vulnerable, it should to 100% of the damage, coz it point blank from the center of the AoE, not to mention that even if it didnt stick properly, it should ignore all the invulnerable if a vulnerable part hitbox is in its AoE.

If this is not changed, eidolons just got so unenjoyable for me that I wouldnt want to do them anymore. Eidolon hitboxes were always a bit off, but right now, with how they now interact with Castanas AoE, its too far.

And thats on top of Chroma being majorly nerfed in this update coz of no self damage to fuel the bonus damage (I also hear that Mirage was also nerfed but I dont know the details). Let me be clear, Eidolons are getting harder and harder for no specific reason, mechanics around doing eidolons change and we are getting less and less options, Arcanes now stack up to 21, if you ignore the next Operation (new players that cant do it now, and players playing in the future will have to) it means that we need about twice more time to farm a set from eidolons, eidolons that now got even less accesible. Thats mostly 3 builds down for different reasons, we didnt need this, we needed MORE viable builds, and them being viable is direcly linked to how tanky eidolons are. And I dont mean usable with in general, I mean 4x3 viable.

We need more viable option for eidolons, both for damage on shields and on limbs, keeping things as they are is not a sustainable solution for DE. More abilities should work with operators, Eidolons should be a bit less tanky AND most of all for me hitboxes+castanas interaction should be looked at. I also understand the need to limit armor stripping limit, but CP nerf was not proper for eidolons at all, you can cap it at 80% but dont nerf the % on CP OR nerf the base armor on eido to 100 or so/neft its base hp even more.

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Hi, i tested this during 4 nights (doing  multiple trios on each) and i can confirm the fact of OP.

Sometimes, dont know why, perfectly placed castanas do 0 damage. i even see the name "eidolon xx synovia" when castanas connects so i'm sure  it is perfectly placed. Still  0 damage when detonating. Tried  with putting 2 or even 3 on the same synovia .... sometimes  all of them .. 0 Damage. this even happens on the cap phase  where some do no damage at all.

What used to work 2 days ago was thrown to the bin. I'm not talking about Corrosive projection, we can adapt and buff ourselves but stripping bit by bit all the options for eidolons is getting on my nerves.

It seems like the castanas connecting is not registered properly or something is bugged with the hitboxes or the explosion registration.  Every updates mess up with eidolon in unintended or unexplained way.and never get fixed ( water spawn = only hitscan work: wasn't the case at start, now explosive wonky registered or hitboxes getting messed up )

Please do something. changing Meta i'm not against but ruining even what is supposed to work i disagree.


PS: for OP the Mirage build consisted to apply self proc either electic or heat one to get the eclipse " light" buff, thus enhancing damage. Now you cant self proc due to no self damage ... So mirage build to the bin also

Edit: Seems they corrected something in 27.2.2 and reduced falloff damage to  40% instead of  90%, will have to retest if this was the culprit

Edit2: Hydrolyst still have the problem as of 27.2.2. First 2 seemed ok, was i lucky ? need further testing

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Warframe Revised: Hotfix 27.2.2
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Having the same problem. my castanas will be on perfectly and do 50-95% of the health of the synovia, which should be a one shot. I haven't been able to do a capshot with them either even after placing 4-5 castanas on the head. It all comes up with 0 damage. 

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I tested further,

Teralyst is perfectly OK ...  all 4 synovias and the head ( cap phase ) it's working fine.

For gantulyst, Only the knees  and the head are working fine. The 4 upper parts,  (2shoulders and 2arms) ... no matter where or how many castanas i place = 0 Damage. The upper parts are bugged on gantulyst.

For Hydrolyst. Only the knees are working fine .... The 4 upper parts and the head ( cap phase ) you do 0 damage when detonating the castanas.

So as eidolon are getting taller and greenier ... Is it altitude that matter ??? Kidding ...

I don't understand why the bug of 0 dammage occurs  but they should fix it based on how the teralyst work.


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What can we do to push them to fix it? I mean, some videos to support? Ping'em in this thread? Something else?

2 weeks have passed and nothing changed. Also for me it doesn't work even for gantulist's head.  

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