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Nekros Shadow of the Dead broken textures with Deffered Rendering [Fixed]


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I am a nekros main so when the new update hit i played him. i went to jupiter to get some kuva. I have the new rendering on and it makes the nekros shadows of the dead in to a glue like no color model of the AI i killed. Second bug i found out involving the new grenade icon. when a frendaly shadow tosses one is lets you know of the grenade with the big obscuring icon. I would insert photos but i have no clue how to.

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I found this bug while playing Hydron, Sedna. I believe it was caused by Nekros Shadows of the dead ability (his 4th ability). For some reason the model wasnt displaying how it should be (a shadowy entity)
NOTE: I have Deferred Rendering enabled so that might be what really caused the bug (but im not quite sure)


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uploading error
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