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[Solved] Start quest "ERRA" early


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Final Edit: Not a bug. Access was added in 27.2.0, failed to notice in patch notes + update was not marked on the wikia.



Hello. At around ~5:00 PM EST 3/5/2020 (March 5th) I have found a (potential) bug involving the quest "ERRA."

By going into the codex and clicking on "new war" and clicking "ERRA" i started the quest early.


I have not finished Rising tide

I have not Acquired an intrinsic of 7 or above

I have not destroyed the crystal in the sentient anomaly

Nor have I even played the railjack gamemode.

I have, however:

Crafted the Paracesis

Completed the story up to and including Chimera Prologue (& Ropalolyst fight)


As of right now, I am unsure if this is a bug, or the devs allowing viewing of the cutscene to those who haven't even completed up to the quest.

Attached is an imgur gallery containing proof of these anomalies.



Edit: As of right now, i have not viewed the entire cutscene, no began the interactive segment.

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