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A lot of missing sounds


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Hey guys, currently i'm running some tests on most sounds, since some are missing for me. Note: some of my clanmates don't have this problem but this thing appeared for me after todays update.

I'm going to list all Warframes i had a problem during my testing (some abilties had an added sounds or the sound had only a bit of it playing, or didn't play at all for me)




Banshee - Sonar: Added Sound when it's being cast (it's really subtle, but it's noticeable, because i heard the exact sound on Baruuk, Lull)

Baruuk - Lull (see above)

Gauss - Thermal Sunder sounds really odd when cast (for me) compared to what i'm used to

Harrow - Condemn missing sounds when cast (chains while moving forward are quiet)

Hildryn - Missing sounds when Cast, and Decasting her first ability. (Her charging her first ability sound it's still there).

Ivara - Decasting her 4-th ability sound it's missing

Limbo - Cataclsym it's really quiet when cast

Mirage - 

  • Hall of Mirrors missing initial cast sound
  • Prism, explosion sound missing (Or really, really quiet)

Nekros -

  • Desecrating corpses it's really quiet
  • Shadows of Dead missing a bit of sounds during casting

Garuda - This change it's not sound related, but while i was testing to see if any of her sounds are missing, her 4-th ability won't proc any Slash ticks. Tested by me and one of my clan mates.

Nezha - Divine Spears second cast (slam) missing slam sound

Nova - Null Star flying orbs are quiet

Nyx - Mind Control initial cast sound missing

Octavia - Mallet / Resonator and Metronome missing initial cast sound (voices are still heard)

Revenant - Enthrall initial cast sound missing

Saryn - Spores cast it's quiet

Titania - She is the first Waframe that i noticed it's missing a lot of sounds.

  • Missing initial cast sounds on Spellbind/Tribute(all buffs)and Lantern

Trinity -

  • Energy Vampire waves are quiet
  • Link it's quiet

Vauban -

  • Vector Pad it's quiet
  • Photon Strike it's quiet

Wukong - Primal Fury initial cast missing sound

From all the Warframes i tested, these are the ones that had problems.


Primary Weapons sounds that are missing:



Acceltra: Initial reload sounds (first 0.2 seconds)

Buzlock - Reload sounds completely missing (Only after firing with the Alt-Fire)

Ferrox - Missing throw sounds (when it hits the ground)

Javlock - Missing throw sounds (when it hits the ground)

Miter: Reload sounds completely missing

Soma - Initial reload sound missing

From all the primary weapons i tested these ones had any kind of sound problem. (Weapons that i didn't test, or have a different sound then their other versions: Latron (default) Attica ,Strun and Kuva Chakkhurr -. These 4 are the only weapons i didn't get to test. (Shedu was tested, it has no sounds problems).


Secondary Weapons


I`ll probably come with an edit later/tommorow

Melee Weapons


I`ll probably come with an edit later/tommorow


NOTE: I have all Warframes/95% of Primaries, i did a through sound testing; Missing sounds (means the sounds it's literally not playing), and Quiet it's that the sounds it's still there, just the volume it's really low

2nd NOTE: These missing sounds appeared after the update today. The same guy that i tested Garuda's 4 didn't had any sounds problems (what i'm trying to say, is that you might have no sounds problems). After restarting the game, i still had the same issues.

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Please double-check that all the volume sliders in the Audio Options menu are set to 100% on.

If that doesn't work then check your Windows sound settings to make sure you have everything hooked up correctly.  Also, in Options->Sound check to make sure the audio output device is the correct one for your system.

If trying the above does not work then try this:

1. On the Warframe launcher, click the little gear icon on the top right.  In the Download Cache section hit "Verify" and "Optimize".

2. If that doesn't work then please try re-installing the game.

Let us know if any of these solutions work.

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