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Railjack is now accesible, still not good though


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Lowering the costs for the Railjack is understandable, it`s a nice move to get players who were put off by the grind back into the game. But this comeback will be short lived, if it wasn`t clear enough, Railjack still isn`t a good mode, and this does not only come down to bugs and glitches, this mode needs to see these other issues addressed before it takes another step:

  • Mission Variety:

Every single Railjack mission has an extermination mission objective on it. This is incredibly repetitive, especially in missions in the Veil where the fighter and crewship amount is triple from Earth`s. This is one of the huge turn offs for this mode, it needs to be at least addressed if the mode is going to evolve over time, here are some suggestions:

-Reducing the amount of fighters and crewships needed to be killed in exterminate missions (keep Earth`s 30/2 amount, and make Saturn`s 60/4 amount be regular onward to the Veil)

-Making missions entirely based around bigger side objective(s) (it would be appreciated these were endless mode)

-Add more variants of side objectives to the extermination missions

  • Weapon Damage

MK3 weapons don`t do enough damage, at least not enough to justify the grind that it takes to craft them. Even in some harder Saturn nodes these MK3 variants only tickle fighters:

-Buff all Railjack weapons (MK1, 2 and 3), or

-Buff Hyperstrike (damage avionic)

  • Resource gathering

Getting resources in space is a huge pain in the butt, i cannot stress enough just how annoying it is to fly over the entire tileset to look for the resources enemies dropped after I kill them. I can understand why this would be a thing in on foot missions, but in RJ it`s space, there`s an x, y and z axis, looking for stuff is so much more annoying and time consuming, often times I just give up on looking for loot, which makes the grind take even longer, making me not want to play the mode anymore:

-Increase the Railjack vacuum to something close to infinty, or

-Make the minimap show all dropped resources from any distance

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What weapons are you using? I am soloing veil and i am using pair of MK3 Zetki Carcinoxes (Hyperstrike, Predator and all other needed stuff). If i am using just the weapons, i can delete light fighters in 2-3 seconds. Heavier ones takes more time but if i pair it with munition vortex i can delete 90 fighters in 3 minutes in solo mode. I got tons of railjack resources and no use for them and its not like i am playing railjack everyday. How fast would you want those fighters go down? I am not ridiculing your post i just dont understand  your idea of "this is not enought"

Whats certain is that some weapons are still not good to use in veil. Apocs got to low range. Cryo fire rate. Others are just week.

And i am on board with that repetition, railjack is fun 1st few missions and then you saw it all and grind starts.


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