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lich with wanted weapon = ephemera chance reduction


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32 minutes ago, TheGuyver said:

The game doesn't mystically know your hearts desire for the weapon you want, the two aren't related and it's just cognitive bias you're experiencing. 

Yeah but they know which weapons people will want and which weapons are going to be (and duly treated like) mastery fodder.

kuva asskracken, Kuva karak, kuva seer, kuva quartakk, largely kuva drakgoon and to a lesser extent the hind even if it is.... ah heck with it it's neither a better or worse version of the tiberon prime because no matter what people say about how good they are literally no one uses them. And people aren't too hot on Shildeg either, in all more than half of the weapons are varying degrees of "end mission instantly because 100 or so kuva is irrelevant, start over."

So do they know magically what specific weapon someone wants? Nah. Do they know what weapons people DONT want? Yes. Over half of them are trash.

Do they have a system to specifically not drop ephemera on specific weapons? Probably not. Do they know which weapons people don't and won't want? oh yes, yes they do.

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