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Rebinding the tactical menu doesn't work


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Upon rebinding the key from L to anything else, the menu does not function properly.

The rebound key works only:

  • When piloting
  • When in a gunner's seat

The rebound key does not work:

  • While walking around the railjack
  • While in the archwing slingshot
  • While in an objective ie asteroid base

 This bug is annoying because I don't enjoy taking my hands off of wasd or my mouse to hit the tactical menu.

I've tried rebinding the tactical menu to many keys to no avail.

For instance, I want to rebind the tactical menu to Z. I keep the keys as Z and L. Z works in the pilot / gunner positions, L remains fully functional.

I bind Z only, it works in the pilot / gunner position only, and no functionality otherwise.


That's all, hope this minor inconvenience gets fixed, or I get told I'm stupid and doing something wrong.

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