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Always Need To Accept Trade Conditions?



Hi there! 
I've only just recently started to get back into trading, and I've noticed that I always have to accept the Trading Policy every single time I enter a trade with anyone. This never popped up when I traded before now...

This is starting to become a problem, as I have to wait 15 seconds before I can hit "Accept" and start trading. This slows down the trading time for the other person (which I really don't want for them, trading should be quick) and it's starting to grate on my nerves. 

Has anyone else come across this? If so, how have you gotten rid of it? For me, hitting accept doesn't seem to register the fact that I have in fact accepted the conditions, and it pops up again and again with each new trade I do.

EDIT: After playing around with my game settings, nothing seems to have helped. 

EDIT 2: Just asked a friend about this, and he has no idea what this is and why I'm getting it every time.


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That is a bug coz it's only supposed to show up the first time you trade. 


Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.0

  • Added a “Trading Policy” that will appear when Trading for the first time! Safe trading tips have also been added to the Trade UI.
    • Trading is an essential part of Warframe and we felt it important to inform players on how to proceed with trading in a safe manner. All players will be presented with the “Trading Policy” window when trading for the first time ever (Mastery Rank 2 players who have just unlocked trading), and for the first time since downloading the update. This applies to any instance of trading in the Dojo and in Maroo’s Bazaar. Once you’ve accepted the Policy you may access it from the “Trading Policy” button when trading if desired. 


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vor 20 Stunden schrieb (PS4)Jacobivan:

Guys, do you have this two step authorisation thingy enabled? Seems all to me this might be connected somehow.


So I don't know what the problem is, I think a game has a bug.

Is really yes over and over again although you have pressed accept again and again and actually it should only show once as I read and it still pulls several times anyway.

the problem must get a hotfix

then the problem is solved

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