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Chat Window buggy since RRR update


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As of 03/05/2020 my Chat window bugs out a lot. Honestly unsure whats causing it but the chat scroll bar keeps moving around. Before the update it was always on right and never had any problems. Now its sometimes on the right like it used to be, sometimes on the left and then sometimes in the middle of the freaking chat window lol. It being in the middle is the worst since it makes it hard to even read chat now...

Also I am sometimes unable to click on things linked in chat as well as players names. Neither right clicking nor left clicking work when it bugs out. I normally use a controller but even when I unplug it and just try to use the computer defaults it doesn't work. Not sure what you guys broke in the update but it was working normally before it. The only way I have found to fix the problems with the chat window is to completely log out of the game, then log back in. The chat window will then work fine until it doesn't again...

Have to say though that I really dig the new loading icon and how fast the load times seem to be. And the FOV increase is great.

Please try to fix this quick since I now either pretend chat doesn't exist or I just log out. And once I log out I think to myself do I really want to log back in? Or should I just do something else... Not thoughts you want your players to have.

I hope this helps you narrow the problem down.

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I too can confirm this issue.

Minimizing/closing the Chat Window does not fix the issue.

However, Exiting the game and restarting does (which of course is not a fix).

For me, upon log in, the Chat scroll bar is at the right-most edge as it always has been.

Unfortunately, over time (let's say after 20 minutes or so) the scroll bar keeps creeping/shifting toward the left.

As more time progresses the Chat scroll bar shifts to the middle of the chat box and further left.

After a certain amount of shifting left, the links in chat are not clickable and/or viewable though I am not sure if these issues are linked (i.e., the chat scroll bar shifting toward the left of the chat box and the links in any of the chats not being clickable/viewable).

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Same problem. Scroll bar go left and left when a new chat tap shows up, like squad, relay, trade, recruitment, region chats. When scroll bar disappears, clickable links only scrolls chat text, it just won't open chat link unless I push the left analog stick on controller. Click on other names on chat stops working, messaging only work by open player list on chat and click there on player list, or by typing "/w name_goes_here hi". Typing and looking for this player name is slow, recruitment often have already filled for me being too slow.

With multiple other users having the same problem, host in recruitment have only gotten slower because of auto scroll and unclickable name and link bugs.

How this problem happens:
Enter and exit navigation hundreds of times in public while by yourself in squad.
Enter relays and Dojo hundreds of times.
Option, chat, turn on trade + recruitment + region chat, confirm, turn off chat, confirm, repeat 10 times.

Workaround: Restart game. But this workaround only lasts for a few multiplayer squads, Dojo, and relay sessions.

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