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TLDR For the Warframe Revised Update


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Quick and dirty for those people who don't want to read the full thread. Why? Because 43 pages worth of notes (yes, I counted just now) is way too long for most people to want to go through. Mine is only four pages! For an even shorter version, skip all the way down to the bottom. For the full base thread, click below. For a version that is a bit more than the 4 sentences at the bottom, keep reading.


First major changes are for railjack: it is MUCH cheaper, faster to build, and anyone who paid the old costs are getting the difference refunded (plus something extra). For the changes in how things were changed and why, see below (though there isn't much there, really). This is the first of MANY smaller feedback threads for the individual changes, each page has the same info as the main page. Here is the one for the Railjack cost changes:


Also there have been a lot of railjack Quality of Life fixes to just make things better. No dedicated thread for all that was linked, but it is mostly all straightforward. The only real big change is that those with controllers can now steer the railjack with one stick and aim to fire with the other. Cool Beans.

Kuva liches had a bunch of fixes. The major change though was that when a teammate stabs their lich and fails to kill it, you get murmur progress just for being in a group with them. There is a dedicated thread, but it is really short because there isn't much to say.


Armor changes (though they call it "Armor/Health/Shield" changes, but we know what is important)! Before this armor and health stack multiplicitively and so raise effective health exponentially (as in effective HP of enemies reaches into the multiple millions of damage taken). This was effectively impossible to get through without reducing armor somehow. DE says that they have changed the exponential curve into an "S curve" but has given no formulas for how this is supposed to work. This could turn out to be good or bad, depending on the numbers, but status procs have been changed (ie:weakened, more on that later) and corrosive projection has been "fixed" to no longer be able to hit 100% reduction, so getting more information is VERY important to much of the player base. Here is the thread but, until we get actual numbers or theory-crafters (or data-miners) manage to figure out the numbers for themselves, there isn't much meaningful to see here.

One other important change is that Tenno now have their own shield/health/armor type that is neutral to all current forms of attack and our shields now have a 25% damage reduction. The biggest place you will notice this is that toxic no longer melts tenno (before we had two forms of major damage increase layered on top of each other, it was bad). Here is the thread for all of that:


Infested deal more damage per hit to force players to be more mobile. (Don't worry, though. Other changes, mentioned just above, make it so infested toxic procs don't melt teno in seconds like they did before). Here is the thread.


Warframe aim-bots nerfed, that is to say that enemies at high levels no longer are automatically able to hit Warframes with quite the same level of preternatural accuracy that they were before. No numbers here either, but it is much less of dire importance compared to things like armor scaling. Here is the thread if you are interested.


Shield gating is here (and Tenno shields are overall tougher, mentioned in another part of the thread). That means that high level enemies can't one shot you. Think Hyldron's passive, because that is exactly what this is: a few seconds of invulnerability when your shields are depleted. Recharge your shields to full to reuse it once it goes off. Enemies get a shield gate too, though it doesn't quite give full invulnerability. Headshots, weakpoint shots, and warframe abilities bypass their shield gates. Here is the relevant thread:


Arcanes stack up to Rank 5 (up from rank 3) and require 21 to hit max. You can't equip more than one of a type, but the numbers go higher (such that elemental protections can go up to 100% status immunity, for instance). If you do have multiple arcanes leveled, they added a way to break one apart (so that you can use it to level your main one). If you haven't finished upgrading them than be prepared for an event coming later this month that promises to let you buy the arcanes that you need. Here is the thread:


Self damage is now gone! Non-chroma players rejoice! It has been replaced by a stagger/forced movement/"knockdown" for a 2 second duration during which time enemies can kill you instead. Also, cautious shot, the mod used to deal with the "self damage" issue, won't fix it despite costing a valuable mod slot... for reasons??? Also AoE weapons have had a MASSIVE dammage nerf (to the number of 90% damage falloff), because "Tonkor"??? If you were hoping to finally pull out your launchers and have fun with them, I have some bad news for you. But hey, at least you won't kill yourself anymore! Here is the relevant thread:


Excavators how have health/shield scaling! This means that a single random bullet from across the map, at sufficently high levels, won't one-shot them anymore! Here is the relevant thread: (Why does it need it's own thread?)


Armor has been increased at the lower end, pretty much all frames have at least 100 armor, and a few have been raised beyond that. Also Titania has had some changes to make her less annoying to try to use. Mostly this is about the armor, though. Here is the relevant mini-thread:


Missions now have better rewards and fewer bad rewards. Good for new players, especially. Here is the mini-thread:


Even more User Interface (UI) changes to update the recent update. Now labels for things are on by default, so you can know what you are looking at. Another thread is here, great for feedback or suggestions:


Profit Taker's most annoying attack has had it's cooldown increased. Also you can now buy 100x restore blueprints (for hp restorses, energy restores, etc. and Cyphers). This also has it's own feedback thread.


Sestinel weapons can now use the same mods as warframe weapons. Only have one maxed "Serration" mod, you can use it on both at the same time. Feedback thread is here:


Greater than 100% status has meaning! Unfortunately that meaning is "we will nerf status effects to compensate". Status effects can go above 100% and can also give a chance for a second effect by your percentage above 100%. Also elemental effects are easier to get and putting multiple of the same status effect on enemies have increasingly worse effects. Unfortunately for a lot of effects you have to get several procs (ie: 6) to reach the same numbers as before or the utility has been flatly removed. Blast won't knockdown, corrosive won't completely remove armor and is on an expiration timer, slash has been worsened, etc. It is bad. Also status shotguns are now effectively useless, dealing a mere fraction of their previous damage before you get to the nerfs on slash procs/etc. But hey, at least Tenno can only get one stack on them of each effect. Here is the feedback thread:


"Faction" aura changes; specifically Corrosive Projection. It has been nerfed and is no longer the answer to the ludicrous armor in the game. They say this is to go with the changes to armor scaling, but they also haven't told us how armor scaling is being changed. Also the status chance mods, for status chance only, are being buffed. It is intended to go alongside the "multiple status effects" change, but see above for why that is less exciting than it might otherwise be. Here is the thread:


Grenade markers. Enemy grenades are easier to see and deal with! A nice change to be sure, but probably not worth its own feedback thread. Here it is regardless:


Prettier graphics for high end computers. And yet another feedback thread:


No more individual feedback threads for the rest, but here are a few more things worth mentioning:

You can increase your Field of view now, something people have been wanting for a while.

The gear wheel has been slightly fixed up, making it easier to use.

Nova can shoot through her wormhole. Weird but possibly interesting change.

We got confirmation that we will get kitguns for primaries.

Also, optimizations and bug fixes. Pages worth of them.


TL/DR: Status focused weapons suck now, you have to get half a dozen procs to get the same or reduced effect, but we can technically get multiple procs from a single hit. Status shotguns have been hit hardest, with targeted nerfs. When your shield goes down you automatically get a couple seconds of invulnerability, regen your shield completely to get invulnerable again. Also some weird stuff has happened with how armor and such work, and they have changed the numbers on nearly everything related to it (status effects, auras, etc), but we don't have clear numbers on what it means yet.

And that is the update as it is. More information on what it means should be incoming.

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