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Warframes keep bugging out in eidolon hunts (rant on eidolon hunts included)


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During a couple eidolon hunts my warframe kept being glitched out and buggy for some reason. Didn't have any of the problems listed below happen before recent updates.

  • Stuck T-posing
  • Abilities and operator mode not working
  • weapons not shooting
  • Operator dying on exit of warframe (and entering)
  • Movement working but character wouldn't change direction (stuck facing East no matter which way I was looking/aiming)
  • And animations just being a little janky

I had nothing like this happen pre-update (well... as frequent) so it seems like something broke a little even though the update didn't really do much with the plains. Tried solo, different warframe, weapons, matchmaking etc. Unstuck wouldn't work either but it would fix itself after 10-20 seconds. These issues kept happening every 30-60 seconds so half of my time I couldn't turn off/on abilities or exit the warframe to take down the shields or... you know... play the game and have it take longer which is awesome when there is the time gate day/night cycle which needs to be taken out back to be put down. I hate the eidolon fights as it is. Now because of the arcane changes I need to do them just to have the mode be almost unplayable. I know the new event is going offer a different way to get them but after the event. What then. What if I don't have time do the event much. Guess if I want arcanes I'll need to do eidolon hunts but at the moment DE has all the bug spray while I have to play a mode I don't even like covered with bugs. Just make arcanes a part of railjack rewards ffs then there are now 2 ways to get arcanes or just bring back raids, remember them, because DE forgot about them and are deaf when they hear the cries of people like me who hate eidolons. They were only for marketing the plains and players said back then it was boring. "Lets add more eidolons thats what the crowds want." "Yay... Hazzah!" I screamed to the sky. "This is amazing they made 2 bigger ones that can be beaten easily but are annoying to fight. Hallelujah!"

I know people enjoy them but I like many others do not, bring back raids or make arcanes a reward for high level railjack missions. 1 week to get the arcanes might not be enough to get the ones I need. If I have to go to the plains and I get no other option at least fix the bugs.                 



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1 hour ago, MyNamesUsed said:

Also noticed that in operator form, void mode is no longer dodging the magnetic procs. 

Omg I hope this is only a bug and not an "intended feature" in an attempt to make those elemental resist arcanes relevant >,<


Anyway to be on-topic, I noticed a drop in performance in Plains and Vallis after this update...for me at least.

Also, I'm not sure if it's only in the Plains coz I haven't done further testing but I when I was doing the sortie, I was unable to capture the target using my operator. Again, Plains was really glitchy af coz performance was really poor so it might have bugged out because of that.

I can't play right now tho, if anyone can check if this happens in missions outside the Plains?

I'll try to update this post later when I get to test it.

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