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Corpus Ratel became unkillable in grendel defence mission


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On wave 10 of the Grendel defense mission "Icefields of riddah" two corpus ratels somehow switched from an enemy to an ally, even showing as allied dots on the minimap, the mission objective however still counted them as enemies and as we physically could not kill them we were forced to abort the mission. The exact circumstances of their side switch is unknown.

Our squad composition was as follows: | [host] Nezha with broken scepter, kuva brakk and ferrox |  Wisp with the broken scepter, staticor and fulmin | Wukong prime with the broken scepter and zarr, other weapon unknown |  Mesa with miter and dual keres.

This bug was especially annoying given the nature of the Grendel part missions, i hope the details above help in teasing out the cause of the bug,



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Just had the same issue. We had 2 Saryn Prime, Kuva Tonkor/ Lex Prime/ Kuva Shildeg and Ignis/ Lex Prime/ Zenistar, Baruuk with Rakta Cernos/ Euphona Prime/ Nikana-style Zaw, and Frost Prime with Synoid Simulor/ Euphona Prime/ Paracesis. 2 waves left.

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