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Revert Arcane changes.


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I will stay polite here but i think the overall opinion of the cimmunity on the matter can be summed up in the title of this thread.


To make it short you not only reworked a system that was working fine for some very nebulous and arbitrary reasons without announcing it at any point before maybe a week of said changes..

Your arbitrarily impose a cooldown in order to prevent the Arcane from triggering once it was already active, so not only the removal of double stacking effectively cut in half the chance of said Arcane to trigger but now we cant have the continuous effect even if we get lucky on the new rank 5.

You nerfed the top Arcanes hoping other would become more popular but in no shape or form did you make the others more appealing or usefull,  would have been far more profitable to raise the others to the level of the most popular ones not drap the top ones in the mud but i guess this is too logical.

You removed the double stacking in favor of more build variety but in order to do so you increased the grind and more than double the requirement in order to get back to almost where we started from, we dont have the event that would allow us to get the missing Arcane in order to test the new rank 5, i guess i was lucky to have a few extras in order to distillate and see the damage for myself. Others will have to hit the trading tab then because it is seriously starting to look like so.


This change was unnecessary, uncalled for, poorly justified if not for the anemic excuse we got in the Devstream, it is poorly implemented and it feels like a back handed slap in the face to all those who worked for their Arcane because even if they are not necessary we invested the bloody work in them in order to enjoy their freaking effects!.


Change it back, admit you made a mistake and we all can move on and enjoy the other changes from this patch.







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Wow, what a post.

For starters, they did not "slap anyone in the face" with these changes. Are you serious? 

- If you were double stacking, then you already have 99% of the arcanes needed.

- I've always ran two arcanes with no issues at all. Speak for yourself when you say others are not up to par.

-AGGP even proved that the level 5s are potent and provided an excellent example of a grace/guardian (if that's the the armor one) combo that created an awesome Chroma build. Notice how the new shield gate allows for arcane grace to work more effectively too.

- The stacking was always busted and should've changed a while ago.

As a PS4 player, I'd like to try this new way of setup for myself and actually get some playtime with it before I bash it. And, no, not all of the community is thinking like you regarding this. Instantly bashing ideas before putting the work in to test them along with the changes is just ridiculous.

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