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so will DE hear us and tweak arcanes a bit?

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So with recent changes of arcanes you need to invest 21 arcanes for max stats. In short you had 10 arcanes for set, now you need to get 21 for set, at least give us double the effect. Now we are "able" to equip 2 different ones? I dont remember why we could not in first place. I did use guardian and aegis combo. if I did use 2 guardian for 1200 armor (20 arcanes in total), now I have to invest 21 for 900 armor? WTF DE? you invest 101% more to get 50% more stats just to "be able" equip 2 different arcanes? so you give 2.1 sets to get 1.5 effect of set, while you did have 1:1 ratio b4. 

if you are for that DE need to tweak arcanes pls do comment, and if you like post which one would you like to change.

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