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Wedged Behind Corpus Outpost Crate With Zorens


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I was trying out my new Dual Zorens, seeing how ridiculous my speed could get when combined with Volt's Speed, and was having a grand time flinging myself across the map til this happened...






I had speed active, and used the Dual Zoren spin attack, and apparently the gap behind this crate is just big enough to fit through with a spin attack, but it's impossible to get back out again. I'm stuck in a crouching position, so I can't sprint or jump. Rolling, sliding, attacking, and slide attacks all work but to no effect; there's no way outta here other than dying (which I can't do because there are no enemies spawning [wow, that's a first] and i don't have a self-damaging weapon on) or quitting as far as i can tell.


Sooo, might wanna slap an invisible wall on that spot, probably some other locations in various maps with similar problems I'd bet. Also, the map had the fire environmental hazard active, I don't know if fire levels use an entirely separate tileset or just have fire objects added on the original set, but could be worth noting.


Another addition that could be nice in situations like this is something Vindictus has, an /escape command. In that game, when used it teleports you to an accessible location on the map (with a minimum delay between uses of 30 seconds, I think, to prevent abuse) so it can be used if you get stuck somewhere you shouldn't be. In a game like Warframe where player movement has so many crazy mobility options and the physics system is often flaky, unreliable, or unpredictable, something like this could be very helpful for when players get themselves stuck in situations the devs couldn't have predicted.

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/escape or any derivative isn't going to be implemented because it apparently encourages sloppy testing, where we don't report the bugs we encounter.


Or some stupid reason like that. There are ways to get around it, but it's too much work for DE to bother implementing.

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