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Orb Vallis Somachord Tones

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I love the 'vaporwave' music that permeates Fortuna and the Orb Vallis, but hardly ever get to hear it anymore since the spawn rate for these tone scannables is somewhat abysmal, at one tone scan per open world instance, somewhere in the four square kilometers of playspace available.

So DE, since you're into fixing broken or underperforming systems and economies lately, I would love to see these OV Somachord Tones get slightly more visibility by tying into the bounty board missions, which I think is a natural fit.

Starting a new bounty would spawn a Somachord scannable somewhere along the path of the bounty route.  This would keep OV tones in line with the regular mission examples, keep players exploring the Orb Vallis and playing bounties, and allow us to fully appreciate the hard work of the talented musicians on your sound team while we grind out our daily orbiter business. 

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