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Shield-gate, broken? Or an old bug is back


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I just sat in a group of enemies and let them hit me,
I went from 1,872 health to about 900, which is when I started killing enemies.
With Hunter Adrenalin, I should have got 45% of the damage I took as energy.
45% of 900 is 405, so I should have got about 400 energy on top of however much I had before the beating,
by the time I started killing enemies.

But, I only had 146 energy when I started killing enemies.

So, either the "mods just don't work sometimes" bug is back,
or perhaps shield-gate is somehow blocking it?

I noticed that my shields would keep coming back, even while being hit.
So, maybe shield-gate is broken?

I was solo, so it can't be a latency issue.

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