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Corrosive should still be infinite (Other things not related included)


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Why? You think it's pointless? Just because you kill an enemy in under 8 seconds? Nah the fact corrosive has duration is a bad nerf you can't deny me over it corrosive shouldn't change because how are the endgame dudes gonna be able to kill level 9999 orokin? Bring corrosive projection? Well maybe heat procs because it reduces armor by 50% which would be the only way we could overstrip seriously bring overstrip back doesn't matter just do it i know this post will be ignored because i'm not popular but i think we shouldn't change scaling because there are players like me who want a challenge but thanks to the newer players everythings fricked & gas is dead now thank you so much i barely like the changes viral though 😮 better geez wonder why we refer to things as "meta" also whoever made the new mastery icon is a monster i'm probably gonna get hate now due to the bunch of junkies

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