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Doing the sentient anomaly twice in a row


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Sorry my english is kinda bad

So just like the title said , i'm doing the sentient anomaly quest twice in a row.

This happens when i joined public squad and they actually started rushing to the sentient anomaly mission and after like 5 minutes we are done killing the sentient and there is an exit mark showing too,all of us didn't leave the sentient ship yet and then suddenly 1 of the people in my squad leave and then the host leave too after that and i'm the only 1 left (also now i'm the host)

So i kinda confused why the sentient anomaly quest not gone yet and then i'm exitting from the ship. At outside cephalon cy  saying like "investigate the sentient anomaly ship" (i forgot what he said completely) and i just entered the sentient ship again and the mission showing the "kill 20 sentient" again.

And basically i just got like 4 anomaly shard with 1 mission (with booster and i didn't bring kavat)


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