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FEATURE: disable mods in builds instead of removing them if they exceed capacity


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Feature request: disable mods in builds instead of removing them if they exceed capacity

Inspired by the recent mainline updates to railjack that disabled mods instead of removing them.

Leveling up a mod with endo can lead to broken builds on other warframes/weapons that share the mod. The current behaviour is to remove the mod from something that is not visible in the UI, and reported instead via a popup dialog box (sometimes several).

While this might have been more manageable with only a few warframes and a few mods, the increase in numbers (and ubiquty of a several mods) have made this more challenging to manage. Particularly in the low-to-mid range MR where you have enough endo to level up your mods, as well as the forma to do so.

The feature request
To have the means to toggle the enabled state of a mod. Also to mark the mod as disabled, instead of removing it, should it exceed the capacity of the warframe/weapon (see use cases below). A mod can then be enabled/disabled (by the player) once the capacity is available to do so.

For consideration: marking warframes/weapons and build configuration tabs so it is clear that there is a disabled mod in that build. This helps find other builds that need tweaking later.

Specifically not requested: automatically re-enabling the mod once the capacity becomes available - I would submit that this should be a player choice.

Use cases

1) Adding a mod that exceeds the capacity of the warframe/weapon sets it to disabled by default.
2) Player has levelled a mod with endo, other warframes/weapons sharing this mod are unable to support the new level. Disable the mod on those warframes/weapons instead of removing it. At most have one popup that reports other builds have changed.
3) Remembering the build after using a forma. Disable mod(s) instead of removing them (mitigated somewhat by MR27, but painful at lower MR). The player can then tweak the build further by changing which mods are disabled.
4) Creating a build that is your final intended usage, but needs levelling and forma to make viable (a medium term goal that is set at the start of the journey, not at the end)

Example screenshot:


Thanks for listening!

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