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Loot Radar becoming unreliable?


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So I've noticed over the past few days that my loot radar (I have maxed Thief's Wit on all the time) has become really unreliable.

I've been wisp-farming in Eidolon, and I've noticed two main things:
- my loot radar will spot things and then immediately lose them a moment later, and not pick them back up even if I cover the same ground
- it doesn't seem to matter if I'm moving towards the items or away from them, it'll generally lose them within 2 seconds
- when it loses track of things, it often loses the nearer items first for some reason
- my loot radar will not pick up things it's meant to that I know are present because I'm right there next to that thing looking at it

Most of the time it's basically like I don't even have loot radar which is kinda annoying.

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The issue may be instance-based?

I've tried cetus wisp farming twice today.  In the first attempt my loot radar was beautifully consistent and reliable.  In the second attempt, I was back to being able to walk right up next to things that should show up on loot radar and getting nothing.

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