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More enemies with interesting tactics


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Would love to see more enemies that do more than just be sponges. They could be spread between the factions and what not. A few types that come to mind are...

  • Enemies that throw flash grenades. There is already a bursa that does this but seeing more enemies do this would be great. Hell you could even spice it up and make it unique to enemy factions. Infested throws globs of goop that cloud your vision and bullet jumping or rolling enough would get rid of it.
  • Enemies that take advantage of the new Stagger mechanic. Different levels of bombards.
  • Cage-like enemies. Nullifies being one of them but something like several enemies that place a large dome around the player. Spread out enough to where the player cant just shoot them all dead at once. Destroying of the nodes would break a part of the dome but the potential for the dome to block off other ends of a map lest you destroy them would be interesting and a *@##$ to code

Pretty sure there are way more ideas but these are just a few.

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i feel that there is enough variant already even if more variant would be always welcomed. but sadly everything dies so fast that most of the time, no matter what special ability the mobs have, they will just die before showing their uniqueness.
i believe that the best way to add diversity right now is to let the mobs that are already in the game be able to show off what they can do instead of adding new ones that will just die before attempting anything.

what would be great is having all reaction time, fire rate and animation speed increased by alot. making it so for, lets say all lvl 100+ mobs.
infested should run faster too.

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