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more decorations

(XBOX)ashes of suvius

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as someone who does dojo decoration often, i would really like to see more dojo decorations and dojo contributable personal decorations. some of these would require new models, but many could easily be implemented with no little to no work from the art n animation departments.

examples of things that already have in game models and could easily be implemented:

-endo decoration

-mod decorations

-tenno cryopod (both the single horizontal one and the double standing ones)

-void key decoration

-credit pile decoration

-kubrow egg decoration

-containers (like the corpus, grineer n orokin container u can smash open in missions)

-scanables (cephalon fragments, frame fighter data, the purple one i can never remember the name of, the orb vallis scanable things, apothic plants, etc)

-ammo boxes (like those in the index)

examples of things that already have an in game model, but may take a bit of work by the art team to either tweak the model or seperate it from a room/tileset:

-relic decorations

-the new tenno styled crates in the dry dock

-lockers (all different faction ones, as found in missions. open, openable, and locked)

-theres literally hundreds of pieces n parts of various tilesets that id like to see as decorations

things that would be awesome but would probably need to be done up from scratch:

-a whole category of sentient decorations now that we have a sentient tileset, event, and more fleshed out faction

-the corpus need several decoration pieces, like a 'ring', a 'plate', a triangle shaped decoration, seeing as they are often used in corpus logos n such, seems fitting.

-more bulbous grineer decorations. many grineer things are far more asymmetrical and less mechanical looking than what we have for decorations. we have very mechanical, almost perfectly spherical decorations but not much in the way of things that actually match the look of the pear-shaped, bulbous armor the grineer wear, or the same feel that grineer huts n outposts in the plains of eidolon have.

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