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Need better info when choosing loot [Relics]


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So, perhaps I am the onlye one with this problem but when a relic mission is done we can choose like 4 loots.

Let's say a nikana prime handle pops up. Here are the problems I am facing

1. I don't remember if I own the Nikana Prime
2. It says how many Nikana prime handles I have but not how many are needed to craft Nikana Prime if I choose to do so.

So, I would like more information when I hover over the alternatives so I can decide if I want that certain loot or another one

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Additionally with regards to Requium mods, 

At end of mission selection it does display the total number of Requium mods you own of each type however it also seems to include the Corrupted (used) mods as well as the viable mods which leaves you not knowing exactly how many viable mods you actually have.

And because I know someone will inevitably say  "duh just sell ur used mods".... given that DE has a habit of changing things at the drop of a hat, those used mods could at some point become useful/desirable in some other capacity so I'd rather hold onto them in the event that such a change is ever levied so I don't have to scramble to not only farm requiums but to also burn them out on Liches. 

Look no farther than Rivens as a shining example of useless one day, something you would use in a heartbeat the next..... hope you didn't delete it after months of it being absolute garbage.... limited storage btw LOL~


Additionally it would be nice if on the relic selection screen selecting the relic (which brings up a loadout of what the relic contains on the right hand side of the screen) would also display "owned" statistics. Where as currently it simply displays the basic visual identifier for the item(s) in contained within that relic. Yeah it tells you you can get Banshee Neuroptics BUT it doesn't tell you that you already own eight of them until the selection screen at the end of mission

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