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Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas!

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Kraiz ("Craze") is a frame based on going ham and being rewarded for doing so. His kit features short duration, high power buffs - and can potentially be VERY energy hungry. However - as a reward for going ham Kraiz' passive prolongs the duration of his buffs based on kills. Get it rolling and don't stop!
Passive: Bloodfrenzy
  • Kills increase buff duration by 0.75 seconds (does not work for Rolling Guard).
Ability 1: Gore (6s)
  • (Melee weapon equipped): Dash to the closest enemy and execute him. Gain a portion of his armor (maximum 1000). Nearby enemies are feared.
  • (Ranged weapon equipped): Headshots explode enemies, dealing 40% of their health in an area. (Damage does not scale).
Ability 2: Toggle
  • While active gain 60% fire rate and reload instantly, but lose 25 energy on reload.
Ability 3: (10s)
  • Melee attacks warp you to your target (30m range). Melee kills restore health.
  • Blast radius increased by 50%. Stagger immunity added.
Ability 4: (8s)
  • All melee attacks are finishers. Animation speed increased by 300%.
  • All semi automatic and burst weapons become automatic and gain 150% fire rate, but also 50% extra recoil.
  • Automatic weapons gain 33% fire rate 80% damage, but also 50% extra recoil.
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Revenant has always been a favorite of mine considering I have an strange obsession with sentients- but how about a full-out sentient themed frame? We have Nidus representing the Infestation. Time for the sentients to have a representing aswell!


(Oh and happy 7th to everyone stopping by!)

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