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Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas!

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The Grineer/Steel Meridian frame we so desperately crave, as a sort of ghoul if you like but based in the concept of a long-abandoned homebrew project of Regor.
Abilities in my mind can vary from that of tech, ghoul shenanigans and summon orientation, perhaps a focus on grenades with a real bit of attention to crowd control, something not very powerful but wholesomely accompanying for a standard team.

The real heart of it, I'd love for him/her to summon a small gang of rodents using something similar to that of the maggot mechanics from Nidus, except more involved and longer lasting that follows the frame more than the other, failing that just a big chonky roller that the Ult summons, cus thats adorable.

Visually? The gender isn't important, aslong as they themselves appear obviously reasonably grineer in nature but nicely misshapen!

Year of the Rat, People love Grineer, People love Zambies, everybody wins!

Also, whenever Homonculus isn't on screen everyone should be asking "Where's Homonculus??".
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warframe with mechanics on damage reflection and interaction.  his main abilities should be associated with the reflection of the percentage of damage that will depend on the strength of abilities.  The highlight will be the ability to interact with other frames.  with the help of his ability, he should fit the frame of another player thereby strengthening him and allowing him to supplement his ability to reflect damage or effects to a full 100%.  the frame should look like a toy consisting of four parts, which in turn levitate like wisp, when the ability is used, one part is separated from the main body and begins to fulfill its function.  when reflected, for example, one of the parts turns into a mirror-like thing, thereby beginning to reflect everything that falls into this mirror back.  whether it’s movement on it, or damage from shots, but the mechanics must be made so that these things that pass through the mirrors “continue” their movement.  for example, when the frame goes towards the mirror, it enters this mirror like into nova's portal, but the animation of the exit from the mirror is as if it made a 180-degree turn and at the same time did not.  I have poor English and therefore it’s difficult for me to describe the idea of a frame, but if you can describe it in Russian ,.  would describe in more detail.and the feature of the game on it will be connected on some mini-game, which will be launched from him during this or that ability.  for example, with an ult, he will split his 3 "fragments" will fly apart to other frames and cling to them, and he will lose the ability to either move independently or something like that.  but at the same time, he will be able to 100% strengthen the effect of his actions.  it will be a toy frame that looks like 4 fragments when it is whole,

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Hello Digital Extreme team,

I'm French so excuse me for the translation.

Warframe name: VOLKO
My theme on the new warframe would be VOLCANIC. More specifically the WASHER. 
VOLKO will have extremely destructive offensive capabilities capable of dissolving hordes of enemies thanks to its volcanic 
powers associated with lava.

Thank you for giving the community the chance to design the next warframe.

See you soon Tenno.


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I really liked the idea of an "all or nothing" themed warframe. It deals in absolutes. If it doesn't have 100% potential, it has no potential at all.

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Mirror frame :Can refract light to make a laser that burns enemies and heals allies, all about refraction of light, Light turret? I don’t know. Maybe like a shield that bonks incoming fire back at the attacker. Super sparkly.

Weird arse wiggly light arms perhaps...

I attempted tae doodle something up but my entire elbow self destructed half way through so a formal apology fer that. Good luck te everyone else participating and thanks fer the opportunity DE.


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Here's an idea: a female warframe, covered in a gemstone shell with golden metal decorations, who's theme is based around (primarily) gold and treasure?

She can swap between using gold as a weapon or gemstones to help in a mission. Her passive would revolve around her gold form dealing additional damage to those afflicted by that specific forms abilities. Her gemstone form's passive would involve giving herself additional armor through using her support abilities, the armor acting in a similar vein like Rhino's Iron Skin, except she can pass it onto allies via her support powers.

Gold form: A glass cannon that deals with dishing out heavy damage and crowd controlling enemies. Comes with an exalted heavy blade/greatsword as an ultimate ability. (low armor, high damage and CC).

Gemstone form: A support tank that trades dealing damage for providing various buffs for allies and debuffs to enemies, along with some survivability abilities for her teammates (high armor, trades damage and CC for support abilities). 

Her name would be Nidhi (translation: treasure)


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An angel based frame that has two states, divine and fallen. I wouldn't want her to just be another equinox who can switch forms at will. Once you crossed over into the fallen form, however it is that happens, she would have to work to get out of it if you so choose. Could be she starts out divine, and then something corrupts her. Maybe getting a certain amount of kills in a certain time frame, or her ultimate can just sends her into the fallen state. There would have to be a way to revert to the purified state, like reviving a teammate or something like that. 

Some concept art I did above


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A female/male Armored Knight themed Warframe that duel wields large body sized shields as her/his exalted weapons in both hands, but she/he would also have several smaller shields floating around her/him as if she/he had wings. (These would also be use for his/her abilities) She/he would be a armor based frame that has a large armor pool instead of have shields. (Similar to Hyldryn and her having more shields than health, but we will need a UI change there.) Her/his abilities can revolve around team area buffs to allies and pets, but also having area de-buffs to enemies. Her/his passive need to be something like when she/he takes a % of dmg it is then converted to her/his armor pool. 

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An Angel/Celestial warframe! 

Always wanted one but you guys would sort of skip over the idea just by a tiny mark. I loved and mained Titania the pixie frame when she was released. Then fell for Wisp the will-o-wisp/ghost frame (especially the fact that her animation included hovering) and have mained her since but both have jist slightly missed the mark. I won't go into abilities since you've asked not to but just putting out there that she could have light/celestial based abilities that can also include some healing/support. I would love if her animation had an angelic hover as well!


Edit: I just saw another user posted a similar idea where there's two states, divine and fallen, which I think also sounds amazing! (Other user was under the name loudbat)

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Saw another commenter post a similar idea that would add to gameplay
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Like to throw in the concept of an Ice Ghost frame, maybe based on a Yuki-Onna from Japanese folklore. Where Frost focuses on physical ice and freezing, this frame would be more focused on slow effects. Additionally, they might have some focus on the death of those they affect, to help tie them in with the themes of sprits and death.


I love Frost, but I'd like to see a bit more nuance in terms of how the elements could be approached.

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A war maiden Warframe, centered in buff the squad, tank, control and frontal attack. A "omni-purpose" 'frame.

Q: "Why a War maiden"? or "What you mean with War Maiden"?

A: Because we have 'frames based on animals, myths and legends, gods an deities, warriors, religious beliefs, gore and berserkers, physical and metaphysical concepts, Usain Bolt and a very traumatic Kirby version. So, I guess that it doesn't matter I there's a war maiden.Because we have 'frames based on animals, myths and legends, gods and deities, warriors, religious beliefs, gore and berserkers, physical and metaphysical concepts, Usain Bolt and a very traumatic version of Kirby. So, I guess it doesn't matter if there is a war maiden, that from the point of view of what she would look like. From the point of view of abilities, she could be a 'frame focused on Control, Tanking, Buffing and Frontal Attack, it could be that to match the theme of the War Maiden the abilities could be medieval themed.

To be honest, a couple of weeks ago I post a "fanframe" named "Knut" with this topic, but she was a very VERY basic concept than I'd like to improve in many ways, so... I hope you like it

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A grineer based warframe! Something that'd would like when tyl gregor make in his laboratory of tubemen

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Posted (edited)

Name: Azrail (name for Angel of Death)

I'm aware Nekros already exists but i want a reaper type of warframe that stores the souls of his enemies to make himself stronger and use it in his abilities like a DPS frame.

In my mind this is what I see what he looks like since I'm an awful drawer (may ask friend if they can draw it for me to make a clearer picture)


  • Black, purple, dark dark blue as color theme
  • floating cloak with no legs similar to wisp.
  • a lantern floating near him emitting a blue light where he stores souls or maybe just for cosmetic.
  • I hope this doesn't count as abilities but Nekros was deprived of having a scythe as his exalted weapon so if this one were to be a DPS frame I can imagine a large scythe that he wields emitting purple particle effects from it.
  • I imagine his stance would be somewhat like a skeleton and it would be cool if he wielded the scythe dragging it behind him as he "ran/floated" along and when using it he would swing it using his weight as if he has no muscle in his body. Jerky movements as if he is tired but moves very quickly regardless.
  • lots of screams of the souls he has reaped every time he uses his abilities




Azrail is violent and to protect others he throws himself into an escape pod and goes crazy and blames the orphans. His body is found decades later and he haunts the ship that finds him using transferrence and kills everyone on board to gain power from their souls. He held onto his anger drifting in space in the pod but doesn't remember why he's angry but he knows he has to get back to the solar system that he can never seem to reach.


Location: Ten 0

After the adults had gone insane, Azrail was forced to kill almost every single one. Although he was supposed to be immune to the effects of the void, he was unusually violent with everyone and whenever he was attacked he would hold nothing back. The other children were afraid of his rage when one day, he struck one of them in rage. Azrail looked up at all of them with horror on their faces. Knowing he was no longer welcome, he took an escape pod out into the void hoping to end his existence in fear he would kill an innocent child or a friend. After days on end of being alone and hungry, he began to hate himself for leaving, then hate the adults for being ignorant and murderous, then hate the children believing they casted him out. He wanted to be free, he wanted to breathe real air, he wanted to feel the grass between his toes and it was taken from him. Without the accompany of others, he was sentenced to be alone for eternity, starving, and thirsty. Sometimes he swore he heard a man's voice trying to talk to him but the voice was too muffled to make out. The voice silenced and he was left alone again and began to miss the voice that soothed him.

Until one day after countless decades he was found, or at least his body was. He died in the pod years ago from when he was found outside the system drifting in space by a salvage vessel. They reported the incident and carried on working. They would deal with this at the next port. They began to notice strange occurances every now and then since the retrieval of the pod. Several reports of lights bursting in rows of corridors, machinery acting on its own, dreams that would keep up the workers, and an eerie feeling throughout the vessel that they were always being watched in anger.

These were all just superstisions. of course. That was until they began being picked off one by one in a series of accidents. A crane, moving on its own knocked someone into space, crates secured by straps would loosen and fall and cause injuries and deaths. The captain grew more troubled the more these incidents happen and decided to dock at the next port in hopes to get his equipment checked. Everyone on the ship began to show signs of madness. Fighting amongst the workers began to grow and the captain was unable to navigate the course. He swore that the system was moving away from them as if nature was trying to keep them away. He eventually committed suicide and the workers died out leaving the ship adrift in space.

But the ship was never adrift, it was always moving towards the solar system, chasing it perhaps. By a ghost looking for a body, for Azrail's soul never died. His tranferrence lived on inside the escape pod, floating adrift, and now lives inside the ship. He found upon taking the lives of the crew aboard he grew stronger with the souls screaming inside of him. He was now able to control the entire ship as if he had been the ship his whole life. All he knew was his home planet and all that mattered was getting back and all he could feel was the hatred and anger that circulated through him. With the souls he had taken and the many more he planned to take. He vowed to take his revenge, but on what he was angry at had been long forgotten and remembering it was drowned out by the screams of the trapped souls he had taken.


I hope this isn't too wordy I've always wanted to submit a request since I basically have a folder of ideas for frames. Hope you like it and if not I hope an artist out there finds inspiration in this and decides to draw it I'd love to see it 🙂

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I would like a barrier based spartan frame that would be the king of funneling. basically would have a shield he could set down and picked back up. he'd use a spear and shield high armor and shielding.

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I am thinking a frame that is cosmic themed, with things like flight and energy beams as part of it's kit- it's a type of frame that makes sense but has not really been dealt with before, and this type of theme can be based after something like the cosmos in general, or something like a binary star or sun

Thanks for letting us design a frame 🙂

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I was thinking about an Angel Themed Warframe, she could be called any number of things from Ariel, Uriel, Serial etc.


Ability 1: hold down button to summon up to 5 energy bolts to strike a single target dealing puncture damage (pins enemies to walls)

Ability 2: Hailo glows restoring health over a period of time

Ability 3: Grants herself and allies a blessing, covering them in radiant energy that atomizes bullets and projectiles on contact (making them immune to ranged attacks for a duration)

Ability 4: Summons an exalted spear from her hailo and gains radiant wings, Uriel takes to the skys to rain down energy blasts from the tip of her spear or up close and personal like a master spearman


I was thinking she would have some kind of a head covering that drapes down her back and when she uses her final ability it splits into a set of wings

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Ebb and Flow

other ways to put it: wax and wane, growth and decay, rise and fall.


I think it could be a cool theme to work with. Maybe having like 2 phase abilities where it does something and then immediately does the opposite? Could be a hybrid damage/support frame with the whole healing and harm type thing. It's a bit similar to equinox but I think she is more opposites, while this frame would be more of increasing or decreasing I guess? 

I just like the idea of power spikes where you can be reckless, and then loss of power where you need to be more strategic


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"The Lady Luck, The Profit Taker, The Death Dealer"


Arcana (Support/CC)

Health: 50.0 (250.0 at Rank 30)

Shield: 50.0 (250.0 at Rank 30)

Energy: 50.0 (250.0 at Rank 30)

Armor: 250.0

Sprint Speed: 1.25




Passive  Void Deck

Killing enemies causes Arcana to draw a special suit card from her Void Deck, drawing either a Madurai, Vazarin, Zenurik or Naramon and each card also may have either 4 of top damage Type imprinted on Void Deck Card when Profit Taker is Active. Has 2 component, the Void Deck and Drawn Deck both cap at 4.

  • The Void Deck and Drawn Deck remains active until Arcana used up all of them with abilities.
  • Using an ability will consume a Void Deck card and Drawn Deck card.
  • Drawn Deck Give Arcana Passive buff base on combination while present.
  • There 2 way you can combo the Drawn Deck either Polarity Combo or Damage Combo.


First Ability – Draw and Discard

Arcana Draw Card to keep in Drawn Deck or Discard a card from Void Deck to enemies. Blank card deals Slash Damage to enemies while granting Random buff to ally. And When a card is present in Void Deck, depending on Card Polarity and Color will Trigger.

1.    From Void Deck to Discard

  • Madurai – Card Multiplies in number and seek out enemies
  • Vazarin – Halves enemies Health/Shield/Armor in 45-degree cone in front of Arcana
  • Zenurik – Mark enemies in 30m around Arcana that will drop Extra loot on Kill
  • Naramon – Mark an enemy that will pull Aggro towards him and another enemy will start shooting at that 1 Mark enemy.

2.    From Void Deck to Drawn Deck or Discard to ally.

  • Madurai – Grant Small Power Strength of 5% and 5% Damage Buff
  • Vazarin – Grant Small 5% Health/Armor/Shield
  • Zenurik – Grant Passive Energy regen of 1/s and 5% Efficiency
  • Naramon – Grant Small 5% Sprint Speed/Parkour Velocity and Attack/Reload Speed


Second Ability – Profit Taker

Arcana surrounds herself in a wall of cards from her Void Deck that absorb incoming damage.

  • The Card in Void Deck will have a Damage symbol correspondent top 4 damage Absorb on bottom of each 4 card
  • On Each Void Deck Card: -20% Resistance to that Damage Type to enemies within range Stacks up to 80% if 4 Card is Present in Drawn Deck with attribute of that Damage Type.


Third Ability – Death Dealing

Arcana Project an Aura within 30m radius that effect both Ally and Enemies.

1.    Enemies

  • Reveal attribute of all enemies in radius (Card Polarity), randomly assigning each enemy with a suit card, appearing above their head
  • Card that are Drawn from Void Deck that have a damage Symbol at bottom of it to Drawn Deck will have it effect activate as long as Death Dealing is Active.

2.    Allies

  • Share arcana passive buff (Drawn Card)

Fourth Ability - Open Hand

Arcana plays her Drawn Deck to gain Multiple Bonus for 20 seconds depending on the combination of suit cards obtained. 

  • 4 Madurai (+100% P/Strength, 100% Damage)
  • 4 Vazarin (Restore +100% HP/Shield/Armor, 100% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 4 Zenurik (Restore 200 Energy, +20 Energy/s, + 50% Efficiency)
  • 4 Naramon (20% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 3 Madurai + 1 Vazarin (+75% P/Strength, 75% Damage) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 3 Madurai + 1 Zenurik (+75% P/Strength, 75% Damage) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 3 Madurai + 1 Naramon (+75% P/Strength, 75% Damage) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 3 Vazarin + 1 Madurai (Restore +75% HP/Shield/Armor, 75% MaxHP/OverShield) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage)
  • 3 Vazarin + 1 Zenurik (Restore +75% HP/Shield/Armor, 75% MaxHP/OverShield) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 3 Vazarin + 1 Naramon (Restore +75% HP/Shield/Armor, 75% MaxHP/OverShield) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 3 Zenurik + 1 Madurai (Restore 150 Energy, +15 Energy/s, + 10% Efficiency) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage)
  • 3 Zenurik + 1 Vazarin (Restore 150 Energy, +15 Energy/s, + 10% Efficiency) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 3 Zenurik + 1 Naramon (Restore 150 Energy, +15 Energy/s, + 10% Efficiency) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 3 Naramon + 1 Madurai (15% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage)
  • 3 Naramon + 1 Vazarin (15% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 3 Naramon + 1 Zenurik (15% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 2 Madurai + 2 Vazarin (+50% P/Strength, 50% Damage) (Restore +50% HP/Shield/Armor, 50% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 2 Madurai + 2 Zenurik (+50% P/Strength, 50% Damage) (Restore 100 Energy, +10 Energy/s, + 25% Efficiency)
  • 2 Madurai + 2 Naramon (+50% P/Strength, 50% Damage) (10% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Vazarin + 2 Zenurik (Restore +50% HP/Shield/Armor, 50% MaxHP/OverShield) (Restore 100 Energy, +10 Energy/s, + 25% Efficiency)
  • 2 Vazarin + 2 Naramon (Restore +50% HP/Shield/Armor, 50% MaxHP/OverShield) (10% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Madurai + 1 Vazarin + 1 Zenurik (+50% P/Strength, 50% Damage) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 2 Madurai + 1 Vazarin + 1 Naramon (+50% P/Strength, 50% Damage) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Madurai + 1 Zenurik + 1 Naramon (+50% P/Strength, 50% Damage) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Vazarin + 1 Madurai + 1 Zenurik (Restore +50% HP/Shield/Armor, 50% MaxHP/OverShield) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 2 Vazarin + 1 Madurai + 1 Naramon (Restore +50% HP/Shield/Armor, 50% MaxHP/OverShield) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Vazarin + 1 Zenurik + 1 Naramon (Restore +50% HP/Shield/Armor, 50% MaxHP/OverShield) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Zenurik + 1 Madurai + 1 Vazarin (Restore 100 Energy, +10 Energy/s, + 25% Efficiency) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 2 Zenurik + 1 Madurai + 1 Naramon (Restore 100 Energy, +10 Energy/s, + 25% Efficiency) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Zenurik + 1 Vazarin + 1 Naramon (Restore 100 Energy, +10 Energy/s, + 25% Efficiency) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)
  • 2 Naramon + 1 Madurai + 1 Vazarin (10% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield)
  • 2 Naramon + 1 Madurai + 1 Zenurik (10% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed) (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 2 Naramon + 1 Vazarin + 1 Zenurik (10% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency)
  • 1 Madurai + 1 Vazarin + 1 Zenurik + Naramon (+25% P/Strength, 25% Damage) (Restore +25% HP/Shield/Armor, 25% MaxHP/OverShield) (Restore 50 Energy, +5 Energy/s, + 5% Efficiency) (5% Sprint/Parkour Velo, Attack/Reload Speed)

Arcana according to lore (Made by me) Long ago was Nef Anyo worst nightmare because She was known as a fearsome Dealer in Venus and he lost a lot of profit due to her. 

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Hi, this is a little embarrassment, because I think that this is my first post in the forums and I have been a player of warframe for 7 years. I enjoy this game a lot and I think that this type of initiatives are very positive in the relation between developers and players. With no more delation, this is my idea for a warframe that I'd love to see in the game:

Principal concept: A warframe who uses pollution, toxic waste and smog as a weapon againts its enemies.

Name: Iuto (a little transformation for the latin word iutum, wich means dirty)
Background: In the times of orokin era, a secret experimental warframe was being shipped from ceres to the moon when the spaceship used for its transportation suffered an accident with a fatal outcome, the spaceship crashed in a valley of ceres and was being forgotten. After the orokin fallen, the grineer stablished their shipyards in the planetoid, and a lake of toxic waste and pollution started to form in the valley where the spaceship crashed. When the acid liquid reached the accident remains, this fused with the experimental warframe, forming a new being made of waste and crazyness. Iutum was born in a explosion of rage and pollution, the parts of that experimental warframe are now ensambled with the corrosive waste produced by the grineers. Bring your enemies a heartless death making them suffer the consequences of extreme contamination.

Habilities and playing flow experience: The description of the warframe offers a lot of possible habilities, but my idea is made a type of warframe with a game functionality similar to hyldrin or Saryn, Iuto can spread acid liquid with its habilities over the enemies and the battlefield, however, the more amout of liquid you spread, more penalization there will be for Iuto (it can be a penalization for movement, health or armature) but this spreading can load an hability for making more damage or expanding their efects. The concept for this warframe can be an interesting challenge for art, mechanics parts assembled with mobile liquid can give a style of fluidity in the movements or even so the player can transform its warfrme in a quadruped beast that hit enemies and spread their toxic materials.

And I think thats all, thanks and see you.

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Infested based executioner frame
an aoe pop around the player spreading more of their affliction status affect
affliction is a 50% reduction to enemy armor and opens them up to finishers - Affected by duration
-affliction is gained by getting melee kills or over healing a % of health.

The goal of this character is to self sustain, hold certain points and become a frame players can rally to in squad link as well as well as a reliable sustaining frame based off of the players momentum.
1st ability is offensive:
The frame charges up a beam projectile much like the opticor with small aoe.
-Works like Chromas 1st where the player can move with any weapon while charging up the attack players can edit the weapon in the arsenal making it modable and giving the player more leeway in builds.
-scales with efficiency and the small aoe at center of impact scales with range.
-This gives the frame the ability to apply statuses while closing the distance towards enemies before engaging in melee.
2nd ability is defensive: The frame can place down a pillar providing a aoe buff much like the infested ancient. The pillar can provide a small amount of cover in open world.
-abilities scale with range, power strength and duration. 
This lets players know where this frame is setting up and where to rally to in order to get buffs from this concept frame.
3rd ability is utility for squad play: The frame can shout releasing an aoe buff on allies. The buffs given to the player are Movespeed and damage reduction. The ability should be used when players start the mission and whenever players group up around defensive positions or pillars.
-abilities scale with range, duration, power strength
This lets this frame catch up with enemies that are affected by the affliction state in a timely manner and the armor it provides is a safety net in order to start the execution chain.
4th ability is a buff to their passives and sustain: The frame toggles this ability and will drain health while it is active. While active the frame is given a fast execution that gives themselves and all players in proximity of the small aoe a buff relative to the enemy type.
Examples: consuming heavy enemies can reward high armor, medium enemies small health increase and small enemies a melee damage boost. All executions provide a small spurt of health healing the frame and nearby allies by a small amount.
This ability gives the player more of an incentive to play towards their passive and rewards executions all the while giving players an anchor in group content. Ability scales off of duration,range, efficiency
Personal thoughts and changes
1st ability may be too simple to players and just at the word opticor some people might want to gouge their eyes out, any ideas people have would be awesome.
2nd ability we already have a frame in the game that raises a pillar it's Garuda, but the thing that separates this concept frame from Garuda is that this pillar can be placed anywhere (players can walk through this pillar sorry, but it could be used to troll those small doorways). Another important thing is that a passive heal isn't enough to get players to play around them they wind up taking more dmg staying there vs avoiding fire. Hopefully a %damage reduction pillar along with the buffs the frame provides is enough for players. Possible thought: should players be able to place two pillars down so that people don't feel stuck or antsy? and should the affliction passive be a stack system like Nidus and some abilities like this frames 2 and 4 consume it? This would cause 4 to become a timer based ability vs a toggle.
What I don't want for this frame is for it to become just another ash clone.
Any criticism would be awesome please let me know your thoughts.

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Raevenna, the Shadow Binder

All that is known about Raevenna is that she lost connection with her original operator long ago and was left alone in the darkness. There she would momentarily become sentient only to realize she was all alone and abandoned before becoming lifeless again. Eventually this repeated glitch drove her to the brink of insanity. During these short sentient moments she has learned how to manipulate shadows and control malevolent energies. Raevenna protects herself from harm with shadowy figures that circle around her briefly (removes status, absorbs damage), she confuses her enemies with a flock of shadow ravens (can be augmented to leech life) and then rips their life away with a barrage of malevolent spirits (hold to cast ability, deals more dmg the longer you hold, can be modded to become one large blast instead of hold). After finding a new operator Raevenna is determined to protect them at all costs, ultiamtely exploding in a huge blast of malevolence (damage increased by the amount of energy and shields at the time of casting) and becoming briefly sentient (30secs or so) when the operator exits the frame.

What is the inspiration behind Raevenna? I've lived with severe depression most of my life (started when I was 7yo, I'm well in my 30s now) and over the years of being alone in the darkness I have learned to embrace it instead of being embarassed about being "insane" or feeling sorry for myself. Raevenna is sort of an embodiment of how learning to manage / control the dark thoughts and feelings can be extremely empowering.

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