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Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas!

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If you have an Idea please type it into the search bar and set the search to "This Topic", you will be taking to the page of every post in this thread containing the word or words of what you search. With the rules saying that Only the "First Post" of any Duplicate Theme will be considered, this more than likely means they will not look at your idea as it has already been suggested.

Please Try to make your Theme Unique.

 If you are having Trouble coming up with something like me, try reading random pages on this thread or even all the current pages like I did to see what has been posted or what you can make different. Partner up with a friend, clan-mate, or even idea group to make something really unique ideas that you can bounce off each other.  


So far the really popular Themes that have already been and Heavily Suggested are as followed.

Werewolf / Werekubrow / shapshifter / 4 legged warframe                  Void, Time, Space , Gravity frames                        Light, Star, Darkness, Shadow frames


Grineer , Kuva, Corpus, Sentient frames                                           Syndicate and Chepalon frames                              Arsenal / Weapons Master / Living Weapon warframe


Beast master / Multi pet / Multi Sentinel  frames                            Build-a-Frame / Modular Frames                      Warrior / Knight / Solider / Spartan / Roman / One-Man-Army warframe


Spider, Insect / Exoskeleton  frames                                    (Insert any Animal Name) warframe                               Multi-Arms / Multi-Heads / Multi-Legs / Multi-Weapon carry frames


Summoner / Totem / Spirit Caller  warframe                            Plant / Nature, Druid  frames                                  Shaman / witch doctor / Witch / Wizard / Warlock / Sorceress  warframe


Demon / Devil  warframe                                                        Angel and Archangel warframe                                               (God or Goddess from a Pantheon) warframe


 Blood / Vampire warframe                                              Spirit / Ghost / Possession warframe                                                           Blacksmith / Forge warframe


Gadget / Utility and Builder / Mechanist  frames                     Healer / Buff / Support frames                                                  Dreams / Wishes / Nightmares / Horror frames


Alchemist / Potion master frames                                   Art / Ink / Painting frames                                           Drones / Nanobots, Hacker / Technomancer , Digital / Glitch frames


Eldritch / Lovecraftian frames                                 Madness / Psychopath / Berserk / Crazy frames                                         Mimic / Doppelgangers  / Copy / Gemini frames


Strings / Wires / Puppet frames                                       Explosions / Bombs / Grenade frames                                    Size change Big or small, Stretchy, Morphing frames


Plague / Plague Doctor / Sickness / Gas frames                     Dark matter, antimatter, living matter frames                     Nuclear / Radiation / Chemical waste frames         


Warframes made entirely out of  (Metal, lava, diamond, Glass, Crystal, Junk)                    Slime / Jelly warframe                         Warframes that change elemental and damage types


Defense Focus / Armor / Tank frames                                        Melee Focus / Attack speed frames                                           Frankenstein / Abomination frames


and Some really creative themes that are low in number but are awesome none the less

Geisha     Origami     Samurai    Good/Bad Luck    Jojo    Weather   Fate   Tarot cards   Runes/Glyphs   Jester/Clown Cosmic

Zodiac   Eye Beams   Reality   Coolant   Hologram   Bones    Bubbles    Centaur   Hard light    Mist    Fog    Nebula Trickster


I also noticed Players suggesting Frames that already exist ........ Water frame, Fire frame, Wind frame etc. and some theme ideas that are also in game in the form of Weapons perks, Mods, and Augments.....this leads me to believe that some information is lost to some of the players. Not to mention new players have a tough time trying to find out what's what and don't know where to look. It's times like these were a Veteran or more knowledgeable player steps in to guide us in the right direction. Between YouTube,Twitch, Warframe wiki, and the Forums I hope there isn't anyone we can't reach. This community is amazing and I want to thank everyone who has helped me in the past and I want to urge everyone to Go out and Put your Best foot Forward in coming up with an Original idea.

You have about a week left Tenno, This Thread Closes on March 19th at 1pm ET, don't let the opportunity to be apart of the community made warframe slip away.

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Posted (edited)


"Do you know the definition of Vendetta, Tenno?  A Vendetta is roughly defined as a vow to avenge a murder, by killing off the murderer, or their entire family.  There's this story that is spread throughout the grineer defectors of a Warframe that helped the grineer during the rebellion.  She began the campaign against the Orokin Empire after the Old War.  Normally stories are just stories, but this one causes the Worm Queen to act.  Perhaps the story holds some truth Tenno, and I think I know just the place where such old history could be stored.  Let's take a trip to the Queen's fortress Tenno."  - Cressa Tal Leader of the Steel Meridian.


Vendetta is the Scorned, the Betrayed.  A Grineer themed Warframe who was the original catalyst for the Grineer rebellion.  She is an idea inspired by the Synthesis lore of the Grineer Lancer.  I know it references a male Grineer, but maybe the Grineer had a sister.  One who blamed the Sentients, but when faced with the truth, she grew a vendetta against the Orokin, and sparked the start of the Grineer rebellion.  She would vow herself to the Twin Queens, manipulated into helping stamp out the Orokin, before being betrayed, dismantled, melted, and scorned by the two queens she devoted herself to.  That's Vendetta's story, and it allows for quite a flexible amount of abilities to be offered as possible ideas, and the design doesn't have to be purely Grineer based if she was originally destroyed.  

I understand that none of this lore might make it past development, but the idea of a Warframe based on a Grineer rebellion theme seems kinda awesome when you think about the lore of Warframe.  Some might argue that Valkyr is the angry frame, but Valkyr is specifically quoted as "The Tormented, The Experimented"  Not "The Scorned, The Betrayed".  Perhaps wrath needs company.  Perhaps there needs to be a Vendetta.  That, and I wouldn't mind working the Grineer forges myself.  All that slag gone to waste on grineer guns, ships, and their armor.  Perhaps the enemy's own resources can be ours to use as well.  If they don't destroy them first. 

She is a Grineer themed Warframe who can do what the Grineer do.  She can salvage bullets, enemy armor, and robotics to fuel her abilities, and protect herself and teammates.  She uses "Crude and Violent" means to defeat her enemies, and becomes more powerful as she or her allies take damage.

Edited by (XB1)TimetheXII
Do not believe I clarified the Theme for the Warframe in the post.

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I would like to put forth my own idea for this! 

*The Gambler*

A chance based frame with abilities possibly revolving around luck or in-mission credit, count, possibly copying another warframe's abilities at random as a fun gimmick ability.

Chances to blow yourself up to high heaven, very high risk = high reward frame idea.


D&D players, think Wild Magic Sorcerers if they got given Tenno weaponry

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A Warframe that shouldn't have survived.

Its core is missing, what's there is loose glowing electrical goop that shouldn't be holding the torso and hips together but it is. The front of the Warframe is smooth and resembles a humanoid but the backside is noisy, coarse with fins layered over each other resembling something like the working end of a forestry mulcher ready to shred anything that grazes the surface.
I sketched this to get the idea across of having a heavy top with some larger fins and the core missing. The silhouette is smooth on the front side but noisy on the back side, there's room for some glowing panels littered throughout the sides.

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Dual themed Warframe: When using melee weapons she has lifesteal-vampiric styled abilities, but when using primary/secondary she becomes a different person, a dark/void spellcaster that casts powerful aoe spells. He doesn't touch the ground, floating above it as if he's too good to touch it

Proposed lore (SPOILER ALERT): Madness was thriving in the Orokin empire, thriving in a primal woman, locked in the depths of some forsaken dungeon. It was thriving in the mind of a cultish mad man, imprisoned in her neighboring cell. It was thriving in the mind of Ballas, who saw not twisted forsaken souls, but a beauteous horror. The woman, a fiendish "creature", was once an Orokin of great stature, until she was caught drinking blood from the dying neck of a political enemy. Dragged before the seven, she was silently condemned, her mind erased, and imprisoned with only the name: Bathory. There she languished, denied her blood thirst, until she was dragged before Ballas and his helminth. To her side was another prisoner, a mad man code-named Mordred, that sacrificed any living thing, save for children. He claimed it appeased some spirit, some voice, in the far off darkness, what a deluded fool. Yet, among the three of them, the most disturbing of creatures was Ballas, who smiled before them even as the guards were uneasy, who ushered them both before the helminth, who laughed as he bound the two of their essences to the same mutation, the same warframe.


When in melee: Bathory is channeled, (Reb will be a good source of ideas on this :P), modeled after the legends surrounding the Hungarian countess, in this mode Bathory attacks with a blood lust and frenzy, siphoning life from her enemies and maybe she has a pet vampiric-kavat? 

When using primary/secondary: Mordred is channeled, this version floats above the ground, not because of necessity, but because he is above everyone else, too good to touch the ground. Roughly based upon the Arthurian legends, he is a dark themed wizard archtype, using powerful aoe spells to decimate the battlefield.


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Horrible placeholder name: Weaver (to give an idea of the theme)


This frame comes from one of the rings of Saturn. How? Storytelling words I won't write 😛. But the important thing is that the rings dust, mixed with a small special meteorite that clashed against space debris; created a unique compound that was used to create this frame. Science!

What's more, this compound is so special that it became physically and mentally linked to you, and you can alter it with your thoughts! Magic!


The compound allows Weaver to fire very thin threads of it of any size (think needles or strings), then alter its density to become more solid than diamond. It can become flexible as a fisherman's line to wrap it around opponents, then solidify it to slice the enemy apart. Since the compound can also alter its density to copy surfaces, Weaver can attach several threads in a place to block passage.

The compound is unstable at medium sizes and up, so Weaver can't actually wrap or cover its entire body with it for defense (besides that would be very wasteful), but Weaver can create extremely thin, tall layers then solidify it to block any material to go through it, similar to a shield.

At its limit, Weaver can cover an entire room full of flexible threads, to massively slow its enemies. When enough enemies are passing through them, solidify then quickly tense and snap them to cut everything and everyone on its path. Controlling all these threads is very taxing for Weaver, hence why it can't do something like this often.

Final Thoughts

Hope you liked the concept! It can be heavily improved with some contrains and details but rules said that it shouldn't be that detailed. I wanted to add a special "passive/active" thing similar to Hunter x Hunter's Kurapica, that would wrap your body with a few threads that could cut you, then the compound will feed with Weaver's blood and the more you were hurt the bigger the damage you could do, but AFAIK there are a couple frames that explore this idea already, so I scrapped it.

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1) the ability is to become someone and adopt his 3 abilities (the cost of transformation depends on the level of the warframe and its version of prime / non-prime) from 100 to 300

 2) the ability that the Frame had from which it was copied (to use x2 energy is required)

 3) the ability that the Frame had from which it was copied (to use x2 energy is required)

 4) the ability that the Frame had from which it was copied (to use x2 energy is required)

 There will be mods on the warframe, ours will not be copied, if we don’t want to take someone’s appearance, we have the opportunity to use our abilities

 2) the matter barrier - (it looks like this) our warframe throws a sphere to the surface, it opens, protects the territory in the form of a dome when an enemy approaches it, it stuns it for 0.2s and only after it passes into the dome

 3) the armor of matter- creates armor around you that has a minimum strength of 800 to increase it you need to have as many enemies as possible stunned by 2 abilities and maximize it to 60k (for example, 2 rino abilities)

 4) the material divider destroys part of the enemy and leaves traces the same as when the projectile passes through the barruca and in the end the enemy produces a mikoro explosion /1) способность это становление кем либо и перенимать его 3 способности ( затратами на трансформацию зависит от уровня варфрейма  и его версии прайм/не прайм) от 100 до 300 
2) способность которая была у Фрейма, с которого скопировали ( для использования требуется х2 энергии) 
3) способность которая была у Фрейма, с которого скопировали ( для использования требуется х2 энергии)
4) способность которая была у Фрейма, с которого скопировали ( для использования требуется х2 энергии)
Моды на варфрейме будут,  наши они не будут копироваться  , если мы и не хотим брать чей-то облик, то имеем возможность пользоваться своими способностями 
2) барьер материи -  (выглядит так) наш варфрейме кидает сферу на поверхность она раскрывается  защищает территорию  в виде купола когда к нему подходит враг его оглушает на 0.2с и только после он проходит в купол 
3) броня материи- создаёт вокруг вас броню которая имеет минимальную прочность 800 чтобы увеличить его нужно      иметь как можно больше врагов оглушенные 2 способностью и максимум добить  её до 60к ( на примере 2 способности rino) 
4) рассекатель материи уничтожает часть врага и оставляют следы такие же как и когда снаряд пролетают сквозь  barruca и в конце концов враг производит микоро взрыв 

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Posted (edited)


(Stats, duration, scales, etc is just sugestions but make party of the frame theme, same for the extra sugestions (Kubrow new races)).

*** IMPORTANT: Such a Frame will only be possible after the change of the Stasis Pod, in which it will finally allow you to equip your companions without having to leave any in Stasis Pod, as a bonus: it is a great way to demonstrate this change. *** (just like is talk about in DEVSTREAM #137)


CONCEPT: Cerberus is the houndmaster frame, the idea is make the Kubrows and the Frame one with the gameplay, no one is a "exalted kubrow" like Venari, the player to take the full potential of Cerberus should use Kubrow's and be one with the pack.

Comparisons with Khora are inevitable, but unlike Khora, she has a companion beast, in the case of Cerberus you are part of the pack of hounds.

YES, all ability's, scales, even the price of this parts is based in the number "3", after all, is Cerberus we talk about!


CODEX: This tracker, with the support of his pack of Kubrows, will prove how much a Kubrow can be Tenno's best friend.



Health: 180 / (420 at rank 30)
Shield: 120 / (240 at rank 30)
Energy: 150 (333 at rank 30)
Sprint Speed: 1.1



This Frame can equip 3 Kubrow at once, but it cannot equip other companions.

He has increased Companion Resuscitation time.

(how much increased? as fast as a Trinity can resurrect an ally)


1. [Hound's Rush]:

Cerberus marks a enemy and commands his Kubrows to attack a target at high speed, knocking him down, dealing Puncture and Slash damage.

Range: 9 / 18 / 27 / 36 m
Extra Damage Scales with Ability Strength, total damage is calculate from Kubrow equipad mod, plus frame status.

Note: Less in the case of bosses and/or elite minions (like Eximus or Demolysts, etc.), in these cases, it only applies damage.
(Also, Darkest Dungeon reference)


2. [Feral Bonding]:

Cerberus connects with his companions, split the damage received between them, receiving damage reduction.
The companions also receive 3% / sec health regeneration.

Duration: 9 / 18 / 27 / 36 sec
Damage reduction: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 % (per companion)
Extra damage reduction Scales with Ability Strength. (90% cap)
Extra Healing Scales with Ability Strength.


3. [Territorial Pack]:

Cerberus create a territory around him (360º) and any enemy that enters that territory if receiving an attack from Cerberus (or be marked by [Hound's Rush]) will be attacked by all his companions with increased status chance.

Range: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 m
Duration: 9 / 18 / 27 / 36 sec
Extra Status Chance: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 % (per companion)

Note: [Hound's Rush] Puncture and Slash benefit from this skill (Synergy, baby!)


4. [Pagída Orgís]:

Cerberus unleashes a great howl that boost his companions with the power of the underworld, increasing their damage and attack speed.

Duration: 9 / 18 / 27 / 36 sec
Boost: 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 %

Extra Boost Scales with Ability Strength.

Note: [Hound's Rush] and [Territorial Pack] damage can be boost for this ability (Ohh yeahhh, synergy again, baby!!!)

Trivia: "Pagída Orgís" is the Greek word for "pack fury", as Cerberus is a character in Greek mythology, this name for this abiliity seems fair.


LORE: At a time when the Orokin towers were still standing on Orbs Vallis, a Tenno was deeply connected with the local fauna, especially with the Kubrodon's, despite their reputation for ferocity.
He became the protector of these Kubrodon's, but this former guardian was never heard again since the fall of the empire.


IN-GAME MINI-QUEST: Show to Biz a Kubrow, he will ask for a sample of Kubrow's DNA to compare with the Kubrodon's (DE, any chance we see the Animal Conservation? Maybe? If Yes, pleasy, make the animals can be pet 😄), later, Biz call you: some Kubrodow fled during the exams back to Orbs Vallis

Biz wonders why they returned to Orbs Vallis, the kubrodow's are captured by the Corps, each one was in one base (race per base).

After freeing each one they flee to the wild of Orbs Vallis.

Biz then suspects that there is something in this place that links them

You then track the Kubrodows to a cave (DEV's can use a cave that already exists, just add a small location at it), which the Kubrodows consider his sanctuary, this place is the eternal home of Cerberus.

Biz asks you to scan this Frame.



Biz now sells 7 more items: 
 - Cerberus Main Blueprint (3 Brindle Tags, 3 Vallis Tags, 3 Incarnadine Tags)
 - Cerberus Chassis Blueprint (9 Brindle Tags)
 - Cerberus Neuroptics Blueprint (9 Vallis Tags)
 - Cerberus Systems Blueprint (9 Incarnadine Tags)
 - Brindle Kubrow DNA Sample (3 Brindle Tags)
 - Vallis Kubrow DNA Sample (3 Vallis Tags)
 - Incarnadine Kubrow DNA Sample (3 Incarnadine Tags)

(Yes, finally we can use one hybrid of Kubrow and Kubrodon, to make this race, the player need use the DNA sample in a Incubator Segments, just like "Helminth Charger", just equipe the sample and is done!)


 - Cerberus Main Blueprint (33 Orokin Cells / Chassis / Neuroptics / Systems)
 - Cerberus Chassis Blueprint (1 Kubrow Egg / ?? / ?? / ?? )
 - Cerberus Neuroptics Blueprint (1 Kubrow Egg / ?? / ?? / ?? )
 - Cerberus Systems Blueprint (1 Kubrow Egg / ?? / ?? / ?? )



Brindle Kubrow:

CODEX: This white Kubrow uses its fur to camouflage itself in the snow until it is too late for its prey.

 - Freeze Aura - Slow any Enemy in 3m for 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 %
 - Ice Fangs - Adds 9 / 18 / 27 / 36 / 45 / 56 base Ice damage to Brindle Kubrow 

Note: 'Ice Fangs" also is a Pokemon reference.


Vallis Kubrow:

CODEX: This Kubrow have his skin hard as stone and he has a high protective instinct for this master.

 - Echoing Howl - Every 30 seconds, the Kubrow howls giving itself and its master 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 % bonus armor.
 - Rescue-Pet - Enemies injured by the Kubrow have 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 % chance to drop a Health Orb and 3% of Energy Orb when killed.


Incarnadine Kubrow:

CODEX: With his intimidating presence, this Kubrow seems to exercise authority over other Kubrows and fear in his opponents.

 - Incarnadine Eyes - Any Enemy in 3m was this damage reduse for 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 %
 - Linked Pack - A vida de todos os Kubrow é conectada.


DESIGN: I know, this is later phase, but I like so much of this

The artist who made the design made it so sophisticated that it even looks like a concept for a Delux skin, thanks Sanjichwan EXCELLENT WORK !!! 😄




Extra Note: "But isn't there a map on Pluto with that name?" - Yes, just was a map in Uranos with the name "Titania" 😛 

Disclamer: I am a cat person (my cat was 16 years now), but I love dogs too, 😛 

*Also, I use google translate and a little of my English, if something is odd or wrong, please, but let me know so I can fix it, English is not my native language.

Edited by ZukeZima
add concept design

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Warframe based on Decay. Everything alive that it touches - die eventually. Imagine opposite of infestation. Weapon, that Orokin tried to create to kill infestation faster than it growth. 
Bodies of enemies will decompost. Armor & Weapons will evaporate.
No balance in the universe. No new life after each death, each death will only make Decomposition stronger.

Also it would be great if frame could change appearance. Like look beautiful outside, until starting using abilities, then it starts to look more ugly:
For visual design  keep in head aesthetic of ugliness, or maybe imagine something good-looking, but rotten inside. Like Dorian Gray, for example.

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Warframes that are only available on RL events e.g. Christmas, valentine etc. These warframes will have event base ability and they will be unlocked through the event mission.

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What about a console themed warframe? One that is different in design based on the platform it is on. Examples like the sleek and thin of a playstatiom while xbox has a somewhat more bulky frame.

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Posted (edited)

Codename Eris


She cause havoc and chaos in the battlefield in an elegant manner. Changing her dress for every occasion and situation, she is adaptable and deadly as she is fashionable.






Form 2




Art by me: Schielle/ tempuraliciouss

very unpolished drawing. big size at that 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tempuralicious/?hl=en


Edited by Schielle
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I would personally like to see a Druidic Nature themed warframe. The back story for the frame would be that it was a Warframe that defended nature and animals from the infested (or other threats). This would be a brawler like frame that would change forms based on the ability selected. I am thinking that only the Hands, Feet and back would change. The frame would be heavily built and would take on a more WereBeast form. The form would dictate how it's hands, feet and back would change but it would also determine stats. Like you could have it be a frame that has stat fluidic stats that change based on the form it takes with Advantages and Disadvantages to each form. In some ways it would be like Oberons bigger brother. You could even give him a fur like Syandana to give it that rugged barbarian beast look. Forms could be Wolf, Bear, and Tiger. Think Diablo 4's Druid or Diablo 2's Druid. Nature would make him stronger and would be more visual then Oberon with maybe someway of making your Kubrow and Kavat go berserk in battle.

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His name is Pulsar. This warframe is an almost naked skeleton. Teleporting from the body of one enemy to the body of another, he builds on himself organs and armor. To use the ult, he rips his heart out of his chest and holds it in the air. Dealing damage in his heart, he will damage all enemies whom he has been struck by lightning during teleportation.

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Warframe of uncontrollable power. It power would leak if not keept under control, in the process bending and twisting  reality.

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Posted (edited)

Basic soldier type warframe, down-to-earth fps shooter gameplay oriented. Think of Solider76 from Overwatch amidst the rest of the quirky cast.
Visually armadillo theme mixed with mechanical parts, tenno themed parts for base and orokin themed for prime.
I dub it ARMA, taken from "armadillo" and "armament".

I know this is just for overall theme but i whipped up what i imagined it would be like ingame just to make the concept more concrete and easy to understand. Hiding it under spoiler since it turned into a wall of text.


More machine than life, more armament than man - or what it once was.
A mass of orokin machinery, this warframe is the test bed and the accumulation of orokin's attempt at harnessing the powers of the void.

While the tenno were strong, they were numbered. Thus the orokin experimented, and devised a plan to mass-produce inferior but less demanding warframes that would serve, as an equipment, for their dax soldiers and for the.. not-so-gifted tenno.

But the production fell, along with the rest of orokin empire. - Lore

Lorewise the frame should have average hp, shield, armor with above average sprint speed and
low energy capacity to reflect the intended operators' inefficient or lack of void power.



Using abilities recovers warframe's and companions' health > shield > overshield > energy in that order over 3 seconds duration based on energy used. Excess amount will carry over to the next in order.
5x ratio for health, 10x for shield and overshield, 2x for energy.

A firearm is a soldier's lifeline on the battlefield.
10 energy (y/eff)

Gives 1/1/1/2 instant reload buff (y/str), recovers 1/2/2/3 stacks of ammo (y/str), adds +20/40/70/100 weapon base damage (y/str), and +10/13/16/20% boost to final damage (y/str), fire rate (y/str) and projectile speed (y/str) for 5/10/15/20 seconds (y/dur).

[PH]Companion will use the same skill if active.

-Designate - Target/ Cover/ Suppression-
The right call in the right situation can turn the tides of battle.

Target - tap on enemy
10 energy (y/eff)

Target gets a very visible mark, is slowed by 5/10/15/20% (y/str) and takes 10/15/20/25% increased final damage (y/str). [PH]Companions will focus on the target. No duration. Only 1 target mark can be active at one time.

Cover - tap on ally
10 energy (y/eff)

Target gets +50/100/150/200 flat shield and +50/100/150/200 flat armor (y/str). [PH]Companions follow the target instead. Works on npc and objectives, not usable on self. No duration. Only 1 cover mark can be active at one time.

Suppression - hold on an area
25 energy (y/eff)

Enemies inside the zone are slowed by 5/10/15/20% (y/str) and takes 10/15/20/25% increased final damage (y/str). Lasts 20/30/35/40 seconds (y/dur). [PH]Companions will focus on enemies within the area. Hold to cancel. Only 1 zone can be active at one time.

All 3 can be active at once.

Twisted; but not gone, sedated; but not forgotten, it remembers what it was, it remembers 'who' it was, and it remembers its duty.
Perhaps because this warframe has less infestation than a regular warframe would, the host is still able to retain some of its sanity.

100 energy (y/eff)
Channels for 3 seconds (y/natural talent, animation locked, vulnerable) to summon a specter/clone of warframe (yep its wukong's 1) with specter AI.
[PH]Companion copies your character's mods.
Companion uses its own default primary and melee weapon, but copies warframe's primary and melee mods.
Companion has its own default sentinel that copies companion's base stats and eligible mods.
Sentinel's weapon copies warframe's secondary weapon mods.
Hold to cancel.


Does what a grenade does. It may not be elegant but it works.

Grenade - tap
50 energy (y/eff).
"launch" 1 sticky grenade towards reticle (think Overwatch's Zenyatta) that explodes in 3 seconds to deal 500/1000/1500/2000 aoe damage (y/str) with 30/30/30/30% (y/dur) freeze status (y/str) and no falloff over 5/7/9/10 meters radius (y/range). Can shoot at the grenade to trigger.
If shot with skill1 Empower active, increases damage and range of grenade and adds heat status.

Grenade Cluster - hold
ALL energy (n/eff), only usable wih 50+ energy (y/eff).
Charges for 2.5 seconds (y/natural talent, animation locked, vulnerable) to "launch" 3 sticky grenades with same stats.

[PH]Companion will use the same skill if active.



Edited by Yoruno
edit1: missing detail on companion skill, edit2: again

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The topic of my warframe is agility. The Warframe can run very fast, but his main features is, he/she can blink (teleport) for a short range very fast, like Nightcrawler from X-Men in the films. And when you for example blink to a wall, he/she can jump away from the wall and attack (or go into a wall run). His / Her exalted weapons are laser blade, like a protoss berserker from starcraft. But the range from the blades is very low and the warframe has not many health. So you must keep in motion. "Blink to a enemie, make damage, blink to another enemie, make damage, blink away, and so on..." very fast. The ulti: He/ she is channeling his / her energie, one blade expires and the other grows to a veeeery big blade. Now, the warframe can't blink anymore, the speed is a bit decreased, but the range and damage of the blade is increased. The blade is so hugh, when he / she runs, the blades grinds on the floor. :3

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I've seen a lot of ideas here, most of them are really cool. But I need to toss something from me so here it comes.  Theme dreams, or nightmares.

Oviume (Ovium-sheep in Latin and Yume-dream in Japanese) is a warframe that controls and consumes dreams.
She can manipulate the very fabric of stolen dreams to hurt her enemies and heal her allies.
She is the manifestation of inner fears, a terror itself. And somewhat the opposite of Nekros, he is themed around the fear of death and Oviume is the nightmare that makes you crave the embrace of death instead.

Onto the abilities, I don't know it they will be looked upon but it would be waste not to post them.

Her passive is called Stolen dreams.
With the use of her abilities Oviume collects dream shards. With the set number of those her appearance changes (eyes on her body are opening and her dress starts to look more sinister). Also the more shards she possess the higher chance for attacking enemy to fall asleep. If it occurs one shard is consumed. 1 shards is 1% chance. Max 100 dream shards.

Her first ability is called Bane. (exalted weapon, basically magic)
Oviume summons her powers as a ranged dual weapon (that shoots bolts of energy like magic). With every successful hit with she deals x dmg and gains dream shards. Bane deals tripled dmg to sleeping targets. If Bane is active melee weapons also give you  dream shards and deal bonus dmg to sleeping targets.

Her second ability is called Dreamwell. (fog like umbrella is spreading from the target)
Selected enemy is instantly put to deeps sleep (cannot be awaken until he dies or skill expires.), after that his dreams start to seep out to his surroundings. Every enemy that enters this area is put to sleep and receives x dmg over time and also gives Oviume one dream shard upon entry. Allies that enter dreamwell are healed every half a second and their status effects are removed. (Status effects  can be also transferred to the enemies affected by dreamwell maybe?)
Alternative use: Oviume can use dream shards to rapidly collapse all active Dreamwells to deal massive dmg to all affected enemies. Or spread lingering fog to a larger area.
Enemies attacked by the Bane are not waking up.

Her third ability is called Nightmare. (something like kubrov maybe?)
Oviume consumes a large number of dream shards to summon a powerful beast called Dreamshade. This amalgamation of stolen nightmares follows Oviume and attacks her enemies until it dies. It posses an protective aura that reduces the received dmg for all allies in its range. It also attracts enemies to attack it. Every enemy that is killed by Dreamshade yields two dream shards for Oviume.
Shooting Dreamshade with Bane attacks heals it.

Her fourth ability is called Eternal Rest. (Revenant's old ult but with a twist)
Oviume spreads her dream shards across the battlefield and puts everyone affected to deep slumber. Every enemy consumes one shards.
For the duration of this ability affected enemies cannot be awaken in any means and receive tripled dmg from all sources. (Bane deals six time the dmg)

Alternative fourth ability: Gaze of Terror (nightmare medusa)
Oviume consumes x(20) dream shards and shoots them at the enemies in form of nightmares. (She gazes at them like medusa in form of cone attack) All affected enemies are put under the effect of fear, receive bonus dmg from all sources (and maybe are slowed too) and yield dream shards upon death. Additional effect, enemies that are sleeping receive massive dmg. (on addition to normal effects of this skill)

Here is my concept art, I know that it wont be used but she was created with her look in mind so yeah:


The whole thing can be found on my deviantart, ChaosDominus. (it was here of forum but for some odd reason I can't find it anymore.)

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Posted (edited)

Warframe name: Alaris (Follows early cephalon naming prefix + is a name of roman army units)

Warframe theme: Corrupted / Hunter Warframe (following idea of corrupted mods)

Abilities theme: Temporarily sacrificing one strength for another (lower survivability for buff) + Hunting skills

Backstory theme: Exiled cephalon forced into a Warframe.


Alaab Varis was a hunter. He would often leave his premises trying to find an opponent worth being his trophy. He also used to be an Orokin scientist, tasked with researching alternative methods of dealing with a Sentient threat. As the Old War progressed, the pressure on him grew bigger and bigger. Alaab tried his best, but couldn't deliver satisfying results without using technocyte. Warframes came to existence and Alaab has been sentenced by the Council to be one of the specimens in technocyte experiment as a punishment for his failure. To everyone’s surprise, his body slowly started to disintegrate, rejecting evolution. To carry out his sentence, Orokin decided to copy his mind and transform into a cephalon instead. He would be assigned to research ways of improving Warframe efficiency. Somehow, even with memory restrictors and behavioural spies installed, Cephalon Alaris was still able to fight against his creators and posed a serious threat to The Weave. Orokin, seeing as there is no use of their former scientist, decided to ban Cephalon to live a life of an exile as a Defence System in the Orokin Tower, disconnected from the central communication system, all alone. Didn't take long after the Old War for his new home to get infected by the very thing that cost him his human form. Spending eternity in a personal hell, Cephalon Alaris waited to come back and seek revenge. WIth abundance of technocyte around him and a great but corrupted mind, he would spend his days slowly putting together his new body, one that wouldn’t reject him...


Due to Alaris' self-creation post Old War, it seems that his Prime version is unlikely. Alaris Prime existence would be possible though due to his earlier rejection that was still preserved by the Orokin. As we know, cephalons can be copied. It might be an awful realisation that his copied mind might have been just one of many copies that Orokin created, with one copy being fully succesfull of integrating with Warframe (that was created from his deformed body).

Edited by Wawus
Added name of Warframe + explanation of choice + adnotation of Prime version existence + grammar fix

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Hy first i want to say thanks  for your work and for the fact you are a true gamers for gamers company 

And now my ideea : in railjack misions you birig kuva lich crew  with secializatoin on railjack weapons ,shelds , guner  and  on end game you can build a battle station on railjack  to Control fighters, you louse fighters in misions and you need to resuply them  a carrier kuva lich will provide stronger fighters and  or ceep build the war will between humans Cetus/Fortuna and next planets settlements and santinels and we can use control sistem if  the humans control this sector you recive rewards in resorses if santinels control sector you recive weapons rewards and we can make a join satinels on reputation so we can have this fight  will be a Star wars tipe of game and theno is the jedi :))  Ty for your time hope this helps



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Mahrad the void mage.

Key ideas of the concept:

  • Warframe without arms, unable to use weapons (primary, secondary and melee) [Caster Warframe]
  • Switching to primary, secondary and melee changes the sources of energy. 
  • Whenever he switches "weapons":
    • the energy around his shoulders changes color and shape
    • it changes how his abilities operate (similar to a stance)

(I'm not a designer so I threw a couple of ideas for a possible warframe profiles and story)

Warframe profile (template):

Don't let this armless warframe fool you.
Where once his arms were, now a powerful catalyst to unleash the power of the void over this enemies. 
Mahrad is able to manipulate the power of the void and unleashing a different elements (status) at his enemies. 


Background story (template):

Mahrad was incredibly knowledgeable about the void. He used this knowledge to protect those who he cared about. 
However as his power grew those who once praised him and worshiped him became afraid of its incredible power and devised a plan to imprison this powerful mage.
They would bait the mage to aid and once he arrived they would chain him.

But things didn't went as planned, mad at this betrayal, Mahrad ripped his arms from the chains unleashing the energy of void within him, killing everyone around him.
After calming down and with his arms still hanging from the chains that once trapped him, Mahrad ran as far away as possible exiling himself, to be forever forgotten...

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hope this hasn't been postet yet X)

Fortune teller

Support: He/she could draw tarot cards to distribute random buffs to the party
Attack: throw his/her crystal ball which then explodes and causes random status effects on enemies (burn,corrosion etc.)
Support: Summon a spooky pet that disarms/cripples/bleeds etc. enemies and when cast on allies will support them by negating status effect like bleed/knockdown etc. for a while
Defense: establish an area where spirits will slow down and confuse enemies or use one of these paper fortune teller thingies/tarot cards/an ouija board to determine which effect the area/spirits will have (fear/slow/paralyze/confusion etc.) the area could also have a positive effect to allies.

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Always wanted a Shadow theme Warframe that feels more discrete but dark & deadly at the same time.....

Name: Jin

Sex: Male

Passive: When in shadow/dark area, ability strength increase and ability cost no energy


1, Vanish

Merge into his own shadow on the ground. His speed increase in this form, and can travel as a shadow on the ground, on to the wall, on to the ceiling, and even pass through laser barrier without alerting any alarm. Every second he stays in this form he consume 3 energy. Ability cost affected by efficiency


2, Silence

An AOE ability that cast a shadow on the ground. Shadowy arms will emerge and grab foes within the area and swallow it into the shadow, without leaving a trace, or alerting nearby foes. Foe's armor, shield, energy and health will be consume and transfer to Jin at 20% rate per seconds. When duration runs out, foes will be release back on to the ground, confused. Friends within the area of effect will get benefits of energy, health, shield and armor restoration at a 10% rate. Jin can cast up to 3 zone at max. Range affected by ability range, effectiveness of absorption affect by power strength, and duration of ability affected by ability duration


3, Conclude

Up to 10 shadow-copies of himself split from him, each 5 holding a different weapon when ability is cast (if he is holding his melee when he cast the ability, 5 of the shadows will hold the primary, and the other 5 will hold the secondary, etc etc etc; as he change weapon, the shadows will swap to reflect the changes) Each will pull aggro from foes, as well as auto attack foes within range. The closer Jin to his shadows, the more powerful he is in terms of damage output, and he will gain armor values. Ability strength affected by power strength, duration affected by ability duration, and energy cost affected by efficiency


4, Phantom

Envelop himself and transform into a phantom/ghost like figure, with both his hands transform into dual blades. His sprint speed and attack speed increase, while loosing the ability to use any primary and secondary weapon (his dual hand-blade is his exalted large dual blade) While in this form any incoming damage will be transform into power strength, and any damage taken will consume extra energy. Ability strength affected by power strength, and every second he stays in this form, he consume 5 energy per second. 


There you go...


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A warframe who is a "master" of weapons, or of a single type of weapon, like a sword, dagger etc. The type who would treat weapons as an "extension" of him or herself. Simply, a warframe who can control numerous swords/blades/weapons with their minds or by some sort of skill/ability as their main kit. Even though this has been a popular concept around games, it would be actually awesome to see this in warframe 😄 

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