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Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas!

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I would love to see a warframe who is the emperor of another system who came before the time of the orokin and a hybrid of void and warframe

so basically a tyrant who can use operator abilities along with his normal abilities

has 2 forms, Royal and battle.Hunting and capturing operators is his first priority

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I think it would be interesting a warframe with a theme on the states of matter (gaseous, liquid and solid) and the processes of change from one state to another (fusion, boiling, sublimation, etc ...), I imagined that apparently it could Being an asura where each face represents a different state, for example, the face of joy is the gaseous state, gas / air being the element of freedom and therefore focused on speed, movement and agility, while the face of anger (solid state) in attack / defense and face of grief (liquid state) in cc and aoe

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Posted (edited)

I haven't looked at any other submissions, so it's possible (probable?) that there are similar concepts.

My concept: A textiles themed Warframe. I picture a cyberpunk robot geisha in my mind, with many fabric-like abilities sprawling across the screen.
Playstyle: Battlefield Control, Makes allies stronger. A frame that anyone would be happy to see join their squad.


1. Threads of Hope - The Warframe shoots out fabric from her arms, tethering to nearby enemies and ragdolling them. For a short duration, the Warframe can move around, dragging around any tethered enemies. Ending the ability early will pull any tethered enemies toward the Warframe.

2. Weave - Many long pieces of fabric are strewn across the target area, attaching to walls and other objects, restricting movement of any enemy caught inside for the duration. If there is nothing but the ground for the fabric to attach to, the ability ends after 1 second. Enemies trapped inside the fabric are all 'connected' and any status effects applied to one enemy are applied to them all.

3. Battledress - Target an ally to cast on them, or not at an ally to cast on self. The target of this ability becomes enveloped in a living armor made of tough fabric, which provides damage reduction for the duration. The living armor also tries to protect its wearer by using an unused weapon of the wearer (if the wearer is using guns, the armor uses melee and vice versa.) The living armor is composed of different parts which can be destroyed by enemies by taking damage from certain angles (torso front, torso back, right arm, left arm and legs), the armor is less effective for each component missing. Possible augment mod, the ability affects all allies including self in a small radius.

4. Exalted Warfan - The Warframe conjures a beautiful, but deadly fan. Low base damage, mostly slash damage, low puncture and impact (if at all). High attack speed. Low Critical chance. High Status Chance. Good Range. Excellent blocking angle! Augment mod, gains bonus damage types for each different color used on the warframe.

Passive: Exalted Warfan gains a bonus damage type based on the dominant colors of the warframe. (Cold, Electricity, Heat, Toxin. Maybe Impact, Puncture, Slash too?)


Each ability has synergy with each other ability.
1+2 - use 1 to group enemies together near walls/objects, use 2 to trap them all
1+3 - use 1 to pull enemies closer, 3 can then use melee to hit them
1+4 - use 1 to pull enemies closer, 4 is melee so now you can hit them
2+3 - use 2 to trap enemies, stand inside the Weave so that 3 can hit enemies easily
2+4 - use 2 to trap enemies, status effects applied by 4 will apply to all enemies
3+4 - use 4 as melee so that 3 can use your guns, switch back to a gun so that 3 uses 4!


I took inspiration for the first ability from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSLnZdaJBSk
The second ability is somewhat based on the Web spell from Dungeons and Dragons.

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Fixed some formatting

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Theme at a glance: Caretaker, Team Boost/Self Boost, Transformation

The Caretaker would boost morale and boost abilities wherever they went. They are a representation of the people they fought/fight for. A very simple designed warframe with a “tulip hem tunic” style of armor. Think of a hospital worker; you can recognize them by their simple scrubs, but you know they are there to help. They like being teamed up and boosting abilities of others. This frame also changes “blooms” into a more radiant (more complex) design when they need to go it alone. Think “magical girl” upgrade in both design and power. That boost could help them win a battle if they weren’t with friends. They most want to be there to help, if that is to fill-in or to lead.

Backstory: Coming from a great calamity or perhaps several calamities; war, famine, loss of lifestyle, mass disease, great threats to well-being. Whichever came and happened, this warframe got swept up in it and disappeared. The frame was remembered for being not only a fighter but a caretaker to the people it was sworn to protect. It helped calm comrades in the fight and was seen as a symbol of hope for those it fought for. It was personable. It would be among the people it served. Reaching great bonds and friendships with those people. They also have a pastime of taking care of menial tasks.

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A warframe based on physical activity related fads from the last decades, more specifically, yo-yos, roller skating, and parkour. She would have wheels on her feet and hands - with the ones on her feet allowing her to skate on walls and floor and grind on ziplines as a possible ability or passive, and the ones on her hands doubling as yo-yos for attacking or entangling enemies.

Possible mechanics of this warframe could be - having an ability to add a usable amount of damage to jump kicks and bullet jumps; and granting buffs or filling up a meter for doing “tricks” - finishers and skill-related synergies - or parkour maneuvers, such as wall running.

Going deeper on the imaginative side, her fourth ability could grant her roller skates a hoverboard-like movement set usable on missions, boosting on it would use up energy or a separate meter to leave “turbulence flow lines” that would damage enemies similarly to Nezha’s Fire Walker and double as special speed-granting ziplines that other tenno could use.

(concept by me; art by tatlworks)
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Morpheus: the Lord of Nightmares

Visual & thematic inspirations:
-Middle Eastern/Oriental style sorcerers (e.g. Jafar & Doctor Strange)
-The Cthulhu Mythos
-Classical Greek/Roman God aesthetics, i.e. draped robes/togas
-East Asian painted depictions of clouds

Additional notable inspirations from other video games & media:
-Sheogorath (Elder Scrolls series)
-God Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
-Susanooh (Persona 4)
-The Nightmare/the Great Ones (Bloodborne)
-Emrakul (Magic: the Gathering)

Visual design philosophy:
(Originally I wanted to upload a bunch of my own in-depth concept art sketches here, but due to technical issues I just couldn't get my tablet and laptop to work properly, so it looks like I'll have to provide some poetic descriptions instead and hope they're good enough at getting the desired imagery across.)

Although any final design will of course be up to DE and Eornheit (huge fan of your work, by the way, love your depictions of the Sentients, they're super cool) I will describe my own vision for the warframe's appearance here, along with explanations of the reasoning behind various elements of the design.  Hopefully, it will give further inspiration for the final design if this ends up being accepted.

The visual design of Morpheus is heavily influenced by the depiction of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness from the Elder Scrolls series.  Sheogorath is a godlike entity that embodies Madness in two different aspects: the wildly expressive and creative aspect, known as Mania, and the dark and frightening aspect, known as Dementia.  To represent this, his outfit is split down the middle into two different colors.  Similarly, Morpheus' visual design should also convey the fact that he is a dual-aspected being, who simultaneously embodies both sides of the dreaming world: the pleasantly strange side of Dreams, and the terrifying dark side of Nightmares, for the line between the two can be dangerously thin.  Thus, he has two primary visual aesthetics which are similar but also very different.

The general shape of Morpheus' body silhouette is inspired by the classical artistic depictions of gods: a nude, statuesque figure wrapped in a long robe composed primarily of a single long piece of cloth.  This is what separates the two visual aesthetics mentioned earlier: the "robe" portion is intricate and colorful, almost garish in its coloring.  The "nude" portion beneath it, the nightmarish under layer covered by the bright color and entrancing patterns of daydream, is disturbingly grey and corpse like.  The two aesthetics serve to somewhat divide Morpheus into two "halves", though the dividing line itself spirals and wraps around his body along the curve of the robe instead of being a simple bisection.  I will go into more detail about the two sides later.  First though, let's talk about the head design.

For the existing warframes, great care was put into making sure they had unique silhouettes to help distinguish them in the heat of battle.  A large part of the initial inspiration for Morpheus was rooted in trying to come up with a warframe concept for which a more unconventional and unique silhouette might make sense.  Thus, before Morpheus was Morpheus, the visual design started with establishing an idea for the head.  It was here I first started brainstorming ideas, and well, inspiration suddenly struck me like a bolt out of the blue.

The pun is very much intended, as the head design for Morpheus can be summarized by the following phrase: Brain Storm.  Instead of a traditional head shape, Morpheus' neck splits apart vertically, in a ragged, organic shape.  From within this outer shell, a plumelike shape erupts upward, bubbling over, drifting up and curling back to form the dark shape of a cumulonimbus thundercloud, lit from within by pulsing lightning.  The idea is to evoke the image of someone whose head and neck were split apart by the force of a LITERAL brain storm exploding out the top of their head.  (Yes, this was partially inspired by the Madman's Knowledge and Great One's Wisdom item from Bloodborne)  The combination of brain and storm do not stop here, as the thundercloud is given definition with texture and outlines in the loose and wavy spiral shapes used to stylistically depict clouds in East Asian paintings.  While this gets across the idea of cloud, the many curving, irregular spiral lines pressed against one another also evoke the image of the folds in a brain.  Indeed, one of the early potential concepts for creating this sort of head silhouette was that of a mad scientist, with their immense brains bulging against their skulls and their hair wildly flying every which way.  To help communicate the divine power of Morpheus the image is meant to give the idea of a figure with wild and flowing hair that might in fact not be hair but flame or shadow, being blown upwards by the winds generated from the overwhelming power of his mere presence, blending into the dark sky of the night that he rules.

There is however still more meaning to be found here.  A series of coiling, irregular spirals can represent a cloud, yes, but what happens once you uncoil them?  Imagine those painted clouds unrolling, uncurling, thinning out.  Once you do that, with just the slightest shift in mental perspective, they start evoking a different image.  That of writhing and spasming tentacles, an image deeply entrenched in the Cthulhu Mythos which is practically the epitome of nightmare imagery in modern culture.  This is the central building block of the visual design.

On the parts that might be considered the robe, the cloud spirals are small and tight, like the mane on a Chinese lion statue.  Bright and psychedelic colors clash and intertwine with each other in tones of golden orange, neon green and regal blue.  The spirals occasionally open up into eyelike shapes, as if they were the feathers of a peacock or a Nazar amulet used to ward off the charm of the evil eye.  The edges and hems bloom into plump crests like foam on the edge of a wave.  Overall, the aesthetic is similar to that of the Cumulus skin collection, on a smaller, finer scale.  It sweeps around the neck to form the shape of a cowl, around one shoulder to form a short cape, and down the front and back like dangling bits of cloth on a sorcerer's robe.

The other shoulder, part of the chest, and the legs are bare.  As we move from one side of the body to the other the cloud swirls unravel into tentacles, sprouting from a grey framework resembling the corrupted arboriforms of the Orokin Derelicts, twisted into the deathgrip shape of a Strangler Fig.  Within it are the writhing, eel-like forms of the tentacles, painted in deep and visceral hues of purple and red, the colors of bruised flesh and dried blood.  Tighter twists on what would've been the robe are replaced with gaps in the torso revealing glowing holes that might be eyes, a line of which can be seen emerging from the neck to line the emergent storm cloud.  Tentacles emerging from the withered and incomplete arm twist together into a warped shape resembling a hand.  Those same tentacles take the place of the spiraling cloud crests on the robe, squirming outward to form organic imitations of the collar, cape, and lower robe.  The silhouette of the legs looks as if Morpheus is wearing the sort of baggy and voluminous pants commonly seen in fictional depictions of Arabia, ending at the knees.  Bright swirls of color emerge from the ankles like the winged boots of Hermes, and the tips of the feet curl upward and downward into another spiral shape that changes depending on which side the foot is on.

One final detail: Morpheus has a floating animation set, much like Wisp and Titania.  Currently, the two floating animation sets are on female frames, which comes across in the subtleties of their motions, which is not a bad thing, and is a testament to the skills of the animators, but it does mean it can feel a bit awkward using them on a male frame.  Giving Morpheus a floating stance fits his dream theme and would mean that levitation enthusiasts of all flavors could probably find one stance that's perfect for them.  The Agile stance could be inspired by the poses from Michelangelo's famed Creation of Adam painting, while the Noble stance is more regal and upright.


Gameplay concepts and possible mechanics:
Morpheus is a design I originally came up with in my own time for fun, though I never posted anything about it online until this opportunity presented itself.  He is based on the concept of "dreams" and associated themes, including sleep, night/shadows, illusions, and the mind, and draws heavy inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos, particularly the "Dream Cycle" which deals with a mystical alternate reality known as the Dreamlands that can only be visited by the sleeping mind.  I imagine that Morpheus would play something like a cross between Nyx, Equinox, and Limbo.

When I came up with Morpheus, the initial idea was to have a warframe based on controlling and spreading a sort of "Dream realm".  As master of the Dreamrealm, Morpheus can spread his domain, overwriting nearby space with an alternate reality that is entirely under his control, and within it he is, as implied by his namesake, like unto a god.  Given the recent lore implications about the breaching of the Veil, this warframe concept seems rather fitting and timely, but it's entirely by coincidence, or rather, serendipity.  Anyway, the point is that the final design of Morpheus would ideally have a mechanic related to spreading the Dreamrealm, similar to Limbo's Rift.  Alternatively, there could be some sort of resource similar to Nidus' Mutation stacks or Saryn's Plague counter, related to using your abilities on enemies and exerting your dominion over them by putting them to sleep, which powers up your ultimate ability that involves manifesting the Dreamrealm proper.

The second major driving idea behind Morpheus was the exploration of a mechanic that technically exists in the game but has gotten no real focus: the light/shadow mechanic.  Currently, it is used in Mirage's Eclipse ability which grants a different buff depending on whether you're standing in the light or shadow.  It is noticeably missing from Equinox, a frame where the implementation of a light/shadow mechanic would've been a perfectly fit thematically, what with the Day/Night and Yin/Yang theme.  I always thought it would be interesting to see the mechanic explored further, since the tech already exists to detect whether you're in the light or shadow.  My first idea was the possibility of having a Warframe ability that allows you to travel at extremely high speed while being invisible and invulnerable by melting into the shadows, but limited by the fact that you could only move in the shadows while it was active; any light would become an impassable barrier.  I also originally had the idea that Morpheus, as Ruler of the Night, would be one half of a warframe duo designed around further exploring the light/shadow mechanic, but in the end only Morpheus got any real fleshing out.  I also decided that the two warframes should have something in their kits to prevent them becoming useless due to overdependence on the mechanic, so they would need a way to artificially spread light/shadow.  The idea was that Morpheus could fire a line of shadow along the ground, to bridge the gap between shadowed areas and let him move in areas considered to be light.  This wound up becoming the Dreamrealm, which would always count as shadow in addition to its other properties.  Eventually the whole light/shadow thing faded down as well in favor of expanding the "dream" theme instead, but I feel there's some potential there if DE wants an opportunity to flesh out the mechanic, and if they don't, they can ignore it in favor of the already robust dream theme.

Third, sleep.  There's multiple warframes in game already with some way to put enemies to sleep, and adding another warframe capable of interacting with sleeping enemies in a new way can create some interesting gameplay synergies.  Since Morpheus is the Lord of Nightmares, he could have a powerful ability that only affects sleeping enemies, like how Pokemon has the move Dream Eater which does massive damage but only works on sleeping targets.  This might not be that great on its own, but pair him with Equinox or Baruuk and things would really take off.  It could create some interesting new builds for those warframes.

Later, I also got the idea of setting up totems, which have been associated with dreams in a variety of definitions, influenced by the movie Inception.  Morpheus could either create Totems from thin air similar to how Wisp can create her pods, or convert a sleeping enemy into a Totem like Garuda's Blood Altars.  The Totems would then act as node points for Morpheus' influence, copying casts of his other abilities against nearby enemies, taunting and/or sleeping enemies that approach, or creating a circular area of Dreamrealm around them, in combination with Morpheus' other abilities.

Finally is the idea of a "Nightmare Form" that Morpheus can transform into to drastically increase his combat potential, his equivalent to an Exalted Weapon, representative of how a pleasant dream can suddenly turn into a nightmare.  As an example of a possible implementation, the Nightmare form would be a shadowy, monstrous, legless specter of Morpheus composed of dark energy, armed with wickedly curved claws.  It would be capable of moving at incredible speed and dealing massive damage across wide areas with sweeping swipes, appearing to teleport around the area, leaving no escape for hapless foes.  Similarities to Rell from the Chains of Harrow quest are intentional.  However he would only be capable of moving within the Dreamrealm, or perhaps be tethered to his immobile body with the ability to teleport to other Dream Totems.  It should be mentioned here that the visual indicator for an enemy that has been converted into a Dream Totem is the presence of the Nightmare Form hovering above it, which is also what taunts nearby enemies into attacking it.  It could also manifest as a shadowy specter floating behind the warframe.  You know, like some kind of Stand.

In Summary, Potential Gameplay Mechanics:
-Spreading the Dreamrealm
-Light/Shadow based mechanics
-Sleep, and unique interactions with sleeping enemies
-Creating Dream Totems that offer area control and/or duplicate/synergize with other abilities
-Nightmare Form AKA a Jojo reference

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1. Nature/infested Themed Warframe (female frame)

Ability based on air, water, earth, and infested. Air, water, earth orbs will rotate 45 degree from her body, ability casts will be from the orb. The infested ability will come from the gem in her chest. Her body is like nidus, composed of infested (I want wood but I heard warframe is a unique infested) with dark purple color, her hands and feet composed of earth with white ash color. She will have exposed vein like water flowing with blue color. She will get air ephemera (wind with leaf blowing) exclusive for her, like khora with her syandana.

Ability description is WIP, presently it's like wisp first ability, too defensive but a bit useless.


2. Orokin Themed warframe (male frame) (overpowered)

This frame I call him 'emperor'. You will get this frame by completing story/quest.

Story: He is originally an orokin council of highest order, he is very smart, his morality can be either bad, good, and neutral, mainly neutral. When the tenno judged by the council, some of them want them die, the rest want them as a front soldier in war or personal slave soldier. But this neutral council took pity of them and said 'let them live, train them, and let them become our soldier'. Because of his opinion is always different from other council, he is hated by the rest of his peer. He is later betrayed by his peer in the war of sentient, framed him, and tortured by becoming a warframe like excalibur umbra.

Apperance (WIP): He is like equinox but with three form. His color mainly black and white. 1st form is star themed, it's his neutral form. 2nd form is sun themed, it's his offensive form. 3rd is moon form, it's his defensive form

Ability (Very WIP): He can have sentience by casting his first ability, split into three, with duration, like umbra. He has his own weapons, like garuda. The star will have dual machine pistol with secondary of shotgun blast, The sun will have automatic rifle with secondary become semi-auto with increased zoom, The moon will have Twin sword that can become greatsword if combined. He has uniqueness; He can talk, commenting the tenno in the game. His personality is like a king albeit with a hint of arrogance and supremacy.

I planned the abilities to depends on the mods used. It's no matter if your strength, duration, efficiency, and radius is more or less than 100%, it still useful. So, a headache in modding.

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Before the old war, they're machines built the cities and towers.

During the war they built the strongholds and the fortresses.

Now they stand ready once more.

Upon what foundation will you stand tenno.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Totem


Harrow is one of my favorite frames to play because while his kit is incredibly powerful, none of his abilities deal direct damage. The Chained Clergyman is capable of shredding mooks by overclocking his guns and sustaining allies by shredding mooks, all without a single point of his energy dealing damage. With Totem, let's accomplish something similar, using resources picked up from slain enemies to fuel abilities that empower his allies and disable his enemies.


[Read this in Ballas' prime trailer voice] "A mentor of mine once told me 'If you want control a person, use a weapon. If you want to control a people, use an icon'. Totem is that icon."

Here is an album of aesthetic inspiration, drawing from South Asian mythos (and yes, the multi-armed thing is important): https://imgur.com/a/d0QtUFw

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Posted (edited)

Legios, The Battlefield Commander: Encourages teamwork and functions a lot with the Affinity share distance. Logistical support and Buffs. Inspires other frames to do better.

Example: Could take the strongest stat of each warframe loadout in the group (range efficiency strength duration) and grants a percentage of the difference to the other frames in order to positively standardise the group. Deploy Walls to control the flow of the battlefield.

Image commissioned for this concept. Artwork by Hagglefish (Kinda NSFW)

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Posted (edited)

Aria is a siren-mermaid themed Warframe

Aria is uniquely designed to fit into the lore and nature of sirens as much as possible, as such, her passive reflects how vindictive she can be when her targets are capable of resisting her song. And just how powerful and angry she can be if they are even capable of resisting her allure so much that she dies.


As sirens are usually seductive and alluring, Aria’s abilities will revolve around sound, singing with mist for an aquatic or sea-like effect seeing that most sirens were associated with the sea.


Heavily based on lore and the concept of an Aquatic temptress, one wholly capable of survival and fatal damage to her enemies

Shrouded mist and with aquatic tones, her appearance is one that is ethereal and mysterious with a hint of the warrior the Tenno are known for


Her kit would draw heavy influence from singing and alluring/enchanting her targets and also buffing her allies with her song. She would also be able to sway or cause enemies to be more devoted to her, making them slaves for her purpose.

Unaware enemies are susceptible to high damage and are easy to finish off

Aria is known to consume her enemies and as such doing finishers to enemies will give her a benefit and also increase her Allure and captivating air. This empowers her and her allies but cripples her enemies.

As a siren, who is capable of controlling targets by song, Aria becomes enraged by targets that are capable of damaging her and ultimately killing her, releasing a scream upon death as a last ditch effort to take her enemies with her.


Her true power comes from her primordial state where she changes into her full sea form with razor sharp fins and a tailfin. She also has the benefit of using her Harp as a master musician to attack from range. Or she relishes ripping into her enemies up close.




Closely revered by the inhabitants of the Uranus open world as a protector from Tyl's forces and the carnivorous wildlife that exist in its depths.

It is said that Aria's song calms the beasts and they see her as the top predator... 

All except for one... 



This is Aria. The Siren… The Mist…

True to myth, Aria strikes fear into the hearts of all those who hear her song. Killing enemies to enhance her Allure, granting her further increase to herself and her abilities.

With Veritas, Aria releases a song, judging all those who are hit by its wave. Enemies hit are briefly stunned, receiving damage over time and two targets are turned into healing thralls. Allies within range are restored health by the mist the enemies emit, and granted bonus movement speed and damage resistance when hit. If hit, Aria is cured and immune to status effects, gaining an aura that also heals allies and damages enemies.

Misty Deluge spawns a cloud of mist that engulfs an area of Aria’s choosing, providing cover for herself and her allies. Enemies entering the cloud are lulled into a false sense of security by her song, receiving fatal damage over time. Any alerted enemy will continue to be pacified while within the mist. Allies entering the mist will regain much needed energy overtime, and are granted status immunity. While within the cloud, Aria’s Allure allows for an increase in the damage the enemies receive and Aria gains 10 energy when they die.

Fatale allows Aria to summon a misty mirage of herself which stores the damage it receives. Enemies hearing her Fatale song will be drawn in, with those closing in on the clone receiving damage overtime by the cool mist. Upon deactivation, the clone explodes violently, impaling and damaging all enemies within the mist’s wave.

Embrace your dormant power, Aquaria awakens Aria’s primordial state. Gaining a fin, Aria becomes a true terror of the sea. Tear through enemies with your ancient rage, moving too fast for the eyes to see. Or attack from afar with your harp, stunning and blasting enemies with sound and condensed water. Aria’s presence also causes fatal damage to weak enemies who close in on her, increasing with her Allure.

Aria is vindictive Tenno, when damaged Aria can regain health and energy by ending her attackers with finishers. If she is struck down, Aria releases a death scream, inflicting all those who hear insane damage from her rage.

Aria is a grace or terror on the battlefield Tenno… Where do you stand? Can you brace her song?

Image/concept Art: https://twitter.com/RoKelly6/status/1240692347890876416?s=09

Edited by Ro-Phoenix12
Adding link to images for concept
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Maybe like a warframe that has been long lost, and maybe even a warframe quest is to bring them back from a ancient orokin vault? or maybe an abandoned grineer base? 

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make a recycle warframe that has a primary weapon that absorbs enemy armor health shields to then shoot it like ammo( depending of the faction armor ,health and shield most absorb it would a different bonus type damage)like a junk jet but the ammo but a vaccum system to recharge using the enemy.

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Posted (edited)

It’s hard to settle on a single idea. Warframe has pulled from so many sources and though I’d love to see an expansion on Egyptian and African themes, a were-beast, and a summoner , there’s one idea that I’m particularly interested in. Nezha and Wukong pulled from Chinese mythology and there are some other aspects of Chinese culture that could make for a very interesting Warframe.

I haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but this warframe would be themed after Chinese neigong or internal martial arts such as baguazhang, tai chi, and qi gong practices. Additionally, it would be awesome to see the inclusion of calligraphy. I’m thinking something along the lines of internal martial arts principles such as receptivity and absorption with qualities of Inque from Batman Beyond and Taoist talismans and seals. There are a ton of awesome names from these martial arts that can be drawn on for abilities i.e. Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain.

I am running late on this submission so I’m going to have to cut it shorter than I planned, but I’ve included a video of the main teacher of my tai chi lineage just to demonstrate some form that might be included in the final design/abilities.


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Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas with us! It was a pleasure to read your ideas for lore and admire your art.

We have reviewed all of your submission and chosen the Top 10 Warframe Theme ideas. Design Council voting has begun and closes on Thursday, March 26! The theme with the most votes will become the next community-created Warframe.

Here are the Top 10 Themes:

  • Calligraphy: "A vision of a monk and a scholar, deadly yet sophisticated."
    • Submitted by JareeZy
  • Hive: "Hosts a swarm of bloodthirsty flying swarm insects seeking enemies to feast upon."
    • Submitted by xX_ReiMar_Xx
  • Broken Warframe: "It's obviously not put together correctly and it's pretty much the epitome of making a bug a feature."
    • Submitted by eaterofstorms
  • Morpheus: "Based on the Greek god of sleep and dreams."
    • Submitted by JONNY_AFRO_
  • Falconer: "A falconer based Warframe from Cetus, that has a companion, like Khora, that is a condroc."
    • Submitted by DerpasaurasRex0
  • Ballerina: "A ballerina based frame, dancing majestically over the battle field."
    • Submitted by Jarranna
  • Ghost in the Machine: "Based around the idea of hacking, setup and data transfer."
    • Submitted by Sekan
  • Arawn, King of Annwn: "Believed to set the Cŵn Annwn loose to hunt mundane creatures." This Warframe's Cŵn Annwn would be a Kubrow, a spectral hound.
    • Submitted by Avenka
  • Kamaitachi: Japanese yokai beast that rides devilish winds and attacks people with limbs like that of a sickle or razor.
    • Submitted by Salenstormwing & AmdorElensar
  • Gargoyle: A stone monster believed to frighten away evil spirits.
    • Submitted by Horizon Ultima
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The winning theme is Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

Community artist, Eornheit has received the theme and is now designing the next community-created Warframe. Once it's ready, we'll share the final design here:

We're looking forward to seeing everything come together!

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