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Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas!

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Ability ideas have already been thought about.
But I do not have the skills to design or create skins.

Please contact us if you are interested in new ability ideas.



And I don't speak English.Even now, I translated it with Google Translator and posted it.



가스타입 워프레임
체력 : 100
방어력 : 50
쉴드 : 200
에너지 : 150
이동속도 : 1.3

Gas Type Warframe
vitality : 100
Defense: 50
Shield: 200
Energy: 150
Movement Speed: 1.3

1 질식가스 : 목표 지점에 질식가스를 방출하는 투사체을 투척
                (동시발현 투척 불가능)

                 //개조 모드 : 아군 무기에 가스속성 을 부여 

                 위력 : 능력의 위력 및 동시 발현 수량 증가
                 범위 : 능력의 범위
                 지속 : 능력이 발현되는 시간
                 효율 : 사용시 소모되는 에너지량이 감소

1 smother gas: throw a projectile that emits smother gas to the target
                 (It expresses only one)                  
                 // Remodeling Mode: Gives gas attribute to allied weapons                 
Power: Increases the power of the ability and the amount of simultaneous expression                  
Ability Range: Range of Abilities                  
Duration: Activated Ability Time                
Efficiency: Reduced energy consumption


2 부패가스 : 인근 적들이 죽은 사체를 부패시켜 , 가스 구름 생성하고 가스에 노출된 적은 적은 피해및 이동속도 저하 
                  //개조모드 : 부패가스에 영향 받은 적들에 대한 치명타 확률이 증가

                 위력 : 가스 구름 피해 및 이동력 -% 상승
                 범위 : - (범위치 고정)
                 지속 : 가스 구름 활성화 최대시간과 70% 이하일시 효율에 영향
                 효율 : 도트타입 능력 /사용시마다 소모에너지량

2 Corrupt Gas: Nearby enemies rot dead bodies, creating a cloud of gas, and causing less damage and
                    slower movement to enemies exposed to the gas.
                   // Remodeling Mode: Increases critical strike chance for enemies affected by Corrupt Gas

                  Power: Gas Cloud Damage and Mobility-%
                  Ability Range:-(Range Fixed)
                  Duration: Maximum gas cloud activation time and less than 70% efficiency effect
                  Efficiency: Dot type ability / Energy consumption per use

3 착란가스[Mental destruction] : 주변에 가스를 방출하고, 이동시 일정시간 공기중에 남는 잔류된 가스에 적용되면 , 
                적들이 착란되어 서로 공격하거나 , 아무것도 없는 공간에 공격하며 돌아다닌다.

                 위력 : 상태이상 걸릴 확률 상승
                 범위 : 기본 몸주변 / 범위 확대
                 지속 : 일정시간동안 능력 활성화 // 지나온 가스의 잔류 체재시간
                 효율 : 사용 소모에너지량 감소

3 Destruction gas (Mental destruction): When it is applied to the gas remaining in the air for a certain time when it is released and 

moves around,Enemies are confused and attack each other, or roam around in an empty space.

                  Power: Increased chance to take over
                  Ability range: Basic body periphery / range expansion
                  Duration: Activates ability for a certain period of time // Residual residence time of past gas
                  Efficiency: Reduced energy consumption

4 마비가스(무거운 가스) : 워프레임을 중심으로 가스가 퍼지며, 일대 적들을 마비 시켜 행동불능
                 위력 : - (위력치 고정)
                 범위 : 확산 최대 범위
                 지속 : 능력 지속 시간
                 효율 : 사용 소모에너지량 감소(능력 사용 에너지소모가 많음)
                 ※ 기계류는 적용받지않음

4-1 paralyzed gas (heavy gas): gas spreads around the warframe, paralyzing the enemies to inaction
                  Power:-(Power not applied)                  
                  Ability range: Maximum spread range                  
                  Duration: Ability Duration                  
                  Efficiency: Reduction of energy consumption (high energy consumption)                  
                  ※ Machinery is not applicable

   착화가스(가벼운 가스) : 워프레임을 중심으로 가스가 퍼지며, 화염속성 무기로 공격시 착발되어 가스가 연소되어 폭발피해
                 위력 : 연소폭발 데미지 상승
                 범위 : 확산 최대 범위
                 지속 : 능력 지속 시간
                 효율 : 사용 소모에너지량 감소(능력 사용 에너지소모가 적음)
                 ※ 폭발시 기계타입에 큰피해 및 넉백
                    가스가 퍼지는 도중에 인근에 화염 개체가 있는경우 강제 캔슬 및 착발

4-2 Ignition gas (light gas): Gas spreads around the warframe, 
                                   and when it is attacked with a flame-type weapon, it is fired and the gas is burned to explode.

                  Power: Increased combustion explosion damage
                  Range: Diffusion Maximum Range
                  Duration: Ability Duration 
                  Efficiency: Reduction of energy consumption (less energy consumption)

                  ※ Major damage and knockback to mechanical type during explosion
                  Forced cancellation and commencement if there are flame objects nearby while gas is spreading

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Posted (edited)

Personally I think a Gladiator themed frame would be AWESOME! we as a community would have so many ability options to choose from, based all on what gladiators were capable of and the designers would have so many different gladiator types to choose from. PLEASE help this historical killing machine enter the game, if not for the theme then so we can simply type in game chats things like "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" or "I'M SPARTACUS!" I know I'm not the only one who would love this please lets make it happen.

Edited by Therias

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I would enjoy to see a a jack-of-all-trades type warframe. One who can use abilities that their teammates have but also be able to have separate abilities that they come with so they are viable in solo play.

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Theme: Bosons and/or Fermions

Context to further explain my point: bosons and fermions are two classes of subatomic particles. Fermions are the ones which follow the Pauli exclusion principle (i.e. no two can be in the same state) and bosons do not obey this.

I was thinking something a long the lines where fermionic abilities could force their targets into different states and bosonic abilities would condense their targets into the same state. 

Some examples: I know it's not time for abilities yet but the following are only here for illustration purposes. Take these with a grain of salt.

- Fermionic: only one team-mate can be down at one time (since the "down" state becomes occupied)

- Bosonic: for a group of entangles enemies, damage dealt would be distributed among all of them (to condense them into the same "state")

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An Outcast, Not By Margulis , But The Other Zariman Child.
A Shadow , Lurk Within Him , Slowly Corruptting His Fragile Mind


"Who Are You? What Do You Want From Me?"

**Aww, Don't Be So Cautious Toward Me My Dear Host.I'm Just Another You After All**

"....Host? Another Me?"

**It Doesn't Matter For Now.(giggle)**

"Then... What Do You Want From Me?"

**Do You Desire POWER?**

Solus, Master Of The Light , Hunter In The Dark, Two Souls One Vessel. Solus Is A Frame That Offer 3 Diffrent Form Which Each Got Their Own Unique Playstyle. Be It Support , Single Target Dps , Or Even Tank, He Alone Can Cover Up All The Roles As Long As You Can Execute His Skill With Precision And Strategic 


Hello everyone ! This is my first try coming up with a new warframe theme.My idea might sound a lot edgy for some people buy i still wanna give it a try. I had already done his skill set (which might sound very confusing to some people) but since this time it only needed theme so i will not post the skillset here.Sorry for my bad english in advance





I hope i have a drawing tablet so i could summit the concept art too 😞

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We have mechanics music (Octavia), mechanics light and shadow (Mirage), Kuva and dat ass Wisp's.
Why will be not connect it all in female warframe in the Scandinavian theme, wich will kill all enemies to music from DOOM or Hellblade 2 trailer?
On lore it warframe will be one of most successful prototype, but prototype, because it most rage than Valkyr and most pain then Excalibur Umbra!
Also it warframe will be has familiar Wolf (how familiar cat  Khora) with wich the warframe will be very strong emotional link (my idea in that what this link you can use when will be creating spells warframe).

My English is not very good, so under the spoiler the original is in Russian.


У нас есть механика музыки (Октавия), механика света и тени (Мираж), Кува и офигенная задница Висп.
Почему бы не соединить все это в женском варфрейме в скандинавской тематике, который будет убивать всех врагов под музыку из трейлера DOOM или Hellblade 2?
По лору этот варфрейм будет одним из самых удачных прототипов, но лишь прототипом, потому что в нем больше ярости чем в Валькире и больше боли чем в Умбре!
Также это варфрейм будет иметь суммона волка (как суммон кошки у Коры) с которым у варфрейма будет очень сильная эмоциональная связь (моя идея в том, что вы сможете использовать эту связь, когда будете создавать способности варфрейма).


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A warframe themed after 60s/70s Sci-Fi or the Apollo missions would be cool. 
You could even just call him Apollo.

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Realistically? I would want to make a Warframe that has a different movement style and give us more lingering CC.

Let me be straight: I love Warframe Movement at times. I really do...I desperately want there to be 'Wall Running' instead of this skipping bit we have, but hey, I like not having the old Wall Run Time we used to have. But ever since Titania I always wanted a more 'Flying/Hovering' Warframe that you intentionally tried to stay out of Melee With. Maybe this could be an experimental Corpus Proxy that was stolen by Tenno and altered to fit their needs. A support frame that manipulates the battlefield to assist its allies and, in a very corpus manner, uses some of the most annoyingly useful items.

The first power I would think we should get a decent offensive option: Turrets. Having a basic A.I. it shoots at the nearest enemies first and expands its seeking range out from there with a line of sight. Affected by Duration, Power Strength, and Efficiency. These Turrets are treated as Exalted Weapons sharing Primary (Rifle) Mods. Make it a balance of Critical Chance and Status Chance. But in all honesty, I think it would make more sense as a Status-based one as the Corpus tend to want to 'Fight Smarter' and would want to inflict status on us with the new toy we stole from them.

The second Power I think it would be more useful to allow a kind of area of denial or CC. So maybe pulse mines similar to the Corpus Units where it does a small amount of damage in pulses with a cold proc of sorts to slow the enemy down in the set space you set it up. Affected by Range, Duration, Strength, and Efficiency I think they would be a useful tool and give us another kind of 'Lingering Crowd Control' that really is only seen with Vauban.

Third Power is where I think that we should really look into a defensive option for the Tenno that could be useful for the team as a whole in some situations: Shield Barricades. Much like a Volt you can set up a shield you can shoot through that is similar to the Atlas Wall where it can block the enemies from entering the area. However, unlike both they have a regenerating Health Pool so if they don't take too much damage they instead can recharge themselves. If destroyed they have a set time limit before they reactivate and attempt to charge back up to full. Power Strength does the Shield Strength and a small amount of additional damage reduction, Range doesn't affect the power, duration decreases the time between Shield Recharge, and Efficiency is...Well, as to be expected. Only four can be deployed at any given time.

The fourth power does pose some problems. I do think that it shouldn't be a surprise that I think it should be some kind of annoying defense you could use against them. But I think a barrier that slows enemies and projectiles shot into its radius. Much like the Moa Bubble I think it would be useful in some situations as it is another lingering Crowd Control that is centered on the Warframe itself. When this power is deactivated it activate a vacuum effect in a similar manner to a Mag Pull or Vauban Vortex Pull. Maybe when you activate it the bubble ragdolls and throws enemies away as well to allow you to hard CC smaller rooms of enemies. Range affects the area it can slow and the range the pull/push affects, duration and efficiency affects the energy Drain of the power, Strength affects the slow that can be in effect on the enemies and projectiles that come into the area.

I do think that this entire 'Frame' Idea would work well to give us an annoying 'Lingering Control' Frame that could be useful to the team at large for defensive and survival maps while being decent enough mobile support for offensive maps. It would synergize well with weaker/Squishy frames where it slows down enemies, gives them some 'safe' locations to shoot from, and allows you to control a small area as your own little corner while giving you some additional protection from projectile-based attacks as you can now avoid the attack. The movement would be more unique as it would feel more like a flying drone (Shift and cntrl to control height, wasd to control direction) and the support it could bring would be useful in my opinion. Although, I do admit for Fashion Framers it might be frustrating as the design may have a humanoid upper half but have thrusters instead of legs to keep it floating.

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A Warframe that embodies the symbol of leadership. 

This idea is to piggy back off of some other earlier posts relating to shields, phalanx's formations, summoners, and armies. 

I would love to see an idea like this come to life in the universe of Warframe. Where among all the Warframes there is a leader that rules by his right hand. He puts his allies first before himself/herself. In the thrill of battle summoning soldiers to enhance allies attacks, or to simply fight alongside them against massive numbers, or even become shields from overwhelming force. The leader will control the battlefield with good management of his/her soldiers in regards to where they decide to place the soldiers, which ally to follow, the different type of soldiers ( Spear soldiers, Shield soldiers, Sniper Soldiers, and Honor Guards ) being used depending on the objective of the mission. 

I believe the reason why Phalanx's formations, summoners, and armies has been a popular idea is because of players having a feeling of company. Throughout missions almost every other player is at a different side of the map or you might be playing solo. Being able to fight in an area knowing you have allies creates a very nice feeling. ( This may also help with Railjack missions for solo players. ) Not only that, missions in Warframe tend to have overwhelming numbers of enemies. Being able to see soldiers fight against enemies creates a completely different tone, and style of gameplay that existing Warframes don't deliver. 

Nekros, Atlas, Inaros, Umbra, and Nyx have some sort of way of summoning allies, or creating allies. Nekro's in this case can summon an army of the dead units he's killed. Atlas can summon two rock brawlers to fight alongside him. Inaros consumes enemies that he traps to turn them into sand soldiers.


Umbra is able to be alive while in operator mode.

Nyx is capable of turning enemies against each other. I'm looking to add a Warframe that can summon his OWN soldiers. ( THIS MIGHT BE A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO ADD STORY TO THE DEX SKINS, ARSENAL. ) 

EXAMPLES: ( I know that this post isn't about abilities but it's always nice to have examples to better visualize the character as a whole. 

1st Ability: Dex Spear Soldiers - Place a soldier on an ally or in a zone. If placed on an ally, they will follow the player cleaving at nearby enemies. If placed in a zone, the soldier will protect the zone. 

2nd AbilityDex Shield Soldiers - Place a soldier on an ally or in a zone. If placed on an ally, they will follow the player shield bashing, and protecting from incoming attacks. ( Stackable, 3 soldiers on an ally can create a phalanx formation. ) If placed in a zone, the soldiers will act like a barrier keeping enemies out while shoving enemies back. 

3rd Ability: Dex Snipers - Place a soldier on an ally or in a position. If placed on an ally, they will follow the player firing at faraway targets. If placed into a position the soldier will fire from faraway at which target it can hit. 

4th Ability: Dex Honor Guards - 4 Honor Guards fall beside "Crown" as they wield swords and shields to protect the leader but also charge straight into combat. 

These abilities can be adjusted to create a very dynamic play style that can best benefit the different types of roles.

Supports will have more protection as they support their teammates. 

Tanks will have more of a reason to charge in head on.

This can also help boost protection to Warframes who do not have a lot of survival abilities. 

Besides, the New War is upon us. We should face the Sentient Armada with an army of our own. 


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I always wanted to see a support Warframe with the theme of a guardian angel mixed with the Phoenix bird, protecting other warframes by taking the damage they get instead and when you die you get back up like a phoenix, obviously they time you get should be limited or otherwise balanced, essentially I want to see something similar to how effective Trinity is as a Support.  

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I would like to see warframe in the style of Kitsune ( nine- Tailed Fox). 
In mythology, she is quite a famous character. And from its mythology, you can already make abilities. For example, it could grow tails (Up to 9) increasing its characteristics.

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Shadow/Vampire frame similar to nightstalker in dota. Stronger in darkly lit areas/night on the plains his abilities gain additional affects in the dark and are slightly weaker in the light.

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I would like to see Warframe for a long time - a spider that will entangle its target.  That he would have spider legs and he could last longer or stay on the wall forever.  The design should be streamlined with some notches, so that this warframe is female and has a separate improvement in spider legs.  There is also an idea about a warframe that embodies military power in all its extent.  He will look like a soldier in uniform similar to the terrestrial officer uniform, and will have a rocket launcher on his shoulder, which, when needed, can be activated and will be improved separately.  All so stately and strict, mourning for the dead and merciless to enemies.  That's all.  Sorry, my English is not very good.

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Tout d'abord, Bonjour!

J'aimerai vous proposer une idée de Warframe sur une base de 2-en-1 : 

- Design / Gameplay : Warframe femme, avec sur elle, une araignée, ne faisant qu'un (un peu comme pour Chroma), à ceci près, que c'est "l'Araignée" qui à eue les pouvoirs, et la "frame", n'est que l'hote. L'araignée vient s'enroulée sur le corps de l'hôte formant une armure.

- Capacités : 

1 : Fait apparaître des cocons ou enferme des ennemis dans des cocons
2 : Consomme les cocons, et fait apparaître des petites araignées (comme les larves de Nidus), qui attaquent les ennemis, pouvant les contaminer à leur tour, en les transformant en cocons
3 : Créer une Toile immobilisante (pouvant bloquer une porte, ou au sol, pour ralentir voir stopper les ennemis
4 : Sépare les deux entités : Hote - Utilise les armes (Similaire au clone de Wukong, reste proche de son araignée) / Araignée : Projection d'acide pour dissoudre les ennemis.

Pour l'histoire :

Lors de sa création, l'hôtesse devait muter vers une toute autre forme.

Une expérience sur d'autres formes de vie, similaire à des araignées s'est échappée d'un laboratoire, et, est venue se refugiée près de celle qui devait devenir une Warframe.

Au final, en parasitant son hôtesse, celle-ci à absorber l'infestation, mutée, et c'est elle qui à obtenue ces pouvoirs, qui permet d'avoir ce lien symbiotique avec son hôtesse, ainsi que ces capacités d'araignées augmentées.

C'est ainsi qu'en formant ce duo, elles ont pu échapper au contrôle de leurs créateurs, et se former à diverses techniques de combat.


First of all, Hello! 

I would like to offer you an idea of Warframe on a 2-in-1 basis: 

- Design / Gameplay: Warframe woman, with a spider on her, being one (a bit like for Chroma), except that it is "the Spider" who had the powers, and the " frame ", is just the host. The spider is wound on the body of the host forming an armor.
- Capacities: 

    1: Spawn cocoons or enclose enemies in cocoons 
    2: Consumes the cocoons, and makes appear small spiders (like the larvae of Nidus), which attack the enemies, being able to contaminate them in their turn, by transforming them into cocoons 
    3: Create an immobilizing Canvas (which can block a door, or on the ground, to slow or even stop enemies 
    4: Separate the two entities: Host - Use weapons (Similar to Wukong's clone, stay close to his spider) / Spider: Acid spray to dissolve enemies.

For the story:

When it was created, the hostess had to mutate to a completely different form.

An experiment on other forms of life, similar to spiders escaped from a laboratory, and came to take refuge near that which was to become a Warframe.

In the end, by parasitizing its hostess, it absorbs the infestation, mutated, and it is she who has obtained these powers, which allows this symbiotic link with her hostess, as well as these increased spider capacities. .

This is how by forming this duo, they were able to escape the control of their creators, and train in various combat techniques.



Credits Image : No idea for artist, found on Google 😕 Sorry.87b16dfada66d6db2639aabb02ff2afd.jpg

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Posted (edited)


Been trying to decide on the design/texture of the frame. But basically this is my idea for a destructive volcanic blast theme frame. Spent the last 6 months trying to figure out if he should be rocky or more smooth, maybe like a shiny black obsidian. Figured just leave half rocky and the other half open to imagination. 

Kind of picturing him having a background revolving around being used to seal a raging volcano and ends up remaining dormant for a long time till Vay Hek awakens him in the Plains. 

Was thinking the name Perses as in the Titan God of Destruction. There are other skins I’ve pictured for him, like looking like he is made from a molten scrap factory. But only one submission is allowed and too much to draw. 

Not trying to list abilities but his main kit is about causing destruction around him and buffing mostly melee damage. Basically every step he takes leaves destruction in his wake. Something different from nuking maps or run-and-shoot tactics. And with self damage being removed being able to turn bullets into explosives would be a nice addition. 

I plan to remake an older post with the latest pic and changes to his kit. 

Edited by (PS4)chris1pat8twins
Added more details.

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Ekdromos: Tank/DPS Hybrid frame based on the Hoplite elite units called Ekdromoi. Armed with Javelin, shield and sword. Multi mode frame similar to Equinox/Chroma. (really rough sculpt)

Design cues from the Greek hoplite: Maned helm with cheek guards. Chest plate armor, bracers and greaves. Traditional skirting. Minotaur'esque lower body features play on mythology for grounding the concept with historical/mythological tones. The skirting also plays as a tail and the hooved feet give an aggressive stance furthering the idea of charging the enemy. (DPS stance). Possible weapons to include: Javelin or spear, shield, and short sword. (Falcata, Kopis, Makhaira)

Modes: (could be like Chroma, energy dictates the stance. Full tank: powers 1-4 protection based. Full DPS: powers 1-4 offensive based. Hybrid Tank/DPS: powers 1-2 and 3-4 split, two from tank and two from DPS) 
Tank stance: More armor/shields, slower movement speed, powers shield himself and allies (bubbles/walls/armor-shield linking/damage absorption from allies) ie: protector role, which is the idea of the Phalanx. Spear and shield bonus's (Similar to Excals bonus with swords)
DPS stance: Less armor/shields, increased movement and attack speed. Shifts from protection to assault type powers. Harder hitting melee, Excal type sword bonus with 1h swords and daggers/knives, increased parkour ranges, Damage deflection/redirection (jumping into the middle of a mob pack, incoming fire gets redirected/ricocheted around the player) Line aoe: damages and moves enemies (path carving). Idea is to weave in/out/through enemies. (Brad Pitt-Achilles from Troy is a good example)
Hybrid Stance:
Combination of the powers from the other 2 stances with middle of the road shields/armor/speed etc... good all around balanced frame. Allows for more utility play.

Warframe context: Ekdromos was an early Warframe design (infested infused) used as elite guards for high ranking Orokin. This further grounds the protector role, as well as the dps stance as a path clearer/hunter for their master. A Lost in time frame due to limited numbers and being early designs. The versatility of the frame meant more of a mastery over the frames was needed and only exceptional Tenno were able to control the complex and demanding frames who also had to battle with the infested elements used in its construction. Too demanding a barrier of entry to even control the frame and newer designs left the Ekdromos as more of a status symbol of the extremely powerful Orokin elite. Until recently these frames were long forgotten. Something is stirring in the void, and the resurgence of a once forgotten Warframe may well be at hand. But under who's control...

Historical context: -Also fun fact... this concept is somewhat tied in game already. The short swords used by these units were called Xiphos
"The Ekdromos (plural Ekdromoi) was an ancient Greek light hoplite. The name means 'out-runners', and denotes their ability to exit the phalanx and fight in an irregular order, as the situation might demand. The Ekdromoi were mostly lightly armoured (with aspis and bronze helmet) fast infantry and were armed with spear and short sword. The term would actually describe any hoplite who practiced the tactic of Ekdrome, that is the irregular exit from the battleline.

Within the phalanx, they functioned as ordinary hoplites; but when ordered, they would leave the ranks and attack the enemy in loose order. Tactical necessities that would ordain such a use would include the constant harassment from enemy skirmishers, clearing a path from enemy presence (so that the army could pass in safety), the fast capture of key points within or around the battlefield, the pursuit of a broken enemy, etc. Their lightness did not guarantee contact with a skirmishing enemy, but they would effectively push the enemy and clear the way. Psiloi and peltasts would never allow themselves to fight in melee with the Ekdromoi, since the latter were, even without armor, much better equipped for close combat than poorly armed skirmishers."

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Warframe them idea
An obsessive compulsive healer / mad scientist / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

"I'm not a necromancer, I just want to help people and make friends. Well maybe I get a little overzealous."

Name: Anoikis, from a form of Programmed cell death for homeless organelles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anoikis

Why now? Anoikis never went into cryosleep like other Tenno. Like Harrow/Rell Anoikis found something else interesting to do. For the past centuries he has been researching, thinking and experimenting. Now with the new sentient threat it is time for some larger scale practical testing. Anoikis will randomly select a node on in the origin system to trial some elemental saturation tests in preparation to battle the sentient threat.

Gimmick 1: Anoikis drinks a brew to cycle his elemental affinity. All Anoikis's abilities change to the new damage type, similar to the Profit-Taker orb, and Anoikis now heals when receiving that specific damage type.

Gimmick 1: As an enthusiastic healer, when reviving an ally both Warframes receive a short term boost to their enthusiasm in battle. Anoikis can also revive fallen enemies who will then fight beside Anoikis with his elemental bonuses.

look: tall an slender in a lab coat with a hazmat symbol to show his current element.

How to get? Anoikis did not come to your aid in the last 7 years and he has not come to help now. So try some mad experiments yourself you will need to defeat him in battle, AKA stalkers acolyte style. Each day he will move his testing ground to a new node. on Radiation/Heat/Blast blast nodes you can collect his heat aspect on Magnetic/cold/viral you can earn his cold aspect etc... When you combine all 4 primary elemental aspects you can build him.


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A warframe which was build around a biological human/-oid body whith very light carbon parts. It was invented on earth by the new lokas and later stolen by an unknown orokin. This orokin completed the warframe with optimizing it and using some light metals which only orokins had access to to weld the carbon parts together. Because he noticed the warframe was mobile and very fast but very fragile. Maybe like a tripple jump in air or some new acrobatic mechanics. So the theme of this warframe is light weighted agil meele fighter, with a high damage output which gets higher the faster he attacks different enemys. The warframe's weakness is his low armor. To obtain it you have to help the new lokas again and chase the shadow of the old orokin who stole it. 

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This is my idea...

Dilophosaurus crossover with xenomorph or Internecivus raptus. 

1. Spitter: Open side vents, the warframe is capable of spit acid, making enemies vulnerable (stun/blind)

2. Slime: emit a cry that acts as high level vibrations provoking spit foes to smash against nearby surfaces and stick to them forming cocoons. (Radius: 20/25 meters) 

3. Succubus: emit another cry that suck up, from the cocoons, enemies stats (armor/health/energy) and distributes to nearby allies. (Mechanics like Wisp Reservoirs) 

4. Supplant: gathering back all goo and enemies DNA data (ability 2 cocoons explodes)  transform into a creature that cries (again vibrations) making progressive damage to enemies.  (consuming energy by second)   

Passive: When shield is depleted gain movement speed. 


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