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Iv been thinking realy hard about the abilitys for all the qualifying frames heres what i came up with for the shaterd frame 

Passive the more void energy absorbed the more armor and damage the frame has once filled up all the way the frames aperince changes becoming more of a whole frame 

Ability one charged space broken tares a hole from our plain of existens to the void infusing the area and enemys with dangerous amounts of void energy damaging enemys healing allies that are near the opening

Ability two cosmic drain  drain a targeted enemy of the void energy in there body damaging the enemy and depending on what type of enemy it powers up a warframe fragment making the third ability diffrent for each 

Ability three past fragments depending on which enemy is drained the third ability changes 

Grineer = toxic aura toxic gas surounds the frame enemys that get close are infected with the gas spreading it to others they get near 

Corpus= magnetic overcharg a masive wave of magnetic energy bursts from the frame disorenting enemys and draining there energy to give it to the frame and allies  

Infested= parasitic tuch melee damage delt to enemys drains a portion of the enemys health restoring the frames health

Sentiant= adaptive shealding any damage after a surten number of hits delt to the frames shealds gets adapted to redusing that damage type by 20% 

Forth ability voids embrace sacrafice half of the stored void energy overcharging all fragments giving a portion of all fragments abilitys to the frame  

Grineer fragment  = increases armor by X%

Corpus fragment = increases shealds by X%

Infested fragment = increasas health by X%

Sentient fragment = Increases  damage by X%



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Passive- Spare Parts- Near warframes gain the “missing pieces” from your warframe getting an armor boost

Ability 1-Scourge Strike - (depending on range/strength) attack fewer enemies for higher damage or increase range for a chain lightning effect for crowd control.

Ability 2- Lurch - lunge forward with an AoE that heals other warframes and emits energy toward objects such as lures or mission objectives healing them as well

Ability 3- Aggro - drain substantial energy to attract all the enemies within X amount of distance then slowly drain energy until toggled off.

Ability 4- Detonation- Send hot metal flying in all directions damaging enemies and stripping armor

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Hey all! Here is my submission for this interesting warframe (Probably won't take me from Octavia though)

Passive: Adaptation

Enemies will drop parts of which the warframe can use to augment their survivability based on the faction killed, decaying slowly over time.

 -Grineer: Drops armor that can be applied to the warframe adding 1-50% increase in armor. 1 part = 1% of armor
 -Corpus: Drops Energy Cells that can be applied to augment shield capacity adding 1-50% increase in shields. 1 part = 1% of shields
 -Infested: Drops matter that can be used to bolster the warframe's health, increasing health from 1 to 50%. 1 Organic Matter = 1% of health
 -Sentient: Drops sentient cores that can be used to augment resistances. Increasing global resistance from 1 to 25%. 1 Sentient core = 1% Resistance

Primary Ability: Void Leech
 Void tendrils lurch forward in a straight line, piercing all enemies and siphoning health for 1 second. Healing the warframe for 25% of damage dealt.

Secondary Ability: Ethereal Rush

 The warframe drops it's body and uses the void energy keeping it together to rush forward with 100% increased move speed for 2 seconds, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through. At the end of those two seconds, the body parts left from the original location reassemble at the new location, knocking down enemies and dealing impact damage, enemies affected by the first pass through suffer double damage.

Third Ability: Ancient Strength

The warframe utilizes ancient power stored form the reassembled warframe parts that make up it's body.

Toggle-able between three types of abilities.

-Ion Cannon: Reassembles an arm cannon from a forgotten warframe and fires a blast of concussive energy in a straight line, dealing blast damage and knocking enemies down.
-Creeping Needles: The warframe slams and plants its arms into the ground, using metal manipulating energy to form spiked needles in a short radius around the warframe, dealing piercing damage to enemies caught in the circle and leaving them impaled for 3 seconds before the needles destabilize.
-Guillotine blades: Arm blades from an ancient warframe manifest along the wrists of the warframe, sending it into three wide arching swings, dealing slash damage and pushing enemies in line of the attack.

Warframe Ability: Aggressive Harvest

The warframe lashes void tendrils in all directions piercing enemies within reach and line of sight and becoming invulnerable. After 3 seconds, all enemies are drawn to the warframe, stealing armor, health and shields for two seconds, after which the warframe will drop invulnerability and all enemies and mark them to take 25% increased damage from all sources for ten seconds. Ability can be charged for increased duration, but at the downside of being a very expensive ability.

Theory for Warframe. Adaptive warframe that can bring some moderate damage, strong CC from excellent mechanical use of abilities 1 2 and 3 to assist allies with damage mitigation and destructive capabilities.

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Passive- Amalgam Chassis: The Broken cannot increase its maximum health, instead, increases to its maximum HP increase its armor. (This includes mods, but not levels)

The Broken's health is divide into four segments, with each segment having the same value. (HP/4)

When enough damage is taken to "clear" a segment, it is removed, and can not be healed back by normal means. The Broken regenerates segments over time. The Segment  is not active until it has fully regenerated.

The broken also has an Amalgam counter. Certain abilities give the Broken Amalgam. The higher amount of Amalgam you have, the faster you regenerate Segments, up to 100% faster. 

Ability 1- Cannibalize: On first cast, targets within a cone are pierced with tendrils of void energy, tethering them to the broken. This deals damage, and stuns them for the duration of the tether. While tethered you cannot use weapons or move, but have damage reduction. (This has a small energy cost, with a cost per second as long as an enemy is tethered) Upon second activation, the Broken rips the tether out of all effected targets, dealing damage and knocking them over. 

If an enemy dies as a result of the damage from either entering, leaving, or another source of damage, the tendril then drags the armor of the slain enemy to the broken. The broken then gains Amalgam relative to the enemy type (Troopers < Heavy Gunners)

Ability 2- Disjoint: Send a pulse of energy out in a small radius around the Broken. Enemies that are currently tethered take double damage, and are dealt damage at any range as long as they are tethered. (Low cost spam ability)

Ability 3- Formation: At the cost of 50 of your Amalgam, instantly regenerate a Segment. If you are at full HP, you get a decaying Segment that cannot regenerate. This can be cast while cannibalize is active.

Ability 4- Catapult: Rip of several parts off of yourself and throw them in a cone. This costs one Segment, or all segments above 4, dealing bonus damage for ever segment used. This can be cast while cannibalize is active.

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I like to think that the energy part of his body is void energy and one idea for his ultimate is this; the energy would stop holding up his broken parts and he'll form into a full body of void energy. While in this form he could strike enemies with void energy, he will be more durable, his abilities would deal more damage and have more range. Instead of modding an exalted weapon players would mod his exalted state (kind of like modding a normal exalted weapon but instead player would use warframe mods: continuity, stretch, intensify, to effect his void form) Once his time is up e'll return to his broken parts. This is just one idea for one ability. 

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My submission is similar to an equinox duality.

Passive: Total Endurance- when in speed form, the frame runs so fast it leaves an imprint in its step. All enemies ran past (radius affected by range mods) take impact damage and have a chance to be temporarily stunned. In heavy form, it takes 25% reduced damage to the front (works with ability 3)

Ability One: Re-arrange- The frame physically rearranges itself to change from a very fast, low health high shield frame to a much more bulky, low speed, high armor, high health frame

Ability Two: Bulk Octane- in speed form it increases shield regeneration and weapon handleing (reload, ADS, swap speed, melee speed) the downside is that it consumes shield to use. For the heavy form, this would further slow the player and slow all stats that are sped up by the speed version. The positive is that it increases damage through all sources from the player that used it as well as creating a small aura around the player that buffs allies' health and armor.

Ability Three: Dreaded Harbringer- in speed form it separates it's body parts (now connected by a thinly veiled glow) which negates all damage as well as giving "dread" to enemies that come into contact with it. Enemies with "Dread" take 15% more damage (scaling with strength) as well as them having a 33% chance to flee temporarily. In heavy form it detaches part of its body to become similar to a companion drone. This drone will attack the closest enemy to the frame as well as use a projected shield (covering the user with a projected shield that ricochets bullets back at enemies. This shield ONLY protects the user from the back (works with Passive)

Ability Four: Forgotten Power- In speed form, the Frame summons exilus throwing stars to launch at enemies. Apart from very fast projectile speed, these throwing stars will deal puncture and slash damage with a higher crit rate and can ricochet (similar to a glaive) in groups of enemies. In heavy form, the frame constructs an exilus shield. This shield should be able to be thrown similar to a glaive, dealing heavy impacts damage with a high stat chance. The shield (a cool new unique melee type) should also be able to be used as a melee weapon, crushing enemies and shattering the opposition. This shield should also be an excellent shield, boasting a very high damage negation when blocking with (80-90%)

it is also possible to use only one aspect of this, speed or heavy form. If this happens the following change will take place.

Heavy: ability one- Everlasting onslaught- the frame removes pieces of itself and throws them at the enemy, consuming health to do so.

Speed: ability one- Fractured mobility- (activated on a timer, not draining energy) while sprinting, enemy attacks are channeled through the frame and are dissipated through its wake. 35% of damage taken is negated, instead being channeled through the frame increasing the damage of its passive by a percentage of the damage channeled

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I think that they should make an umbral volt and mag and make it a quest so u get signs of were lotus is and how to get her back on volts then the last one should be umbral mag were u finaly get her back but u have to like fight a boss using ur tenno. Please like this commet (if you evan can) if you agree.

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since the theme is broken, i think it would be neat if we introduced a malfunction aspect to the frame. 
give it its 4 normal abilities then, modify them for a "malfunction" occurrence. lets say the malfunction chance it based on say str/dur/range depending on the ability. 

when an ability malfunctions it does an opposite effect of whatever the main ability is. 
thematically it fits and i think even gameplay wise it would work. broken could be a really strong frame but the drawback is the RNG or chance based malfunctions which would even the destruction or tank or support aspects of the frame. 

sure it might not be the best frame but i generally think that it would be one of the more entertaining frames to play.

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Truth be told I haven't had any thoughts for specific abilities, but I've had an idea for a passive kicking around since Broken Frame was revealed as a potential candidate. 

Leaning into the bugframe meme a little but also building upon the idea of them being an unstable amalgam of different waframe parts, instead of abilities 1-3 needing energy to be activated, they could draw from other sources like Hildryn does with her shields or Inaros draining his health with Scarab Swarm. Each ability drain would be directly tied to either health, shields and armor. Regaining shields and health is a given, but refilling your armor would require a unique mechanic (Could be something that innately regenerates, a unique ability resource picked up from killing enemies like Rubble with Atlas, or maybe regained only by using one of the other two abilities etc. whichever one works best). Plus, for clarity, a third yellow bar/number could be added alongside shields and health to let players know what the armor stat is currently at.

The second aspect of the frame would be balancing its internal systems so to speak. The final UI design can be a lot more creative than this but just as a basic example picture three graph bars on screen where the UI for other Warframes passives/abilities reside, with them ranging from -100 to 100 but all three starting at 0 upon beginning a mission. Depending on which ability is cast, the bars will fluctuate, with each ability directly tied to one of the bars. So if you cast your 1, the first bar will begin to increase, but the other two will decrease instead, one more so than the other. Picture it like the Syndicate system currently in the game, but instead your abilities are contributing standing to a syndicate, with -50%/-100% rep to the rest. Now the reason you'd want to raise these bars is because each one would have a bonus/detriment associated with it. It could be simple stats adjustment like buffing/debuffing your damage output or attack speed, or maybe more wild stuff like void fissures begin to tear around you corrupting enemies that either fight for or against you. I think others might have better ideas for what the buffs/debuffs could be.

So how do you keep on top of these bars going all over the place? The 4th ability, which drains from the energy bar like normal, would be an AoE attack that resets all the bars to neutral. What's more, the type of AoE attack triggered would depend on what bar was currently highest. Again, as a in-no-way-final example, lets imagine that maybe the buff for raising the third bar was increased health recovery per health orb pickup. Using your 4 might not only be a regular AoE damaging attack to enemies but also heal a percentage of all teammates within a nearby radius.

My main inspiration when coming up with this passive was thinking back to the inventive ways people have modded Nova over the years that make use of her abilities outside of their more traditional roles, like intentionally reducing range so that her Null Star will stay closer to increase her tankiness for longer, or lowering strength so Molecular Prime will speed up enemies. I feel like having that kind of craziness in build potential but amplified ten fold would be a perfect fit for Broken Frame. 

P.S. I also have a much more simple passive just in case. Popping out into spoiler mode and shooting at Broken Frame gives 'em a buff of some kind. Seeing as they're held together via void energy it figures that shooting them with a dose of it would give them some kind of buff.

P.P.S. it'll be a huge missed opportunity if void traces aren't part of the crafting requirements for the components.

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There are many suggestions for abilities. 1 to 4.

A "Shapeshifter" Warframe would be nice, 

How to farm? by reseving parts of killing the enemy, if it drops 

When all parts are farmed of any of the factions, you can take it,s shape and walk among them for a particular time and do damage.

Or even be able to form your own Warframe of the parts you have farmed.


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I don't know if you accept my idea, but please, heed my several quests.

I am fan of Rhino Prime because I love the expression of bulky, juggernaut, and berserk. However, there are several improvement for Rhino Warframe.

1. The Rhino charge as the first ability must be heard of heavy three foot-steps charging sound and sprinting as left arm covering it's face because I don't like the sliding charge. Adding legging animation might be even more cooler than sliding on the floor.

(note: I don't use charge mostly, but use 2 and 3 ability)

2. The Rhino helmet need to be more varied. The most designs of Rhino Prime Helmet generally reminds me as a Buddhism, or a Chinese Eunuch hat. I suggest that Rhino Prime's appearance should be more brutal and bulky appearance such as Doomguy or Halo. Like a Knight, Viking, or Crusade.  I really want that Warlus helmet, but it is not platinum purchase. I can't buy it by my bank account because my parents is still tracking my budget even after I found my own job. So, I give up and am awaiting for another helmet designs.

I hope this cover my idea for my own Rhino Prime character.

FYI, I listen to musics while I play with my character.


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Adding more Inforamtion
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Frankly, the artist has done an amazing job with the theme, and the void theme makes it very interesting

I considered that the fact that the warframe was "glued" by void was an important part of the warframe, more than the broken aspect. (void glue tho)

Passive Reconstruction : Has no shields, 100% of energy used is converted into health, even channeled abilities

1 Scrap : Rip space in front of you with void energy, survivors of the slash are lifted and stripped of their armor. Triggers Surge on impact.

2 Surge : Void energy leaks through your warframe, attaching itself on ennemies around you. The less health you have the more ennemies are affected. When those ennemies die they surge with void energy, exploding and giving you back energy

3 Shatter : Lose 50% of your armor and regenerate energy around you (including yourself) for a few seconds. Triggers Surge around you.

4 Void abomination : Drop on all fours and use every scrap of metal at your disposal to brutally murder your ennemies. Scrap makes you leap forward and shatter makes you cleave. RIP AND TEAR


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First off: i didnt read all the replies so this idea is probably already in the post (i really liked a few of the things i read) BUT i would like to provide my point of view, thanks!

Also im not native english speaker so try to understand any flaws in my text.


IMPORTANT: the frame has no shields at all, except for the corpus bonus in the 4th skill.

Passive - Every Bit Counts: casting abilities cost health and cause both the frame and damaged enemies to drop body parts which can be picked up by the caster to recover health.

Skill #1 Shattered Past: Upon first activation, 6 small parts de-attach and start orbiting the frame's body and if...

Activated again: one piece is launched forward, deals damage to the first enemy it hits and applies "fragment link". This activates a chain reaction to up to 7 enemies close to the first one, it only chains once.

Held: frame re-attaches remaining parts to regain a % of the health-cost based on the amount of pieces recovered and causing all "linked" enemies in mid-proximity to the frame to be dragged towards it, due to its shards trying to return to the original body.

2nd Skill - Blasting Memories: Frame detonates all "linked" enemies, causes AoE damage and recovers a small amount of health for every enemy killed by both the detonation and the blast, every time a fixed amount of enemies is killed (5-7), two whole fragments are recovered and start orbiting the frame again.

3rd Skill - Broken Present:

First activation: Disables the use of weapons and skills (except maybe skill #2?), frame separates all parts of its body, moves faster and recieves less damage from all sources, it CAN suffer CC (which cancels the entire ability).

Second Activation: All parts fly forward to the target area and causes up to 5 enemies near it to become "linked".


Held: cancels the ability

4th Skill - Build A Future: Void energy tendrils come out from the frame's body, grab and consume up to 10 "linked" enemies to transform into a bulkier, meat-ier, deformed version of itself, it recieves a health bonus based on how many enemies were consumed.

Also depending on which faction was the most consumed stats vary:

Grineer: armor bonus

Corpus: gains shield

Infested: toxic AoE/aura

Corrupted: causes all corrupted enemies to become confused and attack eachother (because frame uses the corpses to access the orokin network and distort the hive-mind)


Idea summed up: the strong points are obviusly hard, constant CC and survivability, having multiple ways of restoring health and causing the enemy to lose the grip of battle. It is -NOT- a super tank, it has neither huge amounts of armor nor 7k of health.


Thank you for reading!

I hope this serves to create an idea or something 😄 xoxo

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Passive - A void link is created between the operator and this warframe allowing the operator to use the warframe"s parts as armor when out in the battlefield. 

Ability 1 - Adapt : The warframe is able to copy another warframe's 1st ability.

Ability 2 - Enhance : The warframe temporarily gains a buff to is base weapon damage and ability damage.

Ability 3 - Void Surge : While downed this warframe can release a shockwave of void energy and push back enemies while applying radiation to them.

Ability 4 -  Void Fusion : At the expense of it's maximum health, this frame attaches it's parts to other frames nearby buffing their health, armor, and ability damage.

Overall stats 

Armor 200

Energy 110

Health 250

Shield 0 (no shield frame)

Sprint Speed 0.90

Tau Resistance 10% (The Frame has innate sentient resistance due to it being held together by void energy)

Duration 90%

Efficiency 110%

Range 120%

Strength 120%

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With nearly 100 pages of idea how are they going to pick which one will be the best? DE should pick like 10 best ability idea and lets the community vote on the best, pls no memes idea like glitch frame it doesn't fit the lore and would be more of a joke, like grendal

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My concept idea for broken

Passive- Losing it, when health drops your frame gets an Void damage buff
 Ability 1- Void tendril, uses the tendrils of void Energy like a long range whip or maybe spear doing void damage
Ability 2- Sanity- as you kill you gain points in a Sanity bar, when you use his Second ability heals his wounds but removes his passive buff
Ability 3 Void snare- he sends tendrils into the ground capturing any enemies in certain range infront of him stripping some armor or shields or health according to the enemy
Ability 4 Void Crush- An wide area move that lets Broken slam his fist against the air infront dealing damage to any enemy in camera view dealing damage based on passive buff and strength

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The Weapon Master/Blacksmith Warframe

So my idea might be a bit complex not sure basically the gist of it is, this warframes abilities and element change and/or alter based off melee weapon that is equipped. 


So for example kantanas/swords  Wind/Electric

Hammers and Heavy weapons Earth or Fire

Polearms Knifes corrosive/poison we can call the warframe

Mastery or Element. 


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Passive: Enemies Hit with Exert grant a tether stack, tethers are consumed on the use of abilities other than Exert. Tether stacks will increase the damage of abilities.

Ability Exert: Use a limb as a wip to lash enemies from afar.

Tehtered: If used while Entwine is active will knock the target over extending the duration.

Unthethered: Increased damage, speed and range no longer pulls entwine enemies, instead pulls targeted enemy towards you granting shield recharge on hit

Ability Entwine: Tangle a target together using a limb.

Tethered: Tangle a single target stunning them, constricts targeted enemy causing damage over time untill cast again or duration runs out.

Untethered: Tangle a group of enemies, Entwine enemies will attack each other.

Ability Pulse: Tethers quickly shoot out of you damaging enemies.

Tethered: Tethers will shoot out in all directions dealing low damage and pushing enemies away.

Untethered: Tethers are shot forwards dealing large damage.

Ability Unravel/Ravel: Abilities are switched to a damage/ control form depending on Current form.

Unravel: cast off limbs causing an explosion, abilities are switched to Untethered form.

Ravel: recall limbs causing enemies to be tethered in place for a short duration, abilities are switched to Tethered form.

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Cerberus:  A warframe formed from the alpha strains of the Grineer, infested, and Setients.  Ability 1: Aspect, cycles between the infested, grineer, or sentient aspects.  Ability 2: command, mind control of enimies in a radius that match the aspect that is active.  Refreshable  Ability 3: Unique to each aspect, Grineer-grant armor stack to you and allies, including commanded units, Infested: create gas cloud around yourself dealing damage, Sentient: Harness the damage adaptation of the sentients and become immune to the next damage type.  Ability 4:  Cataclsym: Cerberus falls to pieces and tenno appears, absorbing all commanded enimies for extra damage.  Special cannon and sword equipped on tenno while mode is active.  Passive:  cycles with Aspect.  Infested: increased health regen and gas damage absorb of 1% returned to health.  Increased melee damage of 10%. Increased damage taken from fire 15%.  Grineer: Increased projectile damage by 5%.  Damage absorb of blunt, also 1%.  Increased damage from corriurion, 15%.  Sentient:  Scan first target in a 15m range and deal an additional 15% damage from all damage types.  When using Ability 3, incur weakness to another random damage type.  (scan is a nod to the different types of sentients).  

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I have an idea for abilities for the broken frame. What if you were able to change parts out at will with each part having different abilities. Like the first ability could be an offensive ability, second could be defensive, third could be support, and fourth could be like railjack where we choose from a list of powerful moves. I figure the interchangability would aid in the broken gimmick of the frame and would technically never be complete but. The abilities that we get could come from other frames, or the abilities could be made just for this frame. Id love to be able to change abilities with changing parts to make a frame that fits my needs as well as being different from other frames. It would be like the kitguns but for frames. You could change out parts when you are in orbiter. 

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If they had picked the dancer, they could've finally added an exalted warfan

1 hour ago, (PS4)moriastrum said:

Cerberus:  A warframe formed from the alpha strains of the Grineer, infested, and Setients.  Ability 1: Aspect, cycles between the infested, grineer, or sentient aspects.  Ability 2: command, mind control of enimies in a radius that match the aspect that is active.  Refreshable  Ability 3: Unique to each aspect, Grineer-grant armor stack to you and allies, including commanded units, Infested: create gas cloud around yourself dealing damage, Sentient: Harness the damage adaptation of the sentients and become immune to the next damage type.  Ability 4:  Cataclsym: Cerberus falls to pieces and tenno appears, absorbing all commanded enimies for extra damage.  Special cannon and sword equipped on tenno while mode is active.  Passive:  cycles with Aspect.  Infested: increased health regen and gas damage absorb of 1% returned to health.  Increased melee damage of 10%. Increased damage taken from fire 15%.  Grineer: Increased projectile damage by 5%.  Damage absorb of blunt, also 1%.  Increased damage from corriurion, 15%.  Sentient:  Scan first target in a 15m range and deal an additional 15% damage from all damage types.  When using Ability 3, incur weakness to another random damage type.  (scan is a nod to the different types of sentients).  

That's a really neat idea! The only part that rubs me the wrong way about that is that your operator is something you unlock and create. People who havent done the second dream cant use it because they havent made an operator yet. The other thing is I think cataclysm is already a thing (limbo if I remember right). I like your creativity though!

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This is just mostly thrown together at the top of my head so I do apologize if some of this may not make too much sense.

Passive: Destabilized - Due to the unnatural setup of the frame, Armor is higher than normal based on Shield size. However Shields take more damage as a result of improper framework. Shields will regenerate faster than other frames but won't last as long.

Ability 1: Distortion - On cast, cause a large Cone of a unpredictable typing in front of you which will cause status proc on anything not immune to it. Damage will be entirely random based on the Typing and the enemies inflicted by it.

Ability 2: Encapsulation - First Cast (40 Energy) forces shields to expand outwards into a sphere that will absorb hits for reduced damage. All allies within will gain Shield regeneration within the sphere but the caster is Immobilized in this state with a glitching model. On second cast (10), if shields are still active the Sphere will detonate and damage based on remaining shields. All Shields will be lost.

Ability 3: Conduction - Toggle, Lose energy over time to improve shield regeneration rate. Allows for Over-shield as long as it is active. Over-shields active while this is off will deteriorate overtime.

Ability 4: Infusion and Diffusion - Casting this will immediately convert all remaining energy (minimum of 100 to cast) into shields (1 energy for 5 shields) for 10 seconds. During this time mobility will be increased by a certain % (Cannot be improved with Strength mods) and Jump Height will Double. At the end of the duration, all shields will become unstable and explode into a mixture of random damage typing (Damage is based on Strength and remaining shields) into the surrounding area.

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What if for a Broken Warframe you could create a frame that is a zombie frame from Old War awaken for the New War. A quest is given of a disturbance interfering with Tenno and Sentient operatives. Some describe an Excalibur with a female body and others a sentient gone rouge. Sutechi, a tenno trapped in a broken Warframe she stitched together from enemy and comrade alike. Two of her abilities will be slightly revamped abilities of other frames with the other two being sentient. For a passive I'd suggest that like a sentient she adapts. With Every Ability kill on a mission Sutechi will gain a 1% bonus to damage. The first ability I propose would be a blast from her arms similar to the ranged weapons sentients use. I propose that Sutechi has four arms but are usually attached and act as two until an ability is used. She will separate her arms and fire a sentient beam attack. The second ability could be a defensive ability called Adaption: like a sentient for the duration Sutechi is resistant to the next type of damage that hits her. Third would be a random ability from another Warframe. Like Titania Tribute and Vauban's Minelayer. She can have Slash Dash, Rip Line, Fireball and Freeze cast at random. The fourth ability can be something truly unique. Stitch. Sutechi separates into two paces, the warframe and the Sentient. Simular to the abilities of Chroma and Wukung, Sutechi will create a separate entity that will help her in battle with the last ability used possibly determining what the player will control. The warframe will use the weapons from the arsenal while the sentient uses a beam attack and a powerful fist attack. I really liked the visual but I didn't see it as void energy but rather the white tree roots on Lua holding the pieces together, like stitches. Like she died on Lua but was saved. She was awakened, her body broken when Lua returned. Now she is on a path of vengeance. Abandoned by the Tenno and enraged by the Sentients that killed her she goes on a destructive path. The player tries to reach her but discovers that her immortal body is stuck within the warframe. The Tenno is gone. A ghost in the machine. Similar to Rell the player will do a discovery mission with this lost Tenno. Learning that the Lotus abandoned her. Memories of the Lotus and the Old War will plague the player as they try to solve the mystery of what Sutechi is and if they knew her in the first place. In the end the player must stop her. Warframe to Warframe and when she is defeated a battle between Tenno. In the end the player takes the frame, trying to remember her but is unable. 

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Passive= enemies killed and containers opened will drop a spare part that heals a percentage of health and giving a certain amount of armor

 ability 1=Consume a small percentage of health and armor to lob a mass of scrap metal and void energy deals more damage the more health and armor it consumes also enemies killed have a chance to drop more spare parts

Ability 2=consume a percentage of health to send out a slow wave of void energy in all directions in a sphere that stuns and lightly damages enemies and strips some of their armor and stops all projectiles that touch it, then when it reaches it's max range it quickly collapses back to the center and all enemies and projectiles still in it are launched toward the center, you gain health equal to damage dealt from the initial blast and you gain armor equal to armor stripped, you also gain a certain amount of armor  for each non-elemental projectile that touched the sphere and health for each elemental projectile that touched the sphere, the sphere of energy should also follow you keeping you at it's center, allies that enter the sphere gain a random buff of random strength for a short time and can exit and reenter to refresh and randomise the buff, allies will still be damaged from the stopped projectiles if they touch them, after the sphere fully collapses you also gain a random buff of random strength for a short time

Ability 3=consume a percentage of health and armor to explode yourself with void energy sending your parts flying at high speeds in random directions, after explosion take on a form of void energy where enemies cant see you but you cant attack them, in void form take no damage and have increased movement speed and jump height, use ability again to reform, reforming causes your parts to come flying to your location damaging enemies in the way, when you fully reform cause another void explosion but that is weaker and smaller, enemies killed by your parts have a chance to drop more spare parts and you gain a certain amount of health from the amount of damage dealt by both void explosions

Ability 4=consume a percentage of health to use void energy to rip all armor from and deal some damage tonearby enemies and give it to yourself to then turn into a hulking beast of scrap metal and void energy making you gain a massive buff to all stats but only being able to use scrap and void energy to attack, enemies killed in this form also gain a chance to drop more spare parts

My idea with this moveset is a warframe similar to hildryn but with health and armor instead of shields

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Broken Warframe

When I look at and think about this frame, what stands out is what’s holding it together and as the pieces, it makes me think that it’s abilities should be derived from the parts it’s using which is why the skills are “similar” but different. Also, there are no frames that can damage sentients with void energy which again is why I looked at what’s holding it together. While void energy is next to worthless when it comes to the 3 factions, maybe make it an element like radiation or blast but add damage/defense to sentients like umbra has. Also noting, this is my first attempt at this. Without a backstory though it’s hard to assemble the pieces as it were. That being said the pieces of him couldn’t assemble themselves, I’d say the void or something in the void assembled the pieces resulting in this frame. Keep in mind, all frames use void energy for power, but this one is comprised of it. It would make sense that it uses it. 


Passive - Dodge is a blink teleport (hold to increase duration). During which you becoming untouchable. (Like limbo except you have to come back out periodically.)


1st- Selectable - Can be used on allies. (Wisp/trinity)

Void barrier - the energy encompasses the frame stopping damage. 

Void Radiance - Become enveloped in bright void energy that increases Power strength and makes enemies less accurate. 

Void Resuscitation - use on a downed ally to instantly revive them with energy of the void. 


2nd - Void Energy balls - (this is a toggled ability, once on weapons won’t be used until untoggled.) instead of using weapons, the broken frame fires energy balls from its hands that explode and knock down and damage nearby enemies. You can fire fast but weaker energy balls or charge to increase the damage and explosion. (It would be like hildryns balefire but with both hands.)


3rd - Void Singularity - Creates a singularity in a desired location that consumes all the come too close including projectiles. Place another singularity in a different location to send enemies and projectiles flying through black hole. (Like nova’s wormhole but for enemies)


4th - Void flight - Wings of void energy erupt from the frame allowing the frame to take flight (much like Titania). While active the frame uses *ability 2* for firing and an void energy blade for melee.  (Mainly because I want to see another frame with the ability to fly.)

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