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[PC] Mainline Post Launch Status: March 11 Update!


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March 11 Update:

Hello Tenno!

As of today we are working away on our next Hotfix + Update to iterate on changes and feedback. We will let you know when to expect the next deployment.
We will have a detailed write-up for everyone later this week on what's coming - which will be covered in a Devstream (yes, with stats and more)!
Stay tuned for the Devstream post + more! It should be live today announcing details.




Hi all Tenno - we have just passed 24 hours post launch (only half of which are actual working hours, but all of which are playing hours ;)) and we have plans for a Hotfix today to address bugs and balance. You can expect that to land around 2 pm ET today on PC!

What may not be included (time permitting) but we do plan to address and review after more playtime:

- Launcher AOE
As indicated in the notes, we started conservative. We hope to have some tweaks in today’s Hotfix and will work toward that goal.
- Damage Types / Status Effects
Impact and Gas are under the closest review right now, expect changes to Impact to come first!
- Too easy vs. Too hard?
If you find yourself having conversations about difficulty, please link them here or let us know your reactions to this topic - we have seen it discussed! 
- General Review + Double Affinity Weekend
There was so much in this Mainline that it’s hard to encapsulate the Hotfix plans post launch, but hop on this weekend and enjoy Double Affinity as a way to level your gear faster! We will have more notes on our plans next week - we are reviewing everything! Just because it is not on this list does not mean we are not reviewing. 

Thanks all - Red Text will appear today, and we’ll be working away toward Hotfixes near and far!

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Warframe and Weapon Megathreads:   
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Art / UI Megathreads:
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Mission Megathreads: 
 Kuva Lich Murmur Change & Fix: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171916-warframe-revised-kuva-lich-murmur-change-fix-megathread/
 Mission Reward Cleanup: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171905-warframe-revised-mission-reward-cleanup-megathread/
Excavation Scaling Changes: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171901-warframe-revised-excavation-scaling-megathread/


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Thank you for the announcement. Personally I have been feeling like the gameplay has gotten more dumbed down with this update. This is not the end of the world though. I just feel the Armor changes specifically created a situation in which the power difference between players and enemies is astronomically large. I'm aware of how this game is one in active development, but I do worry about re-applying Forma throughout my arsenal to change my elementals and fit other mods in when the things I am building for could likely be nerfed.

Launchers do feel like they need that 50% falloff added instead of 90%. 

I am curious to see the plans for Gas.

A reminder for others that this weekend Booster applies to Railjack Intrinsics farming.

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Can you please give Tonkor back it's instant explosion rather than having to wait 3 years for the grenades to fly through the air and activate? Cause unlike in the past, you're still getting punished if you explode a grenade right in your face by flipping around and not being able to fire for a second or so (not to mention the reload that will come after that), but it might still be a risk worth taking if you're in a bad situation and need a GTFO button.

Thank you!

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8 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

enjoy Double Affinity

Wish there was better information on when this was going to be. Was mentioned on Dev stream without date (as expected because... mainline), and then mentioned on prime time last night. Forum post only made this morning. Was going to try to get my hand on more weapons / frames or re-craft weapons due to changes. But, now the farm / craft time will take most of weekend unless I give into the pressure of getting plat to rush / buy from market.

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Thanks for a great update.

I love the fact that we've gotten rid of self damage, it's a good change.

But the removal of self damage along with the changes to scaling has lead to this.

IMO, that's way too much damage considering it's AoE and just how many things I could do to increase it.

I could use a buff frame, use an offensive arcane, debuff the enemies or use a good riven mod. 

I love the changes to status and enemy scaling, and the addition of shield gating because they create the potential for having challenging gameplay that doesn't feel frustrating or requires being trivialized entirely,

but if we can melt lvl 170's with minimal effort, and the game only presents us with lvl 0-100 enemies we're not there yet. 

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Much appreciated for the heads up that Impact and Gas are being tweaked further - the constant knockdowns can be a bit tedious when using sustained DPS weapons for consistent headshots.

Is there any news on a fix for Archmelee targetting? Every Archmelee bar the Veritux series have been missing targetting since the release of melee 3.0 

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I will simply repeat what I stated earlier.

No falloff.
100% on cautious shot.
Make cautious shot work on all weapons or give us new versions.

From a balancing perspective, explosives were never stronger than, say, a polearm or a chaining beam gun. People like them because blowing things up is fun. Don't nerf based on that. Let us have the damn weapons already.


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now that physical and elemental dmg have the same chance to proc status maybe its time to bring their values closer?

it would involve nerfing elemental mods. 90%->50%  60%->35%. this would also solve the problems with difficulty. we would have less damage so the difficulty would increase

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just something from a mostly casual player: as long as Continous weapons have practically infinite ammo, this game won't ever be balanced for early/mid gameplay. They need massive nerfs (make Ammo a thing for them), along with Viral or anything that just effectively halves HP (or Armor, or Shields, or whatever), even if it's just temporally.

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Shield Gating slipped into Conclave and is making Conclave terrible to play. 

On the other hand, Tenno Shield, Health and Armor is not present in Conclave, corpus Shields, Flesh and Ferrite Armor being used instead.

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22 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

- Too easy vs. Too hard?
If you find yourself having conversations about difficulty, please link them here or let us know your reactions to this topic - we have seen it discussed! 

Honestly, enemy needs some variation. Like, to effectively take down an enemy, you need to do something more than just shooting at them. The shield gating touches this, by encouraging headshots against corpus and coreshots on moas. Ghouls explosion braces I think needs to deal a bit more damage, and appear in regular missions.

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Seems like we exchanged Corrosive for Viral as our primary element and a lot of the other elements are still going to get ignored. Obviously you mentioned Impact and Gas as points of immediate concern but are there other plans to bring other elements in line with viral through other changes?

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Shield gating made conclave slow, ruining its flow. Some weapons got indirectly nerfed pretty badly (opticor, daikyu). It should be tweaked and balanced for such a fast paced mode. Many on the conclave server believe it should be removed completely, and in my opinions it's the best solutions since it's the easier one, instead of spending time balancing it. It may be reintroduced in the future tweaked so that it won't bet as punishing for not so good players, and it won't ruin the flow, but for the time being I suggest removing it.

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Yes when playing with blast the game feels so much more dull that before, the blast proc before was just more fun and made more sense and it was better CC cause u could just bombard a group of enemies with the proc and they would stop shooting at you there by helping you to survive plus you could then make ground finisher on them.

I lave now less reason to use blast cause it does basically the same think as puncture does, lowers how much damage u take from enemies be lowering there accuracy, were as the old proc stopped u from taking damage completely 

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