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Bring Back Reflection mod: Scale with combo counter


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The reflection mod was a good concept back in the day, but at 96% damage reflection, with the way enemy guns scale, it wasn't worth it. I suggest bringing back the reflection mod, and having it scale with the combo counter. X1 would reflect 100% damage. X5 would reflect 500%, and so on. This would make it effective, while having to work towards its power. It would also just be awesome to kill enemies with their own bullets while flailing a sweet blade around.

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I actually thought similar things to do with the Amalgam Javlok mod back when it was changed - and I do think using combo meter to scale damage reflection is actually a really cool idea. But I think it would need a little more thought, because it's entirely possible to build combo meter at an insanely fast rate. It's less of a gate for the ability and more just incentive to use combo, which isn't really needed with a lot of weapons right now. I also have no idea if 1200% damage reflection is even worth it, even taking into consideration how easy it could be to proc to that level.

I think the main problem DE had with damage reflection anyway was that it required very little player input in some cases, and I kinda agree even though I really do love the idea of damage reflection builds (the short time I spent with the pre-change Amalgam Javlok mod was amazing), but I think that taking it away and not reworking it (especially around the time of melee 3.0) was in and of itself a bad idea. If anything, it should use up a resource (probably combo meter since blocking - a defensive action - in and of itself builds combo meter, alternatively it would incentivise alternating between the aggression and defense). Or potentially even just require more precision, whether that be a timing element, or aiming at the targets you want to reflect damage toward.

All in all, damage reflection is a valid way to want to play the game, but I think it should be reworked with a lot more thought to require more active play, so that the reward can be made fair or even powerful without it feeling as unwarranted as simply building meter that you already want in a lot of cases (as with a lot of things in Warframe, I think it would make it more fun).

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