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DE must really hate staticor I guess


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Last patch notes 27.2.2, staticor and other weapons had their falloff dmg tweaked:

  • Staticor: 30% / Alt Fire 90

I'm not sure DE quite gets how staticor works. The regular non-charged shot has minimal AoE and is rarely used for anything but for single target damage. What gives staticor it's place among other AoE weapons is the charged shot, which DE so gladly kept at 90% even though NO OTHER AOE WEAPON currently has as much as 90% falloff.

If we keep in mind that the stagger is at 11m while the blast radius is at 9,6m, and the fact that DE is unwilling to reduce staticor's 90% charged shots, I guess we can all just keep staticor in the junkyard and go for the stronger AoE laser chaining weapons now. Won't mention the weapon names to not risk them getting nerfed too.

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7 minutes ago, Uhkretor said:

... Nice quote regarding the Staticor...


... but you probably missed the rest, and it isn't Cosmic Background Radiation.

Oh, those two weapons. Guess it isn't a singular case then. Kuva bramma is deeply affected by the 90% aswell and is pretty much single target right now. Can't say anything about the corinth though. But for kuva bramma and staticor to remain both at 90% faloff .... it's honestly sad 😕

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