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Fix the polearm animations!


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For the longest time I have been bothered by this. Most of the polearm weapons are just fine in the way they swing, the blade matching the direction of the attack, but there are 3 of these weapons, plus any polearm zaws, that don't.

Cassowar, Lesion, and Serro.

All three of these weapons swing sideways (just like my zaw in this picture, compared to the orthos prime on the same animation below) and the cassowar is even held backwards!



Please, DE, fix these animations. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed, and I'm probably not the only one bothered by it. It just looks sloppy and, with all of the animation and graphics work you guys are doing right now, I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up yet.

Hope this can get resolved.

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