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Kuva Litches remover


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I got a problem and what I type would be a nice fix.
I gone for a kuva litch to get new weapon, tried several times and I was just getting duplicate weapons.
On my seventh try, I pressed by mistake X too soon to capture litch before even seeing what kind of weapon he got, because I was thinking about something different 😬
Before even animation ended I quickly pressed ALT+F4 to close the game.
But when I logged in I already had a kuva litch with the WEAPON THAT I ALREADY HAVE.
So I don't want to go back into the game for now, killing the kuva litch takes too long.

So the changes:
-First of all after capturing the kuva litch it should be accepted only if the player completed the mission.
-The second change would be a remover of Kuva Litches, you press button to remove litch, chose one of your captured litches to take care of the litch that you have right now to kill. But for exchange you set this captured litch free.

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