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The Plasma Warframe


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This Warframe is centered around Plasma. 

I've always been a fan of Plasma. It isn't fire, it isn't electricity, it's charged Ions - energy in its purest form.

Plasma can be something beautiful, something that's showy, yet its so strong, it can melt anything. There are also many different states of Plasma, which can be integrated into this Warframe's gameplay.

I believe a Warframe based off the concept of Plasma will be able to use the game's visual effects to an artistic maximum, while remaining a force to be reckoned with.

Therefore, this Warframe's gameplay will be centered around flashiness and power. Pure fun in my opinion.

I understand this is just the concept faze and no character designs or abilities are being decided, but I believe sharing some ideas will help better paint the picture.



 He has a Reactive Core, which looks identical to a plasma ball in the center of his chest. It pokes out a little, being visible, and that visible part is adorned with pearl colored decorations around it. An emblem lies within the core. The emblem is Tenno language for 'Plasma.' When he uses certain abilities (1st and 3rd), his core will glow.

More design ideas will be shared when I post a drawing, but the Reactive Core is a key concept to this Warframe.



  • Passive: Reactive Core - Core fills at a rate of 1%/s. Running speed, parkour velocity, and ability casting speed increase the more his core is filled.

His core is the focus of this Warframe, so I thought a passive centered around it would make sense. I also love speed, and I think casting speed and parkour velocity go well with plasma boosting his performance, and are also two speed types that are largely untouched in game except for a few mods. This also doesn't make it too punishing if you don't keep his core high


  • 1st: Ion Infusion - Uses his Reactive Core to generate energy, boosting the power of his weapons. (Boosts passive increase of core % for a limited duration)

I believe the 1st ability, as they tend to be more passive, can be one that channels the energy to buff the player's experience in a way. Maybe it can take advantage of the multiple different states of Plasma and can add an extra status type of heat, electricity, or radiation - to the player's weapons. Time active affected by duration.


  • 2nd: Plasma Beam - Shoots a powerful laser from his hand, powered by the plasma generated from his core (Drains core %)

Maybe a 2nd ability can shoot a plasma beam. That's awesome, straight-forward power. And if you have your 1st active, it can synergize with this ability in these ways: If you choose heat, you have a 100% chance to proc a heat status, which is great because it melts enemy armor up to 50% temporarily. If you choose electricity, the plasma beam will arc between enemies, losing a certain amount of power per enemy arced to, while CCing all opponents hit. If you Radiation is active as his 1st, this move will gain a significant boost in power. Damage affected by power strength, range and arc range affected by core level.


  • 3rd: Plasmatic Core - Generates energy from his core to boost the damage output of himself and nearby allies, while protecting them from heat, electric, and radiation damage. (Greatly boosts passive increase of core % for a set duration)

An idea for a 3rd ability could be using the ability of Plasma to boost you and allies damage output while greatly reducing incoming heat, electric, and radiation damage. This will also boost the damage of his 2nd and 4th abilities. Time active affected by duration.


  • 4th: Neon Shower - Utilizes his core's full potential to generate a giant plasma field, capable of wiping out even the hardiest of foes. (Resets core to 0%)

His fourth ability could be something I believe looks and is amazing - similar to aurora borealis. You've seen the stringy, wispy lines of plasma if you look up images such as this one: https://imgur.com/QvGIa8P Neon Shower envelopes the area in a neon, wispy light show that looks beautiful while dealing massive radiation damage. If you have your 1st active, it adds that status type alongside the current radiation damage. If radiation is chosen as your 1st, then it boosts the innate radiation damage this move deals. Range and power strength are increased based on the level his core is filled.

The reason I decided his 1st and 4th abilities increase the core's generation rate instead of a flat amount is due to the fact those abilities won't be casted every second, as they are duration based. His other abilities, however, drain the core at a flat rate, while his 4th drains it completely. It's power makes up for the drain. All of this of course, are not finalized, but I hope this Warframe sounds like a lot of fun for everyone, and becomes the 50th Warframe (excluding Prime variants) added to the game.

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