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Controller 'ability menu' bindings are unnecessarily restrictive


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As we all know, controllers have a lot less buttons than keyboards (crazy revelation, I know). DE has circumvented this issue to some degree by allowing us to assign an 'ability menu' to a button, which when held, allows us to perform an ability/action with a button which was previously binded to something else. Simple stuff really, and it works great. Here's how it looks in the settings menu. I currently have the 'ability menu' binded to r1.


Now here comes the main point of my post...


These are the available button binding options on every button except for the triangle/square/circle/cross buttons, which are reserved for abilities. I can somewhat understand the four main buttons on the right being reserved for abilities, but why the heck are we only able to choose 2 actions for the remaining 7 buttons?! (L1, L3, R3 and the four D-pad buttons)

This would've been the perfect spot to place some gear hotkeys for quick access to energy pads/spectres/scanners/archwing/archweapon/omni-tool/etc. But right now there's always five buttons that go unused!

Please allow us to bind more actions to the buttons in the ability menu so that we can customize our controls more freely!

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