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Arca titron RIP


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So, I ran into this little gem after noticing that the only good thing about arca titron is now gone with this patch.  I blame society.   On the real tho -- the slam capacitor is actually impossible to use since literally every hammer stance that has ever been ever smacks the ground half way thru the combo.  Revert changes for the love of goodness.   X_X  stop making amazing weapons nerfing them into the ground and then forgetting about them, please!   

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We live in a society.

  • Its rather difficult to keep the capacitor going now since for that you have to interrupt your combos. I'm using mainly Crushing Ruin and only W+E combo allows to keep the charge but its slow, clunky and procs this damn lifted status.
  • Speaking of lifted status, Arca still doesn't have its shock effect working properly(the way it did when it was released). Right now it knocks enemies down and ground slam causes lifted status - RiP chad shock proc that kept enemies standing still and "shaking in anticipation" of taking a hammer to the head.
  • Ground finishers also use up the capacitor charges, which is extremely #*!%ing stupid because I said already - Arca causes KNOCKDOWNS like any other hammer.

Basically, DE deleted the exploit AND didn't fix the weapons gimmick. Another weapon butchered by lack of manual balancing, I guess.

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