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Huge Frame Drops While in Any Free Roam Map


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In Warframe I have my frames capped at 60, they ALWAYS ran at 60 until the most recent update which rarely causes them to drop to 40 while loading new tilesets (which didn't happen before) (this is not the issue I'm having). My problem is whenever I enter the Plains of Eidolon, I pull 60 fps for a little while, then for zero reason they drop to 25-30. They don't go back up until I completely leave back to my Orbiter. The same issue happens in the Orb Vallis. There is zero cause, I have no maxed out computer components, no CPU heating issue, no connection errors. It's just annoying and in some cases completely unplayable. Please help!

Computer specs

-Ryzen 3 1300x

-Nvidia Geforce 1060 3gb

-MSI Gaming Plus motherboard

-32gb 3000mhz ram

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