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Itt: Frosts


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Happen before in Xini , when that frost didnt wanted us to kill a bit away from pod he just keep spamming his globe to get me killed from my Ogris

i had to Troll him to death after that , cant remember if i was playing nova or loki but he hightly regret until round 5


Edit : you should edit your screenshot showing name is not allowed

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Had this happen to me last night, was doing ODD and went in with just my friend and I (friend is new). He kept *@##$ing about us no inviting people to fill all the slots, so i picked some random person from recruiting chat who wanted in. I was also playing frost (maxed stretch, continuity, etc) so I was taking care of globing the pod. This dude puts up like 13 globes, needless to say he was not reinvited...

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OP, you can't hardly blame frosts for over using snowglobe, the have no other powers to use:
Freeze will get immediately broken by teammates or your sentinel

icewave is like s slash dash that does half the damage for double the energy cost
and avelanche sucks on anything with armor

DE if you are reading this,
make freeze unbreakable for a set limited duration regardless of gunfire
Buff the damage on icewave

and make avalanche ignore armor, 

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