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Corpus shields regen constantly while Saryn's spores deal damage


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Topic. I did some testing and noticed seemingly every other damage over time prevented corpus shield regen, but Saryn's spores don't. The end result is that Saryn is incapable of dealing enough damage to bring their shields down at high levels, unless you just wait for a while for her damage to ramp up enough.

Electric and Fire damage both seemed to prevent corpus shield regen, until about 2 seconds after the last tick of damage, then the shield regen happened normally. Seems like Corpus have a roughly 2 second regen delay.

Edit: The Fire procs from Nightwatch Napalm may also not prevent shield regen, while the fire damage from the AoE does. It's hard to tell. May be showing that procs caused by a third party (Popped spore, nightwatch napalm AoE) do not force a delay in corpus shield recharge.

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