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How To Get Anniversary Merch But Unable To Log In - Get It Offline Through PSN? Ideas?


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Literally just stowed my PS4 less than a week ago to start traveling for a while, then find out today that DE is releasing all kinds of cool stuff.  :(
My main interest is the Dex Raksaka Armor Set which looks AWESOME!

But I cannot log into Warframe through March while traveling!!!
Is there any way to get the merch into my Warframe account, say through Playstation Network?
e.g. Like how Twitch Prime works where it is linked together so its just there when you log in next, etc?

If anyone has ideas or a workaround so I can get the Dex items (mainly that armor set) while traveling Please Speak Up!
Obviously the one thing I CAN do is log in via the internet on my laptop - to PSN, to these Forums, etc.

Thanks in advance!
Five Years Playing Warframe and Still Loving It!  :)


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You get the armor from inbox message ingame so I dont think you can do it without actually using ps4 and logging in as usual. Are you unavailable throughout the entire march? You can get the armor until 30 march. Dex weapons and syandana require finishing alerts to get, so thats impossible outside the game. I guess the only way to get these items is to get someone you can >>>trust<<<, give them your login and let them get the stuff for you.

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