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Exilus mod suggestions


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I think there is a lot of opportunity here and just want to toss some suggestions here. Some of these are very intently situational, gimmicky, and nitch. Weapons or frame, either way.

Atium sight

     See lines of fire just before enemies attack. The lines grow more intense just before it happens. adds a 10% avoidance rating.


     See enemies and loot stuff that is visible on your radar in world as if you are looking though the scanner when aiming down sight of your weapon. (so it does the ping effect and you don't have to zoom or change weapons to see it)

Light senses

     Crouching for 2 seconds causes shadows to become more dramatic. So they can be hidden in for stealth.

Elemental Impacts.
     Like Heavy Impact, but it does different elemental effects. One for each type.

Elemental Reload

     Reloading a weapon from empty causes a 10m elemental proc. Increase reload speed by 15%

Elemental trails:

      Sprint leaves a 2 second elemental cloud behind with a 10 second cool down. Increase sprint speed by 20%

Bonk Energy Drink

     Gain avoidance of 1% per Xm/s (note: the Sprint speed is rather vague as it is listed as a multiplier rather than a flat number. So I don't know what to suggest here) +15% movement speed

Flash Energy Drink

    When sprinting, enemies more than 5m away cannot see you. Works with cameras but not detection fields or lasers. +15% movement speed

Sight sight

      When crouching for more than 2 seconds, can see a projected "cone" of vision of enemies. Like with the sentries on Lua. +5m enemy radar


      Gain 10% ability efficiency bonus for each ability use for 10 seconds. If the same ability is cast twice in a row, wipe buff stacks.


     Gain 100% damage buff  for 2 seconds after aiming down sights.


Just really hoping to stimulate some dev brain meats with things that would really mix up the game. We have a ton of stuff that adds all kinds of crazy power scaling, would like to see more utility things. Share your ideas!

Also like to see Particular mods be able to be put in Weapon exilus slots.

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35 minutes ago, Shaburanigud said:

Neat stuff, though I must say DE said anything DPS related(including reload) will not be added to the xilus slots.
but even then, some of those mods are viable even if they're aren't an exilus mod.

Yeah, I just like to see more verried ways to play, even if it's nitch stuff. 

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